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1. Infoyage 2014 CrosswordTeam Code: ____________________Participant 1: ____________________Participant 2: ____________________ 2. Across2. This guy just loves to roam around the space.6. What I know is. Duh.11. 6.67 X 10^(-11)12. Information Voyage15. up up down down left right left right B A16. Geography is history Clue: 77 (Because 42 is not the answer to all)18. I want to run away from the Internet! :(19. I have seen Marc Andreessen extracting metals...20. Seems like twitter is back to basic maths!22. 24. Naoto Oshima loves to fry Hedgehogs on pan!25. I run the god of piracy. Clue: Bits by bits you download data.Down1. Paint me red3. Play FTW! :D4. Suno aisha, itna to tum bhi samjho Aisha, tum chahe jitna chaho Aisha, tum jitni koshish karo lo!5. Black Hat, Megan, Gary Gygax & Mrs. Roberts.7. All here you find is just a Pizza Planet! Yum!8. Robert Langdon's role is not only to be a symbologist.9. Airships gone modern!10. Meri pink shirt, pink shirt, pink shirt, Pal-pal tujhko karti miss.13. The Thing on which youre writing led to the development of a multi-billionaire company!14. Also known as mother in Bihar17. Sid is so unstable!21. Ecole Centrale Paris loves playing with cones.23. Wikipedia - NOT the only free encyclopedia. PS - LMGTFY!This is IT...