CSU & UC Night 2015 Amador Valley High School Counseling Department

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CSU & UC Night 2015 Amador Valley High School Counseling Department Slide 2 Slide 3 Counselors A-Bo Carrie Bennett Bp-D Shannon Flaskerud E-Hn Nicole West Ho-Led, AVID Sheryl Pacheco Lee-Or Tara Walker Os-Sl Audrey Zarrinkhat Sm-Z Winter Jones Support Counselor: Barbara Hourigan Slide 4 Required A-G courses for eligibility A - History/Social Science 2 years required (World History/US History) B - English 4 years required C- Mathematics 3 levels required, 4 levels recommended (pre- calc.) (Algebra 1, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra or Math I IV) D- Laboratory Science 2 years required, 3 recommended for UC (One Life Science and one Physical Science) E - Language Other than English 2 levels required, 3 recommended for UC (Two levels of the same language) F - Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) 1 year required G - College-Preparatory Electives 1 year required Slide 5 Testing Requirements UCs: Either SAT or ACT (with writing) SAT subject tests are now optional but, if taken, take from 2 different disciplines/subjects Sending score reports to 1 UC campus will allow access to any UC campus applied to CSUs: SAT or ACT (writing portion not used in CSU system) Listing CSU Mentors institution code 3594 on the SAT score report will send scores to all CSU campuses for one price. CSUs will take highest scores from multiple sittings (Superscore); UCs will take highest score from one date Official test scores must be submitted by student directly from College Board and/or ACT. Slide 6 The Applications Select Fall 2016, Freshman with or without college credits Apply for application fee waivers directly on the applications Enter names of all schools attended from 9 th to 12 th grade (including community college, online, other high schools) in order to use the a-g drop-down menu Amador is on a semester system, and your high school sentence spanned Aug. 2012 June 2016! Hooray! Slide 7 The Applications cont. When entering your high school courses, use your transcript, not your memory! The CSUs will be by a-g subject and the UCs will be by year in high school. The CSUs will ask for 8 th grade grades for the subjects of World Language and math, while the UCs will only ask for the number of World Language and math semesters you took in 8 th grade. The only Honors class that carries a weighted grade point (called HL=Honors Level by the colleges) is Honor Pre-calc. Other Honors courses (like Honors English) are NH=Not Honors. Slide 8 Slide 9 Meeting CSU Eligibility vs Selection 2.0 minimum academic GPA (grades 10 and 11 college prep classes only; use CSU Mentors GPA Calculator online) SAT (Critical Reading and Math only) OR ACT (writing score not used) Eligibility Index (uses academic GPA and SAT/ACT scores to determine eligibility) Slide 10 CSU Eligibility Index CSU/UC GPA Calculator http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_sc hool/gpa_calculator.asp http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_sc hool/gpa_calculator.asp Eligibility Index Calculation (Your CSU GPA) x 800 + SAT total score= your eligibility index (Your CSU GPA) x 200 + ACT Comp score= your eligibility index Slide 11 Eligibility Index WWW.CSUMENTOR.EDU All college prep classes taken after the 9th grade Example, student has: A=6 B=4 C=8 (counted by semesters) Use GPA Calculator to determine GPA of 2.89 SAT Scores of Critical Reading =550 Math =530 for a composite score of 1080 Use Eligibility Index Limited to 8 semesters of weighted grades in calculation of GPA for eligibility. Slide 12 If student GPA is: Minimum SAT (out of 1600) total must be: Minimum ACT composite must be: 3.0No Minimum score required 2.958012 2.866014 2.774016 2.682018 2.590020 2.498022 2.3106024 2.2114026 2.1122028 2.0130030 Slide 13 Non-impacted CSU Campuses Fall 2016-2017 Bakersfield Channel Islands Dominguez Hills East Bay Maritime Academy Stanislaus Slide 14 CSU Technical Support 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (1-800-468-6927) support@csumentor.edu Slide 15 Important Dates College app workshop.- Computer LabOct. 1 Tri-Valley College & Career FairOct. 14 ACT Oct. 24 Early Decision Cal Poly DeadlineOct. 31 SAT Nov. 7 CSU (and UC) application deadlineNov. 