Emotion: Topic 5 Senses Create Emotion

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Transcript of Emotion: Topic 5 Senses Create Emotion

By Carly Seyferth
The Senses
• What are senses? –They are part of the human body –They are commonly known as touch, sight,
sound, taste and smell
• Imagine you are envisioning a specific space… • How do the colors of a space affect your mood? • How are the objects in this space organized
– If they are tightly pressed against each other how would you feel?
– If they is nothing in that space how would you feel? – If they were scattered all about the place, how would
you feel? • What is the lighting of this space?
– How does the lighting make you feel? • These are just few of the many examples of how
sight can affect our feelings about a place
SOUND • What is sound and where do we hear sound?
– Toys, or our favorite things – Movies, radio, TV, music – At home or from our surroundings – Animals
• Sound affects our opinions of what? – Of a place – Of people – Of an experience
• Sound is used to communicate feelings, ideas and expressions
• Imagine this place in your mind… what sounds do you think you would hear? – Birds?, Water?
• How do these sounds influence your experience if you were at this place? – Relaxed, happy, calm
• What if this sound occurred when you were at this place? – How do your feelings change?
• Scared, curious • Upset?
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• Imagine this place in your mind… what sounds do you think you would hear? – Laughter, kids running around
• How do you relate to these sounds? – Excited, happy?
• What if the sounds of thunder or rain occurred when you were at this place? – How do your ideas about this place change?
• I am going to get rained on…L
When you hear these sounds, how do you feel?
• What are your favorite sounds? • Why do these sounds appeal to
you? • How do they make you feel? • Do they create a sentimental
Touch • Textures of objects can remind you of childhood memories
– Blankies – Fur – Clothing
• Textures of objects can define how you react to things • Close your eyes.. Imagine you cannot see • Imagine that you only have the capability to feel • How would you react to certain textures?
– Smooth, silky, soft, fluffy? – scaly, slimy, gooey, sticky? – Rough, bumpy, gritty?
• What about temperatures? – Hot? – Cold?
Sound & Art
• Where can you find sound in art? –Music –Noise that the art may make when you touch it –Found sound
• How can the sound influence the meaning of the art? –Relaxing –Curious
FOUND SOUND • What is found sound art?
–Are sound generated from hand made or found objects that can be welded, wired, playable forms,
• What can found sound be made of? –Hand made – everyday found objects
• Car or bicycle parts • Kitchen supplies (pots, pans, jars) • Bells • Rubber bands • Recycled material (pop cans, glass bottles, plastic
• Are sound generated from hand made or found objects that can be welded, wired, playable forms,
Donald Knaack • Is a contemporary artist that works
with found sound and created HOP (Help Our Planet) program – HOP is an environmental program
that encourages the community and its people to create music by using recycled items
• Commonly known as the “Junkman”
• Plays music on discarded or recycled items
– Pots & pans – Wrenches – Automobile parts – Cardboard boxes CHECK OUT THESE EXAMPLES ON
THIS VIDEO http://youtu.be/OvKjLHqUI3Q
instruments that Donald Knaack made out of found objects?
• Shakers – Plastic toys with buttons inside – A left over bag of oranges with plastic
chess pieces in it – A metal tube with gravel inside, with duct
tape to keep the gravel in • Chimes
– Shafts of golf tubes – Metal and/or Bamboo ski poles – Spoons – Seashells – Keys
Donald Knaack
Supportive Activity
• We just watched a video on Donald Knaack and we learned that instruments can be made out of recycled materials
• I want you all to write at least three everyday things that you can use to create music
• It can be small or big things, plastic or metal, or tin cans, or ANYTHING
• After 5 minutes I will ask that we list at least 10 things as a group on what we can use for our instruments
CHIMES • The greatest development of wind
chimes occurs in east and south Asia • They were used to attract benevolent
spirits • Were later used by farmers and sailors
to predict weather forecasts • Can be created by using string or a
material to suspend objects from another object – CDS – Washers (metal circles) – Spoons – Keys
DRUMS • Drums were found in many different cultures
around the world • Some people used drums for war signals, and sticks
or stones or hands were used as beaters • The Native Americans compare the drum to the
beating of a human heart, they believed that drums were used to connect ones spirit to the earth store.drumbum.com
• Rattles are associated with the supernatural
• Slung rattles ( objects that hang from a dancer’s body and bump each other to make a sound) were one of the earliest musical instruments
• Percussion rattles: rattles filled with small objects inside a hollow body
• Maracas • Hosho’s (Maranka gourds filled with
seeds and shook to make noise • You can make your own rattle by
using… • Seeds inside a can • Buttons,