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Both the front cover and contents page have white backgrounds and use the colour scheme of black white and blue, this helps the pages link together as they share the same tones and shades.I also used some if the same fonts such as the quotes on both pages (“My music is personal” and “Indie is not dead”) this again help as it shows that the fonts are continues making the magazine more consistent all the way through. By putting the masthead on both pages it show that that the content is part of the same magazine and help the page look similar to the front cover.For my front cover I used small X’s as graphics, I continued this onto the contents page but made them smaller, this help the pages link but also help fade out the graphic displaying how it will not be used on the DPS.

As you can see from the above pictures I have incorporated the same aspects so that it is clear that they are from the same magazine. The front cover highlights all the features that will be included in the magazine and I felt that it was important to capture some of these features in the double page spread. The first example is where the pull quote is directly linked to the information on ‘Cosmic Haze’ presented on the double page spread. I reinforced this by placing the pull quote at the top of the interview so that it could grab the readers attention and allow them to make the connection with the front cover. The presence of the same artist on the front cover and double page spread allows the reader to make the connection whist experiencing a change of image and pose. The masthead at the bottom supports the fact that it is from the magazine ‘Indie Head’ the name of my magazine (which is also on the front cover). I ensured that I kept to a pastel colour scheme as is the convention for indie magazines

It was a little harder to make the contents page and double page spread link as there are different pictures used. You can see that ‘Cosmic Haze’ is still presented on the contents page allowing the first connection to be made. I felt that the colour scheme used should again be pastel so that again I am keeping to the conventions of an indie magazine. This is highlighted in the tiles that are on the ‘Inside’ section of the contents page. All of these colours are existing on the double page spread to emphasize this. The fonts used are fairly similar and all have a ‘handwritten’ effect to make the texts have less of a formal touch. This style of text is present on both the contents page and the double page spread.