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  • 8/3/2019 Croaker Newsletter Feb 2012 Final


    Welcome to the first edition for 2012 of the WSN

    Restoring Our Waterways Croaker Newsletter.

    This year should be another busy year of

    Environmental activities. December 2011 was not so

    busy but it was very rewarding. Firstly WSN Restoring

    Our Waterways were finally successful with a grant

    from the Victorian Governments 25th Anniversary of

    Landcare, so we will be getting our own Waterwatch &

    Macroinverabrate Kit. Official handover of the

    equipment took place on Monday 30th January.

    Training on how to use the new equipment will

    commence shortly with Emma and Vanessa from

    NECMA Waterwatch. If you are interested in becoming

    a Waterwatcher or want to learn all about the living

    Macros and Native Fish

    in our waterways please

    contact me. Copies of

    ROWs short film

    competition entry have

    been given to NECMA as

    it was requested by management in order to see how

    a group from the community views our waterways. A

    copy was also given to the Rural City of Wangaratta

    Environment Department to view. The film was made

    because some members of the community dont think

    about when they drop their rubbish on the ground in

    town it ends up in our waterways through the towns

    stormwater system or if they dump it in and on the

    banks of our Rivers or Creeks it pollutes our

    waterways. Water is our most precious resource,

    without it all things die. In order to help keep rubbishfrom our stormwater system entering our waterways,

    we need some drain catchers along One Mile Creek

    and a large campaign on littering through the schools

    and the community in order to make them understand

    how important taking care of our waterways is. This is

    not just for the water we drink but the well-being of

    our Native Fish and the environment. A summary of

    why the film was made and a copy of the film may

    soon be on the WSN website. It might not be the most

    polished film made but the point is very well made.

    Dont drop it, bin it otherwise our waterways will endup a rubbish dump.


    Wednesday 14th December at Bunnings Warehouse


    Thanks to the great work of Karen

    Brisbane the Victorian Governments

    first corporate Landcare facilitator and Kerry from

    Bunnings, ROW will be going ahead with building nest

    boxes as part of our project for 2012 with WHS

    Schools CLC students. Bunnings have

    come on board supplying all the material,wood cut to size, nails, paint & brushes,

    wire, drills, hammers and anything else

    required for building the nest boxes plus 2

    workers to help put them together with the students.

    There will be 2 Fridays during the Semester to make

    them and one day working with Andrew Snowdon

    Bush Regeneration Officer RCoW placing them into

    trees where they are needed. WHS will give us a room

    at the school where they can be built and a couple of

    members from WSN have volunteered to also help

    with this great project. With the removal of Alien Fish(fishing for carp) from our waterways, water quality

    and macroinvertebrate checking, the CLC students

    who volunteer to work with WSN Restoring Our

    Waterways will be busy in 2012 but will also have a

    fun time which is the most important thing when you

    volunteer. So the pressure is all on me now to make

    sure my presentation to the CLC in 2012 is very

    inviting, interesting and successful.

    Diane Farmer, Coordinator, WSN Restoring Our Waterways

    0439 020 448PO Box 772, Wangaratta VIC 3677

    WSN ROW meet on the first Monday of the month at The Centre,

    Chisholm St, Wangaratta at 5:30pm.Next meetings Monday 6th

    February & 5thMarch.


    International Volunteers Day 2

    Presentation of NEWater Bottles to WareenaPark Bowls Club 2 - 3

    A Walk Along Our Waterways 3

    Upcoming Events 4 - 5

    The Centre Community Skillsbank 6

    February , 2012 Issue #8
  • 8/3/2019 Croaker Newsletter Feb 2012 Final


    The WSN Restoring Our WaterwaysCROAKERNewsletter Page 2

    February 2012

    INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERS DAYMonday 5thDecember 2011, Article by Diane Farmer

