Digital Reimagination - Key to Winning in the Digital Consumer Economy

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Get insights [] on how companies can digitally re-imagine their business processes, products, services, channels, workplace using the Digital Five Forces – Mobility, Big Data, Social Media, Clous and Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics.

Transcript of Digital Reimagination - Key to Winning in the Digital Consumer Economy

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  • NEW WINNERS ARE ABOUT TO EMERGE Every significant economic shift is accompanied by a dramatic remaking of the major players in the economy
  • WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE DIGITAL CONSUMER ECONOMY Newly empowered customers with anytime-anywhere access to information Constantly connected via social networks; base purchasing decisions on their peersopinions
  • DIGITAL FIVE FORCES ARE CHANGING THE BUSINESS CONTEXT 1. Mobility lets companies know a lot about their customers in real time 2. Big Data helps make sense of both structured and unstructured streams of information 3. Social Media provides insights into individual preferences without the observer effect 5. AI and Robotics foster automation with deep learning systems 4. Cloud puts formidable computing resources in the hands of small companies with limited budget The Digital Five Forces
  • Resolve claims faster with digital tools and processes Anticipate and resolve issues based on sensor data Transfer money to contacts without account details Verify product allocation on store shelves with robots Transfer money to contacts without account details Gain industrial- strength computing capability within budget DIGITAL FIVE FORCES ARE UNLEASHING NEW OPPORTUNITIES INSURANCE POWER BANKING SMALL FIRMS RETAIL
  • Companies are faced with the value barrier they cant increase prices or reduce costs dramatically The influx ofdigital natives into the consumer base has increased demand for responsiveness, engagement and individualized attention WHY RESPOND NOW?
  • TYPICAL RESPONSES TO THE DIGITAL FIVE FORCES DIGITIZATION DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION What it is Application Impact Increases business velocity Improves brand experience Companies adopt digital devices for communication Companies transform their channels with digital tools Create seamless customer experience online + offline Capture and transmit information in real time Digitization and Digital Transformation are common but inadequate responses to the Digital Consumer Economy Impact limited to channels; other key areas untouched Preserves legacy workflows; rarely transformational Limitations
  • Digital Reimagination leverages the Digital Five Forces in combination to create something fundamentally new in six key areas of your company Business Models Workplaces Products / Services Business Processes Customer Segments Distribution Channels Digital Reimagination
  • REIMAGINE BUSINESS MODELS ! Continued visibility into the usage of a product could help a company switch to a different business model ! Applicable to jet engines and power generators From Sale to Rent
  • Crowdsource product design with social media; tap consumer insights without the observer effect Credit card companies can now monetize the aggregate spend data of their customers REIMAGINE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
  • REIMAGINE CUSTOMER SEGMENTS Mobile and apps provide a wealth of data about individual consumers Micro-segmentation and creation of new segments are now possible
  • Companies can redesign existing physical channels An app which helps customers search both the stores shelves and inventory can help boost sales REIMAGINE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS
  • Insurance companies can automate validation of claims approvals with advanced analytics Reengineer paper-based business processes to make them highly accurate, speedy and responsive REIMAGINE BUSINESS PROCESSES
  • REIMAGINE WORKPLACES Better people management with Big Data and AI ! Sentiment analysis of enterprise social networks helps gauge morale without employee surveys
  • DIGITAL CONSUMER ECONOMY: TOP FIVE TAKEOUTS 1 2 3 4 5 The Digital Consumer Economy is here Digital Consumers demand responsiveness, engagement and individualized attention Companies facing value barrier and saddled with legacy processes run risk of extinction Digitization or Digital Transformation not enough for continued relevance Leverage Digital Five Forces in combination to reimagine all aspects of business key to success FIVE Takeouts
  • DIGITAL REIMAGINATION: FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO 1 2 3 4 5 Find entirely new sources of revenue Increase marketing efficiency, thereby revenues Improve distribution with new digital channels Invest in faster business processes, eliminate legacy workflows Create digital workspaces for millennials TAKE Action
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