Delivery Accounts Filling System

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Transcript of Delivery Accounts Filling System

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    ContentsChapter 1


    Chapter 2


    Chapter 3


    Chapter 4


    Chapter 5


    Chapter 6

    System evaluation & development

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    Chapter 1

    1.1AnalysisDescription of the problem


    Trade Talk is a company owned by Mr. and Mrs. Chideme.

    Their services are helping people with bulk deliveries.

    They deal mainly with small businesses that dont havemeans of delivering goods to their customers and also with

    individuals who may need their assistance.

    Nature of the problemAfter an observation I made of the system that Trade Talk

    has for their account records I realized that they were very

    unreliable. Some of their customers were wrongly accused

    of not paying their accounts when in actual fact thecompany would have just lost, or misplaced their slips of

    payment. Customers have had to wait for long hours in the

    reception area for the employees at Trade Talk to locate

    their details so that their details are signed by management

    for proof of payment. This is very inconvenient for the

    customer and the company as the customer could just

    decide to terminate their account due to lack oforganization.

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    1.2 Objectives

    Computer related objectives

    y To create a database computerized system that is moreeffective and accurate.y To create a system that will enable the business to

    achieve all their objectives.

    y To create a system that has quick access.y To create a system that enables one to search, delete

    and add information easily.

    Business objectives

    y To save Fuel, Capital and Time wasted whenunnecessary deliveries are made due to errors in the

    Manuel system

    y To bring in more capital into the company throughthe delivery service

    y To have a more efficient and effective businessy To create a system that is cheap, saves time and


  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    1.3 Description of the existing solution


    The name of the customer

    Their last date of payment for their account

    The customers contact details

    The validity of the account


    The files are stored in file cabinets in alphabetical order.


    Data is added and crossed out in pen. If any mistake is

    made on the paper then one has to get a new paper and start

    afresh to avoid untidiness.


    Every month customer accounts are renewed and a week

    before a bill is printed out and delivered to the customers

    by post reminding them of the amount they owe to the


  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    1.4 Evaluation of existing system

    Advantages of existing system

    y The system is user friendly to computer illiterateemployees

    Disadvantages of existing system

    y Errors can easily be madey Some customers are lost due to the mistakes in

    entering data

    y It is a painfully slow process of searching for records

    Suggested improvements

    y Each customer could have their own personal file tomake it easier to search

    y Data could be entered in pencil to make it easier tovalidate information

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    1.5 Description of other proposed solutions

    Solution 1

    I would like to design a new computerized database system

    for the file keeping of the deliveries that is especially made

    for Trade talk. By using the system one will be able to

    delete and enter data very easily but they have to have the

    password to be able to access the data .if any data entry is

    incorrect an error message will then appear on the screen

    .for security reasons only those in the sales and deliveries

    department will be able to access the information in the

    system the passwords will be given to the heads of

    department. Also the account periods will be lengthened to

    a year. Basically the system I want to create will be very

    user friendly a custom made to fit the companys


    All the companies will have their own files and documents

    folders with a specific name therefore making it easier tosearch for data.

    Solution 2I could recommend a system that the company can buy for

    example Microsoft access with a ready made data base and

    very easy to use. But the disadvantageof this is you cant

    change anything about the system.So if it is not suitable there is nothing you can do about it.

    Therefore the proposed solution is solution 1 because if the

    company is not pleased with the way the system turns out

    they can change things about it to suite their requirements.

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    1.6 Evaluation of Solution 2


    y The system is ready made and all you have to do ishire a programmer to install the systemy It is cheaper than getting a system especially designed

    for the needs of the company.

    y It will likely to be a popularly used system so it will beeasy to use and familiar to the employees.

    Disadvantagesy You might not be able to find a system that fits the

    exact needs of the company

    y Hiring a person to install the system might be moreexpensive than getting it especially designed

    y If you buy a system and it is not really fitting with theway the company operates then the company will not

    be able to change anything about the system and will

    have to buy a new system which will bring a loss of

    profits to the company.

    Evaluation of solution 1


    y The system is made to fit the requirements of thecompany

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    Chapter 2

    Design2.1 Action plan

    To plan how long it might take for me to complete the

    creation of the database computerized system I will use a

    ghant chart such as the one below.

    Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Stage in


    January Analysis








  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    MainMenu flow diagram

    Main Menu

    Customer details

    Close frmcustomer detailsback to main menu

    Open invalid customers

    Close frmInvalid details

    Back to frminvalidcustomers

    Exit system Account details

    Close frmaccount details

    back to main menu

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    2.3Hardware requirements

    Key board To enter data into the computer

    Colour screen Monitor So that one can see what theyare dong and the output of the


    CPU (50000gig) To store the programs or

    software needed for thecompany's system

    Mouse to Navigate the arrow on the

    screen to open programs

    Laser jet Printer For data output at the end of the


    Modem To send emails to customersinforming them of any new

    developments and termination

    of accounts

    Telephone To dial a connection onto the

    world wide web.

    2.4 Software requirements

    MS Access For the Creation and storage

    of the main menu, tables,

    queries and reports

    Email application To send out Emails to the

    companys customersMSWord To type out news letters to

    the customers

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    Tables will be created for each of these entities and the

    tables will contain the following data:

    In my system two data entry forms are needed these are

    customer details and account details the forms are laid out

    as follows:

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    Account Details

    This form will be used to record the customers history ofaccounts in the company to add and to change any account

    records for the customer

    Customer details

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    SecurityA password will be attached to the database so that only

    those who know the pass word are able to access the Data



    The system main menu is structured as follows:

    To end the program one clicks on exit.

  • 8/8/2019 Delivery Accounts Filling System


    The bill to be sent out to the customers will be set out as


    Chapter 4

    4.1TestingTest Expected Data

    Test password only flutterby is accepted,

    Main menu should appear


    Test Menu option, Customer


    frmCustomer details should


    Enter first customer Default values should be

    automatically inserted

    Enter customers 2-20 Tab order should be correct

    through out the system

    Use search button to find

    Mrs. N Nduku

    Mrs. Nduku should be found

    Use the next button to findMr. E Mutasa

    Customer should be foundand displayed on the screen

    Press next button after the

    last record No 20

    Form should automatically

    display a new sheet ready to

    enter new data

    To exit application click

    close form or exit