Easy Local SEO Tips Anyone Can Do

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  • Easy local SEO tips anyone can do

    Many small business owners believe they lack the technical skills or savviness to do their own online

    marketing. But dont shy away from Local SEO. There are simple improvements businesses can make to

    significantly improve local SEO or local search results.


  • Google Maps & Google Plus

    A Gmail account serves an important business purpose as a gateway to manage all Google small business tools. For

    Google Local (Maps) listings a business owner must verify an address along with populate information on the listing such as a logo, description and photos. Then take it a step further

    to create a Google Plus page.




    The easiest local SEO tip on Facebook is to add your main location into your page title. A great example is Willowdale

    Animal Hospital in Toronto. The companys geographic location is assigned as part of their name. Right now

    Facebook allows this if it is clean and simple, so try and keep the business name and location to a minimum.



  • YELP

    Yelp is a powerful business directory that encompasses business profiles and customer reviews. It is very popular

    among specific kinds of local businesses such as restaurants, movers, plumbers and many other B2C businesses. Potential

    clients will visit Yelp for example if they are visiting a local area and need to find a business or service.




    Thumbtack is an online lead service that connects businesses at the local level. Having a business on

    Thumbtack can help with local visibility even if you dont purchase their online leads. Thumback dominates search engine results for local businesses and can give smaller companies and professionals some competition when it

    comes to first page Google results.




    A common element of the local website listings above is that they all have review features. If customers have a positive

    experience many are happy to write about it. For clients that know a business owner really well, it is likely not a problem to ask for a positive review of the product or service. Most loyal

    clients are happy to provide this.



    Go back to your Google account and setup Google Analytics. Get your Google Analytics code and copy it into your website or ask your web developer or someone technically savvy to

    do this for you. Once this is setup, analytics and Google page results will be viewable Googles main business dashboard upon login. Businesses can see where visitors are coming

    from along with analyse behavior once they get there.



  • Happy Optimizing!We hope you find our tips helpful and inspiring. They have been put in to good practice here in our office.

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