Digital Badging for Lifelong Learners-Aug13-2015

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Transcript of Digital Badging for Lifelong Learners-Aug13-2015

  1. 1. Digital Badging for Lifelong Learners eLearning Innovations Virtual Conference Online / Nairobi, Kenya August 13, 2015 Sondra R. Smith Director of Special Projects EDUCAUSE
  2. 2. Session Agenda About EDUCAUSE Badging 101: What is Badging? Badging 101: Unpack a Badge Badging at EDUCAUSE: Lifelong Learning (Some of the) Lessons Learned Questions?
  3. 3. About EDUCAUSE
  4. 4. EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology.
  5. 5. 1,800 EDU + 300 CORPS 68-100K ----- ~5K
  6. 6. Badging 101: What is Badging?
  7. 7. Badging 101: What is Digital Badging? Microcredentials of achievement reflecting experiences, opportunities, learning and engagement Criteria-based acknowledgments; metadata optimized for digital portfolio
  8. 8. Badging 101: What is Digital Badging? Badges signal lifelong learning. New knowledge and competencies K-12, higher education, workplace, other Wayfinding Learning or career paths become more visible Developing and supporting your brand Current or future employer, colleagues, staff
  9. 9. POLL 1 Have you earned a digital badge? Yes No Not sure
  10. 10. POLL 2 If so, how many badges have you earned? 1 2-5 6-10 More than 10
  11. 11. Badging 101: Who is Badging? K-12 and Youth Programs Aurora Public Schools 21st century skill development at school and in community; rolling out to 40K students this month! NYC Department of Education support transition to high school NYC Department of Education support over-age and under- credited high school students in gaining digital literacy Highline School System STEM pathway and career exploration; Boeing Corp. and other partners Cleveland Metropolitan School District faculty development Youth Media Urban Arts Partnership, Adobe media production AutoDesk and CoderDojo AutoDesk skills and software Cincinnati Museum Center girls STEM activities
  12. 12. Badging 101: Who is Badging? Higher Education Brandman University competency-based degree program Coastal Carolina University first year student academics Elmhurst College Digital Earth MOOC Harvard Graduate School of Education Hackathon Harvey Mudd College undergraduate computing workshops Notre Dame co-curricular ePortfolios The Ohio State University piloting in two degree programs Portland State University undergrad community health State University of NY (SUNY) Tools of Engagement Project, metaliteracy Texas Wesleyan University faculty professional development University of Alaska fac/staff tech fellows and teacher prof. dev. University of Central Florida information literacy University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate education skills
  13. 13. Badging 101: Who is Badging? Others Dallas Museum of Art friends program YMCA of Greater NY youth health and fitness habits Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Pierce County Library System summer reading challenge Marathon running organizations City of Learning: Chicago, Dallas New Media Consortium professional development Worlds of Learning teacher professional development
  14. 14. POLL 3 Have you developed or do you plan to implement a badging program? Yes No Maybe so
  15. 15. Badging 101: Unpack a Digital Badge
  16. 16. Badging 101: Unpack a Badge Credly Profile Badges Earned & Publicly Displayed
  17. 17. Badging 101: Unpack a Badge Description Criteria Testimonial Issuer Evidence Graphic & Title
  18. 18. >>> Badging 101: Unpack a Badge LinkedIn Profile
  19. 19. Badging at EDUCAUSE: Lifelong Learning
  20. 20. Sheryl: An EDUCAUSE Badging Profile
  21. 21. (Some of the) Lessons Learned
  22. 22. Lessons Learned Badge what you have. Flickr Photo, hellolapomme,
  23. 23. Lessons Learned Badge with partners if you can. Flickr Photo, Kristin Wall,
  24. 24. Lessons Learned Educate and communicate. Flickr Photo, Chris Perriman,
  25. 25. Lessons Learned Program planning is challenging. Flickr Photo, Kim Quintano,
  26. 26. Lessons Learned Badge management is messy. Flickr Photo, Jessica Lucia,
  27. 27. POLL 4 After attending this presentation, how likely are you to explore or implement a badge program? More likely Less likely About the same
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. EDUCAUSE Resources 10 Lessons Learned in Launching an Award Winning Digital Badging Program. June 25, 2015. Next Generation Learning Challenges blog post. Badging to Support Professional Development and Career Building. September 30, 2014. EDUCAUSE Annual Conference session archive. building The Value Proposition in Badging Higher Education Professional Development. August 20, 2014. EDUCAUSE Live! webinar archive. 7 Things You Should Know About Badging for Professional Development. August 7, 2014. EDUCAUSE Brief. development EDUCAUSE Badging Resource Library EDUCAUSE Badging Program
  30. 30. Thank you! Sondra R. Smith Director of Special Projects EDUCAUSE