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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Wei Miao

Gender: Male

Date of birth: October 28, 1980Place of birth: Tianjin, P.R. China

Nationality: Chinese

Address: Ijzerenmolenstraat 24 413, 3001 Heverlee, BelgiumMobile: 0032-487-624805

Email: Work experience:Dec, 2009-present:

PhD in Biomedical Science, KU Leuven; Paper has been accepted, finish in Feb 2016 Specialty: immunoassays, cell culture, murine model Topic: Keeping under control the immune response towards adenovirus used in gene therapy References: Prof. Jean-Marie Saint-Remy, Dr. Roxana RoohiSeptember 2008 August 2009:

Technician as an Analyst, Brains-On-Line, the Netherlands Specialty: analysis of small molecules using HPLC/MS/MS Reference: Dr. Gunnar Flik

September 2005August 2008 PhD in Neurochemistry, University of Antwerpen (initiated but not completed due to budget restriction) Specialty: HPLC, murine model Topic: Biogenic amines as the diagnostic markers for Alzheimers disease and other dementia. References: Prof. Peter. De Deyn, Prof. Bartold. MarescauNov 2015Volunteer of PhD job fair in LeuvenEducation:September 2004-August 2005 Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, KU Leuven Specialty: Electrophysiology, molecular biology, toad model Topic: Selectivity Study of New Nav Type Channel Ligand Isolated from Animal Toxin Reference: Prof. Jan TytgatSeptember 1999- August 2003 Bachelor degree in Biochemical Engineering, Tianjin University, China Specialty: HPLC

Topic: Adsorption Screening of Insulin by Ligands from Phage-Display Peptide Library References: Prof. Rui Ban, Prof. PingSheng MaTechnological skills1. Molecular biology: DNA and RNA manipulation such as extraction, transcription, transformation and sequencing

2. Cell biology: Immune Cell culture, stimulation for activation and cell death

3. Flow cytometry 4. Immune assays and immunohistochemistry 5. Mouse models manipulation such as injection, bleeding, operation for lymphoid organs6. HPLC/MS/MS and HPLC-electrochemical detection7. Working under GLP regulationsPC knowledge: Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, Instat, Flowlogic, WeaselPersonal skills

Can work independently as well as in a team

Precise with sense of responsibility

Open to learn new technologies Flexible in work as well as in hours

Participated projects related with patents and paper Elimination of immune responses to viral vectors, patent number EP 2623124 A1

Immunogenic peptides for use in the prevention and/or treatment of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, immune responses to allofactors, allergic diseases, tumors, graft rejection and immune responses against viral vectors used for gene therapy or gene vaccination, patent number EP2643345 A2 Wei Miao, Roxana Roohi, Vincent Carlier, Luc Vander Elst, Jean-Marie Saint-Remy. Suppression of immune responses towards Adenovirus 5 viral vector by immunization with MHC class II epitopes containing a redox motif (Journal of Human Gene Therapy, paper accepted) Conference: Innate Immune Memory,18-20 March 2015, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK