Mother's Day Gift Guide (Global)

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Say thank you for always being there. Browse our gift guide to find the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Transcript of Mother's Day Gift Guide (Global)

  • She is loved. Show her...

    Mothers Day 2014

  • Say it with beautiful

    flowers in bloom.

    On bracelet: The Messenger, Engraved Fuschia, Moms Bouquet, Flower Lock, above from left: Rose, Forget-Me-Not, Fantasy Flower

    Message of Love
  • She has room to embrace it all. In this heart, put a symbol of your affection.

    Lavender in her heart

    Left and above: In Your Heart, Limited Lavender Facet, Fantasy Black Onyx

  • A Mothers Hug

    The precious ruby on the rock. Just like the relationship between mother and child. Caring and hugging.

    On bracelet: Hugging Heart, Ruby Rock, Plain Lock, above from left: Cherub, Penguin & Baby
  • Beautiful Mother

    Beautiful and chic, fashionable. Simply the best

    On bangle: White Pearl, Limited Lavender Facet, Silver Stopper, above from left: Poppies of August, High Heel Silver
  • Beautiful and chic, fashionable. Simply the best

  • On bracelet: Freja Knot, Magical Lamp, Maternity, Silver Mountain, above from left: Sandstone, Cherry Blossom Bead, Heart Gold

    Caring Mother

    Best wishes for my mother. Because she cares - always!
  • Show mother your love with a pink and delicious fantasy necklace.

    Pink and Delicious

    Left: Rose, left and above: Blue Desert, Fantasy Necklace with Pearl

  • Mother of Three

    On bracelet: Hydrangea, Purple Prism, Pebbles, Three Siblings Gold, Flowers on Indigo, White Pearl, Water Lock, above from left: Amethyst, Expectation

    Happy Mothers Day from all of us!
  • Happy Mothers Day from all of us!

  • Mother and child in joyful play, showing eternal love. Mother - I luv U.

    My Mother

    On bracelet: I Luv U, Lavender Prism, Maternity, Limited Lavender Facet, Onyx, Gold Heart Lock, above from left: Labradorite, Whirling Adventure, Friendship
  • On bracelet: Plain Lock, White Pearl, Baby Buggy, Daylight, Whirling Adventure, above from left: Blue Desert, Lucky Knot, Jugendpearl

    Mother of Newborn

    With love and pride, taking care of a

    new beginning and bringing new life to the world.

    This is she - the mother of a newborn.
  • On bangle: Triple Pearl White, Silver Stopper, above from left: Purple Armadillo, Faith, Hope & Charity

    Oh so elegant - mother of pearl.

    Elegant Mother
  • Worlds Best Mother

    She is loved Tell her!

    On bracelet: Plain Lock, Caring Light, Limited Lavender Facet, Daylight, above from left: Aqua Edge Pumpkin, Green Jasper, Thumbelina
  • Her footsteps are short like mine, her

    time is present, her eyes see possibilities

    with wisdom of life, and her heart shows

    me that peoples hearts grow with age.

    I love my grandma.

    Grandma Love

    On bracelet: Origami, Grandmas Favorite, Grandma, Lavender Stripe, Ball of Yarn, Pink Pearl, Buttons, above from left: Gold Bougainvillea, White Pearl, Hawthorn With Pearl
  • To be continued