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  1. 1. Sell Effectively Drive sales productivity and deliver amazing customer experiences With Dynamics CRM & Power BI & O365 DataWorks LLC Microsoft Cloud Champion Partner Microsoft One Concept Single Comprehensive Application Platform To Manage All Business Productivity Processes CRM For Sales & Customer Service Collaboration & Mobility Business Intelligence & Analytics
  2. 2. Average B2B purchase decisions have Stakeholders 5.4 Customers are 57%through the buying process before they talk to the supplier Sales experience drives 53%of customer loyalty Reps have a 1%chance of getting a response from a cold email Sales reps are less productive without access to mobile CRM apps 15% Workers lose of their productivity when they switch tasks 40% Reps only retain 30%of training content within 1 week Reps spend more than of their time on non- selling activities 75%
  3. 3. Customer Personalized information Right time, right place Trusted advisor vs seller Sales Rep High-quality leads Customer & competitor insights Collaboration & communication Sales Leadership New accounts Sales insights & visibility Sales rep onboarding & retention
  4. 4. Whats top of mind for sales leaders Sell more Zero in Win faster
  5. 5. 8%higher win rates when sales reps are provided internal AND external data CSO Insights Zero in Focus on the right prospects and customers Improve visibility into sales performance Make better decisions based on insights
  6. 6. Win faster Social sellers are 51%more likely to reach their quotas than non-social sellers. LinkedIn Develop a team of A players leveraging best practices Free sales reps to work anywhere anytime Drive ongoing customer engagement with insights
  7. 7. Sell more 37%increase in project collaboration through the social network Yammer Work together as a network to increase impact Connect and communicate in real-time with customers and colleagues Tap into the collective wisdom of the entire organization
  8. 8. Key capabilities of Sales Productivity
  9. 9. Accounts & Opportunities Collaborative Selling Mobile Sales Planning & Management Customer Insights Sales Analytics
  10. 10. Office 365 and Sales Increase productivity with familiar, intuitive solutions like CRM for Outlook, immersive Excel, and embedded OneNote inside the Sales solution Guided sales process Improve execution by guiding sales reps toward desired outcomes with contextual recommended next steps Customer 360 Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales, and service Accounts & opportunities
  11. 11. Social listening Win faster by using social to identify and act on buying signals and create leads and opportunities based on social posts, using Microsoft Social Engagement Enriched customer data Zero in on the right customers with the right message using accurate, real-time company and contact data, news, and events from Insights, powered by InsideView Connections Increase response rates by reaching out to new contacts through mutual connections surfaced by Insights, powered by InsideView Customer insights
  12. 12. Strategic sales planning Maintain a strategic focus by tracking industry trends, customers, and competitors Sales performance visibility Monitor sales performance and provide coaching, reinforcement, and rewards Sales process management Built-in best practices ease on-boarding of new sales reps and standardize customer engagement Planning & management
  13. 13. Document collaboration Create winning proposals and presentations as a team with document management and real-time co- authoring and sharing Enterprise social networking Harness the collective wisdom of the entire organization by discovering and sharing ideas about customers via Yammer Communication tools Reach experts throughout the organization with contextual presence, IM, voice, video, and online meetings via Skype for Business Collaborative selling
  14. 14. Tablet and phone apps Make every second count and increase productivity by enabling sales reps to work seamlessly across tablets and phones, guided by business process Voice commands Quickly manage data using intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, schedule meetings, set reminders, and find information CRM for Outlook Work anywhere anytime with an intuitive, familiar solution that provides seamless support across offline and online Mobile sales
  15. 15. Live dashboards Track data for the overall business in one place and monitor progress against KPIs Interactive reports Drill through to underlying reports to explore and discover new insights Simplified exploration Ask questions and interact with data in new ways with natural language query Sales analytics
  16. 16. Productivity Boost sales rep productivity with immersive Excel experience, embedded OneNote*, and email tracking from any Outlook app. Social sales Turn social into a sales channel with the ability to generate leads or opportunities from social posts. Mobile sales Deliver seamless user experience across mobile devices. Follow progress against your sales process and visualize your sales data on your tablet and phone. Sales analytics Track and analyze sales performance with mobile apps, live dashboards, visual data exploration, and out-of-the-box connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.* User experience Increase user adoption with one-click navigation to page sections, global most recently used records and views lists, and new UI themes. * Available as preview
  17. 17. Why Sales Productivity by Microsoft Productivity Increase productivity with business process guidance UI, immersive Excel, embedded OneNote, and CRM for Outlook. Anywhere anytime Win faster with on the go solutions like seamless phone and tablet apps, CRM for Outlook, and Power BI for desktop and mobile. Insights Focus on the right priorities, customers, and messages, by using contextual insights based on sales data, social, news, events, and connections. Collaboration Work together like a network with document management and co- authoring, enterprise social networking, and communication tools, all within context of the work being performed.
  18. 18. Learn more Explore Participate in an immersion experience (CIE) In-context social feed Flexible, collaborative workspace for teams Find related documents, conversations, and people Accounts & opportunities Customer insights Planning & management Collaborative selling Mobile sales Sales analytics CRM for Outlook What-if analysis and note sharing with embedded Excel & OneNote Document management and co-authoring Power BI for Office 365 Automatic CRM call logging In-context real-time presence Instant messaging Voice & video conferencing Self-service sales analytics and planning Access to insights through dynamic visualization Natural language Q&A
  19. 19. Get started with Microsoft Services Deployment, adoption, and use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI. Integration of existing sales processes and applications your salespeople use every day. Microsoft Services can engage with you to driveSales Productivity Accelerator Prove out the value of Microsofts Sales Productivity story in 4 weeks with Microsoft Services, Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI. Alignment of your customer engagement strategy with business objectives and technology capabilities. www.microsoft.com/services
  20. 20. Sales Productivity Promotion (*) Net promotional prices after discounts applied. Shown per user per month in USD. Actual pricing might vary by geography and by channel. Other fees may apply for add-on services such as additional storage, testing and production instances. Prices are exclusive of any fees you may incur to procure Internet connectivity. Prices subject to change without notice. Sales Productivity Promotion for Office 365 Customers
  21. 21. ccastan@dataworksllc.com www.dataworksllc.com
  22. 22. Customer stories
  23. 23. Foster collaboration to deliver distinctive client experience Proactively engage clients with insights around emerging industry trends and issues Increase wins by 39%, deal size by 36%, and number of opportunities by 450% We can use data to make data-driven decisions and communicate to our teams using actual data. Everyone here is very smart, but the additional insights based on a single shared version of the truth make us all smarter. Rick Stow Head of Client Relationship Management Grant Thornton
  24. 24. Complete view into customer and account information Reduce prep time for customer meetings Drive idea sharing with 95% adoption of Yammer All of a sudden it was like, BOOM all of this information is all in the open, transparent, things were getting done because everyone had a new kind of awareness. Steve Novoselac BI and .NET development manager Trek Bicycles
  25. 25. 6 month implementation, integrating several legacy and homegrown systems to establish a central customer record Used by over 1,300 employees companywide Improved collaboration and productivity Better customer experience CSX Using Dynamics CRM, we can do more team selling and cross-selling across our business groups to offer customers the best fit of services. Vicki Burton Director of CRM CSX