Designing for a Better User Experience

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Design is much more than enhancing aesthetics. All design decisions should be made with your goals and audience in mind.

Transcript of Designing for a Better User Experience

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  • All design decisions should be made with your goals and audience in mind.
  • A balance between form and function is vital.
  • Good use of alignment creates visual lines for your eyes and establishes order and organization.
  • White space leads to cleaner design and focus on im- portant content.
  • In web and mobile design, typography can make or break your design.
  • Big blocks of text should try to stick to a width of 50-60 characters (including spaces).
  • Space between line-height/leading is usually too tight. Let your paragraphs breath.
  • Dont be afraid of gray. Dark gray or black on a white background should be the default for extended reading.
  • Icons save space and help users interact, but should be used with good judgment and balance.
  • Contrast increases visual interest, variety, and focus. It breaks up sections of a website and makes designs visually appealing.
  • In design, less is more. Strip away anything unnecessary because Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Design is constantly evolving. Be familiar with current trends, because if a site or app looks old, it loses credibility.
  • Be subtle in design. Subtle layer effects effectively use depth and texture to draw attention, without drawing too much attention.
  • Delightis equal parts happiness and surprise. Create delight with a small detail on your website, app, or product and you will improve user experience.
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