Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van...

Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring
Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring
Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring
Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring
Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring
download Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van Sponsoring

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Transcript of Currabubula Web view Winners on Halloween Night Fun with Healthy Harold Life Education Van...









Week 5


Wallabadah Horse Sports

Book Fair



Hot Shots





Friday Snack Shop

8 / 9


Week 6


P & C Meeting

5:30 pm


Hot Shots



Kinder Orientation

9:25 – 1 pm



Senior Assembly

Snack Shop



Week 7




Hot Shots





Snack Shop



Assembly Award Winners

Winners on Halloween Night

Fun with Healthy Harold

Life Education Van

Sponsoring $2 day

Sponsoring $2 day


Bolton Street

Currabubula NSW 2342

Telephone: (02) 6768 9010

Fax: (02) 6768 9014


SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Term 4 Week 5 4th November, 2014

We have started further assessments of the children in reading, spelling and maths and I will be happy to discuss these with you within a couple of weeks. As I said on my introductory letter, please don’t hesitate to call in any time before or after school or to make a time to see me on my Thursdays off class.


This Thursday, I will be training our staff in the implementation of the MultiLit intervention program, as I am a certified trainer for this. This program intensively tutors targeted students in their sight words, word attack skills, reading fluency skills and has a spelling component as well. It has proven very successful in giving students a boost with their reading and spelling. The resources and staffing allocation required to implement MultiLit were already here in the school and our staff are keen to learn about this program, so it will be easy to get it up and running with targeted students who will benefit from it. We will also be looking into purchasing the MiniLit resources, which is the equivalent program for younger students.

Sue O’Connor

Relieving Principal

Principal’s Message

Halloween Movie Night

Congratulations to our P&C for a fantastic Halloween Movie Night last Friday and for all the effort that had gone into organising the sausage sizzle, treats and setting up the movie. It was wonderful to see such a great attendance from our students, parents, staff and community and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of you. The children’s costumes were just amazing and a lot of fun was had by all.

Thank You

A big thank you to the students, parents, staff and community of Currabubula, who made me feel very welcome in my first week in the school. It isn’t taking long to get to know everyone and to learn about the routines and activities of the school. I look forward to meeting with you next Monday at the P&C meeting to discuss any future directions that you and I may envisage for the school.


Crunch & Sip(

Veggie and Fruit Hints

Lettuce wraps are a good way to pack a lot of veggies into a meal. Chop up any vegetables you have such as carrots, celery, and capsicum. Add spices to your liking and sauté it all together. If you don’t have the time, the chopped veggies can also be served raw. Pile the mixture onto lettuce leaves and serve. It becomes an interactive and fun way for kids to eat. Try adding chicken, tuna, or egg salad for a boost of protein!

Nothing is easier than raw veggie sticks and dip! A variety of vegetables can be used as well as some low-fat dips. Try hummus or a simple avocado yogurt dip to go with the veggie sticks. Peanut butter or cream cheese may also go well with a vegetable such as celery sticks.

Put a twist on fresh fruit by chilling in the freezer, it gives fruit a different texture. Freezing works with all fruits, but grapes, blueberries and bananas are especially tasty when frozen.


Botswana Project

Congratulations to Isobel, Phebe, Kitty, Lilly and Max for their awards presented on Friday by Mrs. Ballard for the Botswana Project. There were thirty schools who participated and twenty one CWA clubs involved. For the first time an entry from a student from Currabubula School won the regional perpetual shield and this entry has gone onto state. Well done Max!


The next assembly is a Senior Assembly to be held on Friday 14th November, everyone is welcome.

Application for Year 7 selective high school placement in 2016 Government Schools

Applications for entry in 2016 for selective schools need to be made online and can be entered between 14th October and 17th November, 2014. Please go to � HYPERLINK "" ��

Please apply as quickly as possible to ensure the application is processed.

All parents must apply online. There are no paper applications this year.

Peel High School Selective Class 2016

Peel High School has advised us that it is the only local co-educational Selective school provider in the Tamworth district and informs parents of current Year 5 students that registration for Year 7, 2016 is now open online.

If parents have any questions regarding selective high school placement in 2016, please contact the school.


A huge thank you to Lisa for covering library books. Apologies that the book fair is a little bit disorganised because I have been away sick. Children’s wish lists will go home this afternoon and parents are still welcome to come in any time to select books.

Mrs. Klump



Canteen will be held next Tuesday 11th November with Tasty Tuesday the following Tuesday 18th of November, order forms are attached.

Pub Raffles

Once again we held successful pub raffles on the weekend of the 24th of October, thankyou to Lisa Pollock, Kate Morgan, Sacha McNamara and Priscilla Carr. Profit made was $206.35

Halloween Movie Night

We had a fantastic movie night on Halloween, with the kids looking great in their Halloween costumes. Thankyou to all those who helped on the night. We sold $232.60 worth of stock through the canteen and sausage sizzle.

Friday Snack Shop

Snack Shop will be every Friday at Lunchtime

Snack Shop Price List

Frozen Fruit Kebabs $1.00 NEW

Jelly Cups 50c NEW

Frozen Fruit $1.00

Ovaltinees $1.20

Bag Fruit Face Lollies 50c

Yoghurt Bars Raspberry or Blue 20c each

Red Rock Honey Soy Chicken or Sea Salt 28g chips $1.00

P&C Association Meeting

Next P and C Meeting MONDAY 10th November at 5.30pm

Please note the date change due to a catch up meeting with the relieving principal Susan O’Connor required.

Everyone Welcome so please come along

P and C Chocolates

Chocolates are still available for sale, please contact Sacha or Lisa if you have any questions.


Hot Shots

Clare Cohen will continue with the Hot Shot tennis program each Tuesday until 25th November. Attached is another card with the web address if you wish to order free t-shirts.

Horse Sports

Congratulations to Katelyn and Phebe on their great effort at the Wallabadah Horse Sports day yesterday. They both rode well and won ribbons on the day and Phebe was awarded the 8 year old girls Reserve Champion. Well done girls!

Dates for the Diary

Swimming lessons

Monday 1.12.14 - Friday 12.12.14

(excluding Tues 9 .12.14)

Permission note and details in the next newsletter.

Presentation Night - Tuesday 9.12.14

2014 Last Day of School for Students –

Wednesday - 17.12.14


Junior Room

Seth For being kind and caring to


Phebe Fantastic contribution to dance


Liam Great confidence in public


Alyssa Wonderful progress in literacy

Senior Room

Maarteen Always working her hardest

Noah Working hard on understanding


Klaudia A persistent effort with her work

Max An enthusiastic approach to all

his work

Junior Room


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