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Mother's Day Gift Guide for southern Denton County, TX from The Cross Timbers Gazette newspaper.

Transcript of CTG Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • May 2010 THE CROSS TIMBERS GAZETTE - Online at www.CrossTimbersGazette.com Page 14

  • May 2010 THE CROSS TIMBERS GAZETTE - Online at www.CrossTimbersGazette.com Page 15

  • May 2010 THE CROSS TIMBERS GAZETTE - Online at www.CrossTimbersGazette.com Page 16

    Last night, I caught up on news items and different blogs I visit. One that caught my at-tention was a blog post titled, Why

    Im not a Christian. As I read the authors description of the God he didnt believe in I thought to myself, I dont believe in that god either! Its fascinating to me how we repack-age what we dont want to believe in so that any sensible person would agree with us com-pletely.

    A man who wants nothing to do with God will describe him in such a way that it makes perfect sense why no one would want to deal with the God he denies. When you describe the God you dont believe in you are telling me much about what you do believe. Your very words tell me the theology that will guide your life. Now, you may ask, How can an atheist have a theology? But in fact he does. When someone who doesnt believe in God tries to describe to me that God he denies, hes telling me his theology. That theology will determine the course of his life. Fascinating, isnt it, that theology affects the atheist as much as it does the theist?

    As I mentioned earlier, if the God described by this atheist author was in fact the God of the bible, I would be an atheist as well, but what he described was no god at all. Like the ancient Greeks, he had created a god of fantasy that

    looked so ridiculous that only fools and chil-dren would believe in him, and so this author seems the wisest of men to deny the god he has created. But wisdom is easy when all others are described as fools.

    Sadly, this author, who doesnt believe in the god he has created, is missing the God who is. I wish he could really know the God who is. His views of life, history and the crisis of man would change completely. But this author may have chosen rst to be an atheist and so cre-ated the parody of god to justify his choice. I may never know. One of the leading atheists of the last generation said, I refuse to believe in a God that I must be accountable to. For this man it was Gods righteous judgment that he refused to submit to and because of that he dismissed God completely. Truthfully, the de-cision to deny God is rarely intellectual. Most atheists I have read make great pretense to in-tellectual reasons for their lack of belief, but its much simpler than that. An atheist is cre-ated in many ways, but at the core is not infor-mation, but emotion. Something happened to that person. A prayer wasnt answered, a parent died, a tragedy happened, a desire for sin arose, whatever the reason, a choice was made and an atheist was born.

    I wish they could know the God who is. In the light of that knowledge, one day, every knee will bow in worship to him. I do wish this atheist author would discover the God who is. I think it would change everything for him.....to see the God who is always changes us. We are never the same again.

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