30 SAT (last test date for CSU)Dec. 5 ACT (last test date for CSU)Dec. 12 Financial Aid Night Jan. 7 File FAFSA online Jan. 1 Mar. 2 Return SIR by May 1 Slide 16 Slide 17 The UC Application Provide accurate information (use transcript, not memory) 30 minute time limitas you move through each page, it will automatically save type your personal statement essay in a word document and then insert it into the application when ready Use Help Desk for both technical and application questions (extended hours) Apply broadly within the systems Dont wait until Nov. 30 th! Slide 18 Ranking UC San Diego Colleges You must click here before ranking the colleges Rank order does NOT affect chances of admission. Slide 19 Academic History Academic setting the context of the school, academic program. Non-Academic changes/life circumstances that affected a students academics Slide 20 Activities and Awards Slide 21 UC Personal Statement Instructions Answer 2 mandatory prompts in a combined 1,000 words Essay vs Personal Statement Its not an essay! This is the student's interview with UC Its never read alone Slide 22 UC Personal Statement -Responses are not graded -Grammar/spelling mistakes will not hurt a student's admission -Sob stories do not guarantee admission -I and my statements are encouraged -One response is read by all UC campuses the student applies to -Students dont have to entertain an admissions reader Slide 23 The Personal Statement Statement 1: Describe the world you come from for example, your family, community or school and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. Statement 2: Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are? Slide 24 UC Personal Statement I was born to run. People say that talented runners are developed by intense training, and practice. I beg to differ. My story begins well before I started distance running, specifically during youth sports in middle school. I played every sport under the sun, including: football, baseball, soccer, basketball and even La Crosse. I love competition, I compete in everything that I do, sometimes even against myself. Speed was my weapon and everything that I enjoyed playing required it. When starting high school, it was my plan to play sports year round. XX High School was in for a new generation of runner and athlete. By the first week of school it was already too late to sign up for football. Practice had commenced over summer and the coach already filled roster spots. Although disappointed, I decided to join cross-country and start conditioning for basketball season. I hated running, but had to invest the time knowing basketball would be almost impossible to make the team. After training 40-50 miles a week it was time to test my legs at the first competition. Fifteen high schools were there with 5-7 runners per team, the competition was complete chaos. It was finally my turn to line up and the pistol fired-I'm off to the races. It felt very natural staying up front and couldn't believe I was leading the pack. Eighteen minutes later I took 6th place and medaled for the first time in high school. My coach came up to me and said "you are a natural runner XX, keep up the good work." Thus, began my running career. Cross-country and track are not part-time sports. I am passionate about running and train harder during the off-season than regular. I can still hear the alarm sounding at 5am on a cold, winter morning. Slowly creeping out of bed and putting on my Saucony shoes, Nike sweat pants and sweatshirt. I make my way downstairs in the dark, trying not to step on the dogs, and quietly exit the front door. I start my first mile, second, third, striving for that 6:20 pace. My knees begin to loosen up, the fog in my head starts to lift and suddenly, a small adrenaline rush, what a beautiful day. Approaching six miles and really feeling good, I'm so glad I made the decision to roll out of bed this morning. Although I give my heart and soul to distance running, it does not define me. It is the end result of a long journey consisting of relentless and disciplined training. These small steps towards a final goal are what define me-the sacrifice, pain and fight to the finish. I love competition and was born to be a runner. This passion will continue with me through my college career and as a professional. Slide 25 UC Personal Statement I have been running for 4 years. I use to hate running, but I knew it would be good preparation for sports I hoped to play in high school. I ran on my own 3 days a week. I took it upon myself to organize Saturday morning runs with teammates. I trained 40-50 miles a week! My leadership was acknowledged last year as I was voted team captain. As captain I am responsible for scheduling practice work outs (coordinating 40 teammates in the work-out room and track field), I communicate with our team mom to coordinate travel to meets. In my first race it felt very natural staying up front, leading the pack. I took 6th place at my first race. In fact at every race since I have placed in the top 5 out of the 30-50 runners in my field. I rank 4 th in our school district and 10 th in the state. Cross-country and track are not part-time sports. I am passionate about running and train harder during the off-season than regular. 5am mornings Monday Saturday show my dedication to the sport. Running is more than a way to stay healthy and be part of a team. It has allowed me to find my career goal of starting an event planning business. Last year I worked with the high school and coaching staff to fund raise for new team uniforms. Most of my teammates could not