Cultural geography intro

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Transcript of Cultural geography intro

  • 1. Cultural Geography2011-2012

2. Mr. Jordan
3. Human Geography
4. Agenda for Today
1. Goals and Expectations for this year
2. Classroom Rules
3. Format of Class
4. Schedule of Class
5. Supplies for class
6. Questions
7. Names
8. Four Corners
5. 1. Goals and Expectations for the coming year
1. Increase students ability to write academic style essays, papers, and answers to questions.
2. Increase students ability to summarize what they have read.
3. Increase students ability to think cognitively.
4. Increase students ability to show their abilities.
5. Increase students abilities to work in groups.
6. Increase students abilities to make appropriate decisions.
6. 1. Goals and Expectations for the coming year
1. You are here to learn, I expect you to act like it.
2. I expect you to treat others as you would like to be treated.
3. I expect you to not interrupt anyone.
4. There are appropriate times to ask questions or to get things around the room, I expect you to know when those times are and act appropriately.
5. I expect you to not bully, intimidate, or disrespect anyone in this classroom.
6. I expect you to bring the appropriate materials to every class.
7. I expect you to follow the rules, and take care of your responsibilities in this class.
8. I expect you to be in control of your choices in this classroom.
7. 2. Classroom Rules
1. Show up.
2. Be in your seats ready for class when the bell rings.
3. No electronics in this classroom.
4. No food or drink in this classroom.
5. Keep your desks clear of everything except your binder and your pen or pencil.
6. Do not swear, interrupt, bully, or intimidate in this classroom.
7. Do your work.
8. Do not throw anything.
9. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
10. Do not adversely effect the learning in this room.
8. Consequences
Change in location within the room.
Change of location outside the room.
Talk with Mr. Jordan during class.
Talk with Mr. Jordan after class.
Talk with Mr. Jordan after school.
Time with Mr. Jordan after school.
Phone calls to parents with each consequence.
9. 3. Class Format
1.6 Units
2.1 Unit every 6 weeks
3. 6 tests, 6 major writing assignments, 6 major projects
4. Text book reading assignments
5. Map worksheets and packets
6. Reading worksheets and packets
7. Response writing
8. Group discussion and presentations
9. Note taking and note application
10. Research and research writing
No homework.
10. Units
6 Units 1 each six week grading period
1. Geography Skills/Tools of the Geographer
2.Oregon/North America
3. Latin America
4.Europe/Middle East
8. Africa
9. Australia and Oceania
10. Final Project
11. 3.Class Format
Assignment Scoring
1. All assignments will be kept in folder.
2. Every week I will score the previous weeks Daily Work assignments and response writing.
3. Tests, Projects, and Presentations will be scored outside of class.
4. Daily Work is worth 50% of the grade in this class.
5. Tests, Projects and Presentations are Assessments, and worth the other 50%.
12. 3.Class Format
PowerPoint and Assignments will be kept online.
To access go to:
Set it as a bookmark to look at often.
13. 4. Daily Schedule
1. First ten minutes: Response Writing, and sharing of Response Writing
2. Next ten minutes: Introduction and Directions
3. Next 30 minutes: Daily Activity
4. Next five minutes: Wrap Up
5. Last two minutes: Clean Up and Release
14. 6. Supplies
Everyday you must have these four things:
1. Pen or Pencil that is ready to write.
2. Three Ring Binder with class materials. (This will be in class)
3. College ruled lined paper.
4. Textbook: Geography Alive
15. 7. Questions?
16. 8. Names
Everyone needs to come up with an alliterative adjective to describe themselves, an alliterative noun to use in reference to themselves, and their name.
Example: Massive Money Mike
Write your description, noun and name on a popsicle stick.