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Digital Photography. The SLR Camera. BEFORE AND AFTER. BEFORE. AFTER. BEFORE AND AFTER. BEFORE. AFTER. BEFORE AND AFTER. BEFORE. AFTER. Getting to know the camera:. 1. Light Readings:. Along with focus, the most important factor in getting a good photo is to have - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Photography

Digital PhotographyThe SLR Camera+1




+5Getting to know the camera:

+61. Light Readings:Along with focus, the most important factor in getting a good photo is to have the proper amount of light to achieve the proper exposure.

+-+LIGHT READINGS cont.Use the mode dial to adjust you SHUTTER SPEEDS.The shutter speed will determine how much light used to illuminate your photograph.Too much light your photo will be OVER-EXPOSEDNot enough light your photo will be UNDER-EXPOSED

The aperture dial will also adjust your light readings. Generally, if your subject is dark, you will need a longer shutter speed. If your subject is brightly illuminated then you will generally need a shorter shutter speed.

+8LESSON TWOIMAGE SENSORS AND ISO+Getting to know the camera:

+10The Bare EssentialsISO Technically ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is perhaps the single most important technical aspect of the Digital SLR Camera100 ISO400 ISO1600 ISOSlow Medium FastHigher QualityGood QualityAdded Noise/Film GrainOutdoors/SunnyMultipurposeNight/Low Lighting+11

+Get Clear and Sharp PhotosBecause you cant fix fuzzy photos on the computer, you need to understand how to ensure photos you take with the digital cameras are sharp.

Be mindful photos may appear sharp when reviewing them on the LCD Screens, but this may not be the case when expanded on the computer.LENSES set to AF (Automatic Focus) will assist you in keeping photos sharp.Keep an eye out for fine lines, like hair this will also assist you in ensuring that your photos are sharp. +13

+Task Close Up PhotographyMacro Photography is something that most digital cameras do really well. In short, macro mode of your camera is designed to focus at very short distances with up to life-size magnification of the image.

MINOR TASK TWO Page Three in your FOLIOSUsing the Macro Settings on your camera take a photographic image of a chosen object. Focus on cropping, colors, patterns and textures.+15