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  • Introduction to Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera *

    Trade & Industrial Education*

  • What is a Digital Single- Lens Reflex Camera?A Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera (also called a ) is a digital camera including the mechanism of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.

    *digital SLR or DSLR


  • FeaturesMode dialDust Reduction systemInterchangeable lensesHD video captureLive previewWider angle of view*


  • Digital Photos OverviewDigital Photos are made up of pixels (picture elements).The resolution of a digital photo is its pixel dimensions.Digital Cameras use megapixels to specify the pixel dimensions of its photos.


  • MegapixelsA higher megapixel rating does not always mean higher quality photos.A cameras megapixel rating will help you determine the largest size of prints you can expect to make without sacrificing the quality of the image.


  • *The following guide will help you know what size of high-quality print you can expect from each megapixel rating.

    MegapixelsPixel DimensionMax Quality Print Size2.01600 x 12004 x 63.02100 x 15005 x 74.02400 x 18008 x 105.02500 x 19009 x 12 6.03000 x 200011 x 148.04000 x 200012 x 16

  • Megapixels*The 8 megapixel will not produce a better quality 8 x 10 print than the 4 megapixel.

    Trade & Industrial Education*

    Trade & Industrial Education

    *Trade & Industrial Education

    *Trade & Industrial Education