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  • Digital Agency Ballarat

    Website Designer Ballarat

    Website Management

    SEO Services

    iPhone Repairs Ballarat

    Video Production

    Digital Consulting

  • Researching and choosing the right technology for your business can be an overwhelming task.

    Your business is unique and will require different IT solutions than the business next door. Redxoo

    can provide digital consulting services to your business and work with you to develop and implement a suitable business IT solutions.

    Digital Consulting

  • SEO Services

    Understanding Organic SEO is built on a solid foundation of knowing who your consumers

    are and what they are searching for, then you need to ensure that your website contains

    relevant content that matches this. Structuring your website and content so that consumers,

    and Google, can easily find and navigate through it.

  • IPhone Repairs Ballarat

    We are now offering iPhone Repairs Ballarat. If you have cracked your iPhone screen and

    need it replaced we can fix it for you in about 1 hour. We will be expanding our range of repairs over a period of time, starting with iPhone Screen Repairs and adding in other

    iPhone components as time goes on.

  • IT Support

    IT Support and assistance when you need it, from simple maintenance, hardware repairs,

    through to complete office upgrades and relocations. We also offer a VIP 24/7 support

    service; this allows you to have minimal downtime if something goes wrong.

  • Redxoo (Pronounced Red-Zoo) has an aim to partner with businesses for a longer

    term shared growth and success. It is our mission to help businesses prosper from

    technology changes rather than feel pressured by them.

    Growth and Success

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