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EGEE Industrial Applications. Gabriel Zaquine EGEE Industry Task Force Coordination CS SI Grid Crunching Day - Fribourg - 07/12/2006. Contents. EGEE and Industry gLite industrial applications Case study: Grid for plastic industry SMEs Grid on-demand / Collaborative Grid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EGEE Industrial Applications

Services provided by EGEEEGEE Industrial Applications
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
Grid on-demand / Collaborative Grid
Now in 2nd phase with 91 partners in 32 countries
Infrastructure operation
Continuous monitoring of grid services & automated site configuration/management
User Support - Managed process from first contact
through to production usage
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
Long-terms plans means it will still be here in the future
New applications, resources, services and users can be easily added
Allows groups to work in multi-administered domains, deploy additional services and interoperate with other infrastructures
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
A flagship European project operating on a global scale
Access to a team of grid experts with proven deployment experience
Environment to gridify applications & get operations experience
Demonstrate them to your customers & bosses
Production quality middleware
Distributed under a business friendly open source license and supported by a large community
Evolutionary path to emerging grid standards
Backward-compatible upgrades
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
As a partner
Tune the project to business needs and pass on knowledge
As a user
As associate
NICE, Platform Computing, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
User: examples: CGG, others, this afternoon
Provider: HP (Sites)
Representatives from industrial applications on the EGEE infrastructure or making use of gLite middleware
Links with related business-led projects
Orchestrates support within EGEE for business applications
Interact with EGEE’s Technical Coordination Group (TCG) to place industry requirements on equal footing with scientific applications
contact Gabriel Zaquine,
Two-way communication between Industry and EGEE
For Industry: learn about EGEE and latest developments in the Grid field
For EGEE: learn about industrial requirements, ensuring EGEE’s industrial relevance
Representatives in most European countries
>150 individual members, ~ 100 institutes, ~20 sectors
Dedicated section on EGEE web portal, geared towards the interest and needs of industry
Organises meetings and industry events
Sign up as EGEE community member
or contact Douglas McKinley,
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
Earth Observation
TERRADUE) - GRID enabled services for atmospheric retrieval parameters of importance for pollution, health and meteorological applications
gLite prototype as CNES intranet Grid (CNES; CS SI)
Finance and insurance
BE11-Risk Management in Finance (ECP-CRSA; Fininfo; AXA;Telefonica ID): Grid for financial products pricing
Health care
SMEs and small ISV
Portals (based Grid engine)
Case study
Grid on-demand – Collaborative Grid
The business model adopted
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
SMEs require computational resources flexibility
SMEs have a limited number of software licences to achieve computational tasks
They are not able to smooth peaks of activity due to new business
Medical, …
Plastic industry companies (>5000 employees)
Large industry sectors
additional and complementary computational resources
additional application licences
Mechanic; Molecular Modelling; Plastic Simulation; Other
Cooperative project management within the supply chain from the contractor to sub-contractors
Open source portal
Data management MMI : Virtualised view of grid storage
Generic and Interoperable workflow engine : Globus 2.4, 4.0, EGEE (gLite), etc
Workflow submission, monitoring, accounting/billing, etc
Enterprise grid with Local Infrastructure and Services for Applications
Issued from National R&D project : OpenPlast
Grid services have been developed by CS SI
Workflow Engine have been developed by CNRS-IN2P3
Plasturgy and SMEs knowledge:PEP (Plasturgy Fedaration)
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
Starting point: The Business Plan
Based on well knowledge of application needs and usage. Integrates:
Hosting basis costs (exploitation, administration, …)
Licences costs
Business perspectives; Period
Basic subscription including hosting
On demand: Commercial software
Fixed price: 2 + full Application suit usage (Fluent, Moldflow 2D, Ansys non parallel, Cast3M)
Depending on the model: From 500€ to 4000€ per user per month
Discussion are on going with commercial software editors in order to improve the Grid licensing
Make available license tokens shared within several customers
Distinction of the licensing for pre/post treatment from main treatment
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206
Going Forward
EGEE intends to build on it initial successes with various business sectors in the context of the European 7th Framework
Foster relations between industry and EGEE based on targeted approach to business
Targeted sectors (Earth observation, Finance, Bio, etc)
More attention in SME, start-up (innovative applications and portals) and collaborative projects (Partner grids)
Innovative solutions & policies & funding schemes & collaboration between industry and Research in commercial Grid adoption
Set the way for commercial exploitation of EGEE technology
Provide solutions in challenges for grid adoption by Industry: Business model; Accounting/billing; Commercial software license policy; Security; SLA; Standardization; etc
Prepare the future for commercial exploitation of EGEE (Red-Hatting of gLite; Network; IT Providers)
Create self-sustainable EGEE Grid\e-Infrastructure Competence Centres “for Industry” in order to provide technical support to the business community
EGEE welcomes your feedback and input
EGEE-Industry - Grid CrunchingDay 071206