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Portfolio of my photographs created for the Digital Photography elective course at LCC, University of London. This ispart of mt secod year's coursework in the Fda Digital Media design.

Transcript of Digital Photography


    Digital Photography Elective 2010

    London College of Communication

    University of the Arts, London

    Fda Digital Media Design

    Yr II - 2010/11


  • Doubt.


    Pondering, considering, evaluating.


    This photograph is intended to unsettle and involve: the

    subject scrutinizes the viewer, studies his reaction and ex-

    pression, holds him responsible for his own confusion and

    mixed feelings.

    The eyes are fixed on the onlooker and shoot out right

    through the camera lens. The tilted position of the head,

    chin downwards, eyes looking up, gives the composition a

    sense of direction and movement aimed at the observer.

    The hard light from the left intensifies the subjects subtle

    frown and features; the same light, bounced off the right

    side onto his face, softens the severity of his expression,

    whilst the reddened shadows increase the sense of uncer-

    tainty of the piece.

  • Pla




    Can you touch your nose?

    With this portrait I sought to capture the playful side of the

    subject. Since this was his first time as a model, in order to

    catch a genuine grin, rather than a forced smile, it was essen-

    tial to make him feel comfortable with the camera. To achieve

    this, I asked him to do something unusual, silly and comical:

    pushing up the tip of his nose.

    The result was a sincere chuckle and a placid smile that in the

    photo comes to light in the lines around his mouth, in the jo-

    viality of the eyes and in the twinkling lines of his forehead.

    In this photo the playful effect is enhanced by the direction of

    the models glare, the amused eyes are looking slightly side-

    ways at something that appears to be humorous, out of the

    viewers sight, leaving curiosity about what is happening where

    the onlookers cannot see.

  • Jim

    i H




    Photograph byBARON WOLMAN

    Baron Wolman is the ultimate Rock Photographer, he has

    had the honour to meet and photograph rock legends, who,

    in turn, have had the honour to be photographed by him.

    He was able to capture the essence of the musicians to an

    intimate level.

    I tried to take inspiration from this shot of Hendrix play-

    ing live to recreate my own version of the photograph with

    Digital Imaging and a musician playing live at the Hootananny

    pub in Brixton, UK.

  • Dru

    m p



    In the style ofBARON WOLMAN

    This photo is inspired by Baron Wolman and retains some

    of features of the Hendrix shot in that of the subject (a

    musician playing), the Black and White form and low con-

    trast of the greys.

    Difficulties in trying to reproduce the strength of the

    photo by Baron Wolman has been the very low-light of

    the location, the fact that I could not engage on a personal

    level with the artist and, perhaps, the dancing mob that was

    all around me while I was trying to take a still.

  • This photograph is an entertaining take on my flat mates and their biweekly meet-

    ing on the couch watching the Football TV Program Match of the Day.

    I took particular care in directing the shot to achieve a dynamic image, reflecting

    on the subjects position related to couch, camera and the visual field of the shot.


    Fill Light






    Median Filter

    Tone curve


    Lens & Post

    Crop Vignetting

    Adobe Bridge (Camera Raw): Adobe Photoshop:

    + +

  • Match of the Day.

  • + +

    With this photograph I continued exploring the possibilities of combining several

    images to create a unique shot, which is attractive and looks perfectly normal to

    the abstract onlooker, but which, at a second and more attentive look, causes the

    observer to blink and question what hes seeing, even if for just a moment.



    Fill Light





    Levels (layer)

    Median Filter



    Post Crop Vi-


    Adobe Bridge (Camera Raw): Adobe Photoshop:

  • Um... er..

  • DetailsI selected the following four images to describe me as photographer and person.

    I took inspiration from my own name, Gaia, which in ancient Greek Mythology is the name given

    to the Mother of the Earth. and in Italian means happy and joyous.

    I am proud and honoured to hold this name, and glad that it reflects my positive take on life and

    my fervent admiration of the beauty of Nature.

    December 2010, Brixton, UK.

    Sprinkled Tree.

  • October 2010, Brixton, UK.

    Curious Snail.

  • October 2010, Brixton, UK.

    Laborious Spider.

  • November 2010, Newbury, UK.


  • Digital Photography Elective 2010

    Gaia CanestrariUniversity of the Arts, LCC, London

    Fda Digital Media Design Yr II - 2010/11CAN08252955