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D.A.M.N. Content Marketing

Kendra RamirezDirector, Digital Strategy

Not more gut driven content ideas-use the dataNo this isnt about yik yak, Instagram or linkbookTools will come and go-you dont own them.1AgendaDefine Audience/Buyer PersonaAnalyze: Let the data guide you Map Content to Buying CycleNurture the process

Who here is a media company?

Content is what mattersOwned media2

Goal bring people to your website3

Or are you driving them somewhere else?4Define audience and buyer persona -Beyond type of company, size, industry, who they serve, revenue, employees, location

Talk to your customers, dont figure this out in a siloWhat do they readWhat associations do they belong tooGoogle hubspot buyer persona template

5Analyze: Let the data guide you

LinkedIn Analytics

IndustrySenioritySize companyEmployeeFor us Marketing is the industry, senior is the seniority11-50 sizeFunction is sales90% are not employees7Twitter Analytics

Interest of your followersentrepreneurshipmarketingGender is maleTop locations8Facebook Insights

9Google Analyticssearch and site search queries, time onsite, social sources, behavior flow

Couple all the social data to the google dataWhere are people coming from (social sources)How long are they on the siteWhat are they searching forWhat are they sharing

We use pardot to track who is on our site and what pages they are doing to10Yes, more data points: buzzsumo and keyword planner

Lower level versus basement1000 to 49000 searches

Most shared articles11

Map your content to your buying cycleInitial touch pointsPre saleWarm up the saleDuring the saleAfter the saleFollow up to continue relationship


Nurture the process-30-60 day content planning-Rinse and repeat-Test, test and test again

What do you mean by evoke emotion14Nurture to get others to engage: Remember THE FABThink visual firstHook them with your headlineEvoke emotion

Find influencers and co-marketAsk: would you share it?Be human!

Top Trends in Kitchens for 2015

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your soul. What would your kitchen look like?

Rock your DAMN Content Marketing todayDefine Audience/Buyer Persona

Analyze: Let the data guide you Map Content to Buying Cycle

Nurture the process

Kendra Ramirez VP, Digital Strategy 513.615.3907kramirez@eminetwork.comTwitter.com/KendraRamirezLinkedin.com/in/KendraRamirez

Let me know how I can help you

19Photo credSlide 4 http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2618/3786725982_b0ea8bfb3a_z.jpg Slide 5 http://i.huffpost.com/gen/906811/thumbs/o-WAITING-IN-LINE-AIR-JORDANS-facebook.jpg Slide 7 http://www.rudebaguette.com/assets/Data-science.jpg Slide 8 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/e8/63/be/e863be4bf6dd73e3bdc99a3a1a7256eb.jpgSlide 15 http://blogs.richardson.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/lead-nurturing.jpg