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Dynamism is the word we are using to encapsulate dispositionary learning or the infusion of dispositions into every day learning students do at school, in their work and through their class lessons. The learning of dispositions is increasingly critical in todays classroom. With the dawn of the 21st Century, content and skills while still being relevant are increasingly being overshadowed by the importance of dispositions. Curious, Creative, Investigative, Active, Goal-Driven, Self-Directed, Collaborative and Motivated learners are what we are hoping to see come out of our schools. These are the qualities we so admire in leaders like Steve Jobs and Sergei Brin. So why not teach them, promote them, provide an environment that enhances them. The world of tomorrow is as much about who you are as what you know or can do. Welcome to Dynamism!

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  • 1. "Your time is limited,so dont waste itliving someone elseslife. Stay Hungry. Stayfoolish." "Your time is limited,Dynamism: so dont waste it living someone elseslife. Stay Hungry. StayDispositional Learning Through ITfoolish."Dispositional Learning Through ITDavid Collett | Brandon HooverInternational School Manila

2. Dynamism:Dispositional Learning Through ITDispositional Learning Through ITEnduring Understandings:Information Technology is constantly evolving.We must learn to be dynamic to adapt to our increasinglyIT driven world. 3. Dispositions Investigative Creative Curious Collaborative Evaluative Self-directedStay Hungry, Stay Foolish 4. Video 5. Google Interview Questions Project Manager: How muchshould you charge to washall the windows in Seattle? Software Engineer: Why aremanhole covers round? Logistics: How would yougo about designing a car fordeaf people? 6. Answers This is one of those questions where the trick is to comeup with an easier answer than the one thats seeminglybeing called for. Wed say. "$10 per window. So it doesnt fall through the manhole (when the planeordinarily flush with the plane of the street goesperpendicular to the street.) Plug your ears and drive around for a while. Its about theperson, not about the car. 7. Investigative - a Google a Day 8. No wonder Googles offices look likethis... 9. ISTE / NETS Standards Demonstrate creativity and innovation Communicate and collaborate Conduct research and use information Think critically, solve problems, and make decisions Use technology effectively and productively 10. Old School vs Bold SchoolBold schools are places of questions, not answers. Whenmuch of what we currently think is important for ourstudents to know is just a few taps on a phone or a Googlesearch away, our central mission cant be to deliver andtest for content mastery.Instead, it must be to develop deep dispositions forlearning by supporting sustained inquiry into both thecontent and context of whatever subject students aretackling.http://www.districtadministration.com/article/are-you-old-school-or-bold-school 11. Collaboration in these timesrequires our students to be able toseek out and connect withlearning partners, in the processperhaps navigating cultures, timezones, and technologies.Deeper Collaboration:It requires that they have a vettingprocess for those they come intocontact with: Who is this person?What are her passions? What areher credentials? What can I learnfrom her? 12. Collaborative http://bit.ly/w56p3P You have 10 minutes to getas many answers as you can Share solutions and howyou got there What dispositions did youuse/strengthen? 13. Project Based Learning Mimics real life collaboration Student centered and driven Inherently creative andinvestigative Seven rules of 21st centurylearning: http://bit.ly/xKe4jX 14. Differentiation of Choices Related to a real world situation Mindful of differentiated skill levels and interests Open to creativity, but scaffolded for focused learning Student driven 15. Matrix 16. Handout Brief overview ofthe handout http://bit.ly/w2Bhbf Please read thestudent reflectionon the last page Photo by Coba: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coba/ 17. Final Notes Can you create this effect? How would you figure it out? Fastest student time: 4 minutes