    Sophie Mirabella (MHR, Indi), Esme Adams and Di Farmer

    I received a letter from Sophie Mirabella MP inviting

    me to morning tea at her office on Monday 5th

    December, stating that I had been nominated for an

    award by Linda Phillis manager from The Centres

    Community Skillsbank and that I had been successful.I arrived at 10am and there were about 20 people,

    some of which were also to receive an award and they

    were from all over the Indi electorate. Sophie made a

    very nice speech explaining that it was a special award

    as it was the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations

    International Year of Volunteering and only 100

    Politicians took up the offer to hand out about 10

    awards each all over Australia. Before presenting the

    awards to each recipient Sophie told us what each

    person was receiving the award for. Mine was for my

    work with the environment. It was a very nicecertificate signed by The Hon Julia Gillard MP Prime

    Minister of Australia, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP

    Minster for Human Services & Social Inclusion and

    Sophie Mirabella MP as well as a beautiful

    commemorative coin and stamp in a very nice folder.

    We have some great volunteers doing great work for

    their community from Benalla, Wodonga, Mansfield,

    Springhurst and Wangaratta who were at the

    presentation morning tea. Now mind you young

    Joshua Newth was also nominated by Linda for all his

    great work on Newsletters both Social and

    Environmental and his IT work

    as a volunteer with Skillsbank.

    He was also successful but he

    was nowhere to be seen at the

    morning tea and presentation.

    Why not you ask? Well you see

    he received his letter but he

    didnt open it because he

    thought it was just junk mail from Sophie. He has now

    learnt a very big lesson which is - that when youreceive a letter from a Member of Parliament in an

    official Australian Government envelope to make sure

    you open it. You just have to love Josh as he is one of

    the nicest young men I have ever met. Both Josh and

    I are volunteers for both Skillsbank and Wangaratta

    Sustainability Networks Restoring Our Waterways so

    we make a good pair.


    BOTTLES TO WAREENA PARK BOWLS CLUBSaturday 17thDecember 2011, Article by Diane Farmer

    What a great day. Rowan OHagan committee member

    for NEWATER and I representing WSN Restoring Our

    Waterways met at the bowls club at 11.30am. Walking

    into the grounds it was great to see all the bowlers on

    the greens having a game of bowls. We were greeted

    by some of the members who were so friendly. The

    setting of the club is magnificent, all nice and greenwith lovely gardens neatly kept

    and right next to One Mile

    Creek and the Wareena

    Wetlands. Two of the members

    took Rowan and I onto the

    green to give us a little lesson

    on how to play bowls. This was

    extremely fun, mostly wayward

    bowls by Rowan and I but it was our inability not the

    fault of our instructors. Cheryl from the Chronicle

    arrived and I knew we were in trouble when she saidI would like to take a different sort of shot other than

    just handing over the water bottles. Well now Rowan

    and I had a bottle full of

    water in hand and then

    two of the members were

    to be the receivers of the

    water. We were to squirt

    the water into the ladies

    mouths first (have you

    ever had to do that sort of

    thing and looking at the camera?), then we had to

    squirt it onto their head looking at the camera.

    Those poor ladies, they were just great laughing andgetting soaked. Thank goodness it was a hot day.

    After that fun we went into the club house for the

  • 8/3/2019 Croaker Newsletter Feb 2012 Final


    The WSN Restoring Our WaterwaysCROAKERNewsletter Page 3

    February 2012

    presentation. Rowan did NEWater proud with her

    speech talking about water, then presenting the

    bottles to Marlene Thompson President of the club and

    thanking WSN Restoring Our Waterways for organising

    the water bottles presentation. Cheryl took some great

    shots of us with the drink bottles (this time empty

    thank goodness). A photo to mark the occasion will be

    framed and given to the members of Wareena Park

    Bowls Club and NEWATER from ROW. Any promotion

    encouraging people to drink water while playing sport,

    so they dont get dehydrated, and using the same

    water bottle, so you dont have to keep buying bottled

    water, can only help the environment. Thanks Graeme

    for your phone call requesting the bottles after seeing

    the ad in the Chronicle about WSN Restoring Our

    Waterways Mini Expo called All Things Water.

    L-R: Rowan O'Hagan, Marlene Thompson, Ellie Black,

    Shirley Hintz, Di Farmer, Faye Rowe

    I am thinking of catching up with Marie who offered to

    give me a few lessons as it was fun and seems rather

    a social game and it sure is much easier than being

    thrashed on a racquet ball court which was my last