Effects of Tourism and the Tourism Industry Working In Tourism.


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Transcript of Effects of Tourism and the Tourism Industry Working In Tourism.

  • Working In TourismEffects of Tourism and the Tourism Industry

  • Working in TourismIn 1999, 1 in 15 workers (approx 123 million people) were employed in travel and tourism related jobsTourism is now considered to be one of the three leading categories of international trade, along with the oil and automobile industries

  • Effects of TourismTourism is not a single industry. It is a combination and integration of businesses that serve travellers.

    Tourism EmploymentIndirect (spin-off)DirectJobs generated by companies and government departments that deal directly with the travelling publicJobs that support the direct employment sector

  • Effects of TourismExamples of Direct Tourism EmploymentTransportation (air, rail, car, ships)Accomodations (hotel/motel, condo, bed & breakfast, hostels)Travel Expenditures $$$ (travel agent, tour companies, travel guides)RestaurantsTourist Attractions (theme parks, museums, historic sites)Recreational facilities (campgrounds, national parks)

  • Effects of TourismExamples of Indirect (spin-off) employment:Printing companies to print the brochures and stationary of hotelsManufacturing companies to build souvenirsFood companies to distribute food to hotels/restaurants