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Dasa Avatars of Krishna. b y:Srujana Donthireddi Smarana Donthireddi. Dasa Avatars. Dasa means 10 Ten avatars are specia l Svayam Bhagavan is source of all avatars*** Krishna appears as purna Avatar only once in a day of Brahma (4.32 Billion years !). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dasa Avatars of Krishnaby:Srujana Donthireddi Smarana Donthireddi2Dasa Avatars

Dasa means 10

Ten avatars are special

Svayam Bhagavan is source of all avatars***

Krishna appears as purna Avatar only once in a day of Brahma (4.32 Billion years!)*** As per Srimad Bhagavatam, Gaudiya, Vallabhacharya & Nimbarka sampradayas3Paritrya sdhnm Vinya ca duskrtmDharma samsthpa-nrthya Sambhavmi yuge yuge (B.G 4.8)Lord Krishna says, To deliver the pious, to annihilate the miscreants, and to reestablish real religion, I myself appear yuga after yuga. Why does Krishna come as avatar?4Matsya Avatar


The first avataram is Matsya.He saved all the Vedas from the demons.


Kurma Avatar 2

The second one is Kurma avataram.

He supported the Manthara hill and helps the devotees and demons to get the nectar.6 3 Third avatara is Varaha.

Varaha means divine boar.

He killed Hiranyaksha and rescued BhudeviVaraha Avatar


Narasimha Avatar 4

The fourth avataram is Narasimha.

Narasimha means half man, half lion.

He killed Hiranyakasipu and rescued Prahlada.8Vamana Avatar


Vamana is the 5th avataram.

Vamana means dwarf, a small man.

Vamana sends Bali to Patala loka and rescued demigods.9

Parasurama Avatar 6

Parasurama is the 6th avataram.

He was a ferocious warrior.

He killed all the bad kings.10Rama Avatar


Rama avatarm is the 7th one.

Rama killed Ravana and rescued Sita Devi.

That is why we celebrate Diwali.11

Balarama Avatar 8

Balaram is the 8th avatar.

He accompanied Svayam Bhagavan Lord Krishna the source of all avatars.12Buddha Avatar(NOT Gautama Buddha)


Budha is the 9th avataram.

Budha means enlightened person.

He said no fighting, no killing.13

Kalki Avatar 10

Kalki is the 10th avataram to come.

He will kill all the bad leaders and save the world.

14Hare Krishna Hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna Hare hareHare Rama Hare RamaRama Rama Hare Hare