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  1. 1. Our core capabilities
  2. 2. A selection of past activities
  3. 3. What we do DTD Consult leverages experience gained through extensive business development and capture management activities completed for major International Corporations. The business areas involved include contingency operations, expeditionary logistics, real life support, base operations, turnaround, expansion of and development of core capabilities, distribution logistics, development of logistics concepts, development of support capabilities for manufacturers,Airline operations, Aviation ground operations, Specialist Aviation capabilities - including aerial firefighting, manufacturing and management consulting. Our markets are Government/Military/Agency based and civilian commercial. Our activities are based on defined business ethics that guide us through all client support processes. Further info and references can be found under;http: //www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4206567 0r www.facebook.com/dtdconsult
  4. 4. Government/Military/Agency Business - CONDO
  5. 5. TransitionNegotiateProposePursue Business Development Process Sales/ Opportunity Team Proposal Team Delivery Team PositionStrategize Includes traditional sales and marketing Acknowledges different benchmarks applicable based on process goals Seeks common best practices Marketing Team
  6. 6. Business Acquisition Process - COMPLEX Identify specific targets of opportunity within approved markets as defined in the Strategic Plan. Assess the position of the customer, the competitors, and your company, and develop a preliminary win strategy. Refine the win strategy and develop a plan to capture the bid. Assess the effectiveness of the process and the product following proposal delivery and notification of award, and communicate results for lessons learned. The Capture Manager is responsible for winning the opportunity! Identify Phase Qualified Phase Proposal Phase Capture Phase Post-Award Phase Write proposal, Q&A, Past Performance, BAFO, and Orals. -10 months RFP Released -12 months-24 months
  7. 7. Strategic Thinking (Planning & Positioning) Tactical Thinking (Project and Proposal Mgmt) Organization Key Decision Makers Politics Hot Buttons Problems Buying History Influence RFP Competition Teammates Customer Intimacy Past Performance Technical Capability Global Environment Take all the information gathered and weave into Win Strategy Capture Management Can we win? How will we win? Win Strategy
  8. 8. Elements of a Capture Plan- External and Internal Analysis 1. Executive Summary 2. Opportunity Information and Assessment 3. Customer Intelligence and Communication 4. Teaming Analysis and Status 5. Competitor intelligence and Analysis 6. Your Companys Competitive Strategy 7. Value Proposition and Solution 8. Key Personnel and Staffing 9. Pricing Strategy 10. Past Performance 11. Risk Management 1. Elevator Speech 2. Customer, schedule, deliverables 3. Org., decision makers, reqts, and hot buttons 4. Products/Services, past performance, relationship with customers, rates 5. SWOT Analysis 6. How does this position us? 7. What do we offer that is unique? 8. What expertise can we propose? 9. Price to Win? 10. PP to site and/or survey to CO? 11. What are the risks and what are we doing about it?
  9. 9. Distribute and Analyze RFP Develop Structure and Outline Determine Schedule and Activities Refine Org Chart Develop Proposal Plan Proposal Delivery Final Production Develop/ Review Storyboards Write First Draft Pink Team Review Write Second Draft Red Team Review Write Final Draft Cost Strategy Review Gather Cost Data Develop Rates Bid Review Generate Cost Proposal Red Team Review Kick-off Meeting Preliminary Activities RFP Release Tech/Mgmt/Past Performance Proposal Process Cost Proposal Process Proposal Process Post RFP Release Resources & Training
  10. 10. Civilian Commercial Business support
  11. 11. Our service offering We support all development phases, including expansion, transition into new markets, product development, enterprise development, resilience, turnaround and sale of your business. We have a qualified pool of business professionals with the relevant experience in each required discipline to support your individual needs. We do not believe in offering Generic solutions for each individual case, and work with our clients to identify their targets prior to developing a carefully tailored strategy, together with milestones to gage success. The `proof of the pudding is in the eating`and we will happily discuss the envisaged steps with you prior to being engaged. Due to confidentiality reasons it is often not possible to give detailed information on current and past projects, but as far is possible we will disclose all verifiable information to our clients to assist in the decision making process. With DTD Consult you will not be left in the dark!!
  12. 12. Emergency Management - Resilience Global turbulence is expected. Competition, instability and uncertainty are constants in a changing world. Organizations face an unprecedented and growing number of potential disruptions to the status quo and the best laid strategic plans. As history repeats itself, prominent organizations will fail unless modern risk management and governance models incorporate scalable resilience metrics. To survive and prosper in this new environment of heightened uncertainty and change, organizations must move past traditional risk and governance models and focus instead on resilience. Resilience applies at all levels: national, regional, organizational and corporate. At the national level, major infrastructure concerns and societal institutions must be robust enough, and unencumbered by legal and regulatory constraints, to serve the national good in normal operations, in crisis, and in recovery. At the regional levels, specific infrastructure assets come together in highly interdependent ways to serve local constituents and be a part of a national infrastructure. At the organizational and corporate level (which owns or operates the vast majority of our critical infrastructure assets), individual companies and operating units must ensure their business operations and service delivery capacities remain able to perform their primary business functions
  13. 13. Emergency Management - Concept
  14. 14. Contact us Email; dtdconsult@gmail.com Mobile; +49 172 4710709 LinkedIn;http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4206567 www.facebook.com/dtdconsult