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Transcript of Draft Master Plan. Park Condition Public Comment History Draft Master Plan Final Master Plan...

Washoe Park

Washoe ParkDraft Master Plan

Introduce Self, WPF

Here to present info on Washoe Park, and later Hefners Dam

Thank them for their visit last month.

Presentation plan: Plan, Players, History, Current State and Potential Projects. Reference their maps.

Hope to provide you the information you need let me know if I can clarify1The Project

Final Master PlanImplementGoal: Create a Draft Master Plan for Natural Resources.A Draft Master Plan creates a long-term vision for natural and built features to create a healthy park. Fed by information, guided by professionals. Next step would be final master plan followed by implementation.2PlayersThe project will be accomplished with these people:1. Project Sponsor: Washoe Park Foundation, Under the Anaconda Community Foundation (Introduce Tracey, Warm Springs Hospital Project Coordinator for Construction and Director of Support Services, Anaconda etc)Mark?

2. Contracts:Me, Brief Background Project Manager and Public Outreach Coordinator, Wise River

Mitzi Rossillon cultural resource consulting and awarded Montana State Historical Preservation Office Award 2009, Butte

Bruce Boody Landscape Architect Inc. firm since 1981 design service for parks, recreation, trails, historic preservation and ecological restoration award winning projects, Whitefish. Two people here to day Bruce and Jena

E-Mail List for information dissemination, comments, advice includes county, agency, knowledgeable people on sites, landowners, etc.


Washoe Park circa 1906Washoe Park History:

Park started near 1889 and 1901Made Washoe park in name 1906 and became part of Anaconda Company.

Anaconda Company made it grand, social center. turned over to county when smelter shut down.1975 WPF granted land to county.Many additions in mid-1980s, but some now need repair or are gone.1991 repairs made after waterline replacement4

The duck pond has been a long standing feature in the park.

Bridges are a historic feature in the park. Originals are long gone, but some new are present.

Natural resources trees, creek, etc always an important part of park. Park is dearly loved by community. 5Project location

North side of Anaconda. Warm Springs Creek runs down center. Entire area is popular for walkers.6Washoe Park

Intro Washoe Park popular recreation site. New tennis courts, pool, playgrounds, baseball field. Walking trails, stream, fishing, etc. Historically wonderful, but could use assistance with a 100 year face lift with a comprehensive approach rather than the past piecemeal approach.

Orient with important landmarks: Fish hatchery, spring, boardwalk, duck pond, marshy area.

Next photo tour (outline start and route).7Photo Tour

Tour for highlights in Washoe Park. Points for potential work, but will depend on public comment, etc.8Spring Under Boardwalk

REFERENCE THEIR MAPBegonia Houses, Garden Club, flowers maintained by county.Boardwalk in disrepair. Propose replacement and alternate route for spring. originates in rail yard.9Spring Surfaces After Boardwalk


Surfaces shortly no cover, habitat. 10Spring Runs Under Parking Lot


Parking lot improve function, entrance over widened, sediment entering spring, vehicle abuse. Spring to surface through parking lot under trees and replace walking trail?11Duck Pond


Spring flows into duck pond.Improve esthetics12Duck Pond


Address erosion, garbage, Spring continues from duck pond to warm springs creek downstream of next photo.13

Stream Banks


Stream bank debris in Warm Springs Creek adjacent to duck pond.14Stream Banks


Stream bank erosion at walking trails.15Natural Areas

Raised boardwalk


Discuss use of natural areas, possible raised boardwalk through marshy area.16Other Issues


Typical walking trail condition not appropriate for wheel chairs, strollers, small bikes, etc. Important to make Washoe Park accessible for all.Inappropriate vehicle use.Abandoned featuresWildlife beaver, deer, birds, bear17DeliverableComprehensive, professional Master Plan that restores historical recreation and natural areas and is driven by natural resources needs & public desires.

Washoe Park is loved very popular. Has Washoe Park Foundation for support. Create comprehensive approach that is agreed on by many to move forward with a great improvement for the site. 18Washoe Park

Comments & Questions?

19Hefners Dam

Draft Master Plan

Introduce Hefners Dam:

Piece of county owned land upstream from Washoe Park.

20The Project

Final Master PlanImplementThis proposal mimics Washoe Park. It is different in that it is does not invite public access and any plans would create a more natural area and less of an urban park. The process is the same draft master plan, etc. With both projects done together, we can combine resources to create a greater good for both projects and create a plans that are well blended. 21PlayersPeople are the same22Project location

ID County owned land.23Hefners Dam Map

ID sites trail, warm springs creek, Hefners Dam, archery rangeIntroduce Hefners Dam natural area, county owned, used as county well site. Historically used as reservoir and land was turned over to county. Currently does not invite public access, but is a beautiful site popular for waterfowl, deer, etc. Our mission here is to invite public access to a natural area using a trail system and fishing access. Possible fishing pond if the site allows. Trail connection to Washoe Park a more urban site. Photo tour to start and end24Trail Connection to Washoe Park


Deer Park RoadCable Road, land owner, rail bed.25Archery Range

26Warm Springs CreekFishing Access

More than 2 miles of public stream access.



Hefners Dam

Natural AreaInvited Public AccessTrail DestinationKids Fishing PondWildlife ViewingFish & Wildlife Habitat




County wells impact with increased people? Water issues with any changes?29Deliverable

Comprehensive, professional draft Master Plan that provides additional natural resource based recreation in a primarily natural area that is driven by natural resource needs & public desires.

30Hefners Dam

Comments & Questions?