Customization, Personalization, and Localization in Email: What's the Difference, and Why Do Each...

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Transcript of Customization, Personalization, and Localization in Email: What's the Difference, and Why Do Each...

  • Customization, Personalization, LocalizationWHATS THE DIFFERENCE, AND WHY EACH MATTERS.

  • Theres a lot of confusion and ambiguity around these phrases

  • Many companies are doing one or two of these really well.

  • But very few companies are leveraging all three. Not cashing in on the full opportunity.

  • The Good News: By thinking about data in new ways, its easy to execute using all three.

  • Its what customers want and expect in 2015.

  • More Good News: Its good for your business!

  • Heres the proof:Emails with personalized subject lines have 26% higher open rates**

    Source: Balihoo Customer Data

  • Localized email produces 15% higher open rates*

    Source: Experian

  • Consumers are at least twice as likely to open and click on emails sent in response to a trigger event*

    Source: Yesmail

  • What is customization?

  • Customizing means targeting the right consumer with the right message.

  • Think of customization as targeting segments of your business...

  • such as people who have purchased a type of product

  • For example, an Insurance Company might customize their marketing messages to the following segments: Life Auto Home

  • A National Gym Brand should customize some messages based on attendance: Once-a-week attendees Daily members No-show members


  • And a Financial Institution probably caters their marketing to different customers: Size of portfolio Type of account

  • Customization is a very basic first step to optimizing your email campaigns

  • What is personalization?

  • Personalization means leveraging recipient-level data to empower the message.

  • Think of personalization as pulling in data about the customer

  • Personalization = Endless Possibilities

  • Its only limited by your customer/prospect data

  • Name Product specific info Pages visited within a site Whitepapers/case study downloads,

    videos watched Activities performed (loyalty)



  • Personalization is a great way to improve upon your email campaigns, but takes a more advanced level of coordination

  • What is localization?

  • Right message Right consumer Right time Right place


  • Think of localization as utilizing real-time data about individual markets to get hyper-specific


  • Demographic Make-up Weather Events Events in local area Seasonal promotions Local CTA around location/agent


  • Localization is the ultimate way to optimize and achieve the highest ROI possible

  • In fact, these types of triggered emails are estimated to be responsible for over 20% of email marketing revenue.*

    Source: Epsilon

  • Localization by national brands is on the forefront of cutting edge marketing

  • By this time next year, it will be commonplace

  • Start investing your efforts now

  • 79% of U.S. consumers expect some sort of personalization from brands.*

    AND 66% of U.S. consumers welcome email retargeting based on their actions.*

    Source: AgilOne

  • Customization is basic segmentation to make the message relevant

    Personalization is using recipient data to make the message more powerful

    Localization is using real-time market data to trigger personalized messages at the right time and right place

    TO RECAP...

  • Want to localize before your competitors? The most important aspect is data.

    Source: AgilOne

  • Not big data, but the right data

  • Scalability is the key

  • And its done through AUTOMATION

  • Local Marketing Automation can provide you the tools you need to connect your consumers with the local providers of your products and services...







  • From a corporate perspective, it has made it much easier for us to release new campaigns across a single platform. From a financial angle it is also easier for us to work with our vendors and payments when it is handled by Balihoo directly.

    Brant Schmitz, Online Marketing Manager, Snap Fitness


    13:1 ROI demand-gen and relationship campaigns

  • Think about your companys objectives (retention, engagement, ROI, new customers)

  • Evaluate your data resources

  • Now its time to evaluate local marketing automation so you can SCALE

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    ABOUT BALIHOO Leading national brands, across a multitude of industries, use the Balihoo local marketing platform to activate millions of data-driven local campaigns for over 350,000 local outlets.

    Balihoo is proud to call many of the top companies in the world our customers, including Geico, Ace Hardware, Wendys and New Balance.