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    The Kiln Book 4eFrederick L. Olsen


    This book is without a doubt the most important published work on ceramic ovens. Ceramica

    Fully revised and updated, the fourth edition of this well-

    established classic is bursting with colour images of kilns

    in all of their various stages of construction. It covers all

    types of kiln, including gas, wood, oil, electric and various

    combinations, and is packed with plans, drawings and advice.

    The most comprehensive kiln book available.

    320pp | 276 x 219mm | PB | 270 colour and 310 b&w illus.

    35 | 978 1 4081 1141 3 | TERRITORY: WO

    Modelling and Sculpting the FigureTanya Russell

    October 2012

    Tanya Russell details the creative process for sculpting

    the fi gure, from conceptual and practical considerations

    through to the fi nished work. She covers essential tools

    and equipment, methods for building armatures, and the

    processes for creating not only realistic, but also abstract

    and expressive fi gures, in a variety of media. Techniques are

    supported by practical exercises with illustrated step-by-step

    instructions. The book is also fi lled with images of inspiring

    works by contemporary sculptors.

    128pp | 276 x 219mm | PB | 140 colour illus.

    19.99 | 978 1 4081 4641 5 | TERRITORY: WO

    From Studio to FoundryPreparation for Casting

    Jan Sweeney

    July 2013

    In this practical book, wildlife sculptor Jan Sweeney

    demystifi es the ancient art of casting in bronze. Sweeney

    covers the whole process of preparing a sculpture for casting,

    including required tools and materials, and information about

    dealing with foundries, before taking the reader step-by-step

    through two exciting projects one to be produced as a solid

    bronze, and one for a hollow bronze.

    128pp | 276 x 219mm | PB | 120 Illus.

    25 | 978 1 4081 5665 0 | TERRITORY: WO

    Contemporary TablewareLinda Bloomfi eld

    January 2013

    Maker Linda Bloomfi eld looks at the history of the pots on our tables,

    from Sung Chinese and Medieval English ware to the revival of studio

    pottery and the in uence of Scandinavian, American and Japanese

    design. She goes on to examine common forms in contemporary tableware, and to explain the

    elements of form, function, and beauty in each. Lavishly illustrated, this book is the defi nitive

    guide to modern tableware for potters, designers, and buyers.

    160pp | 276 x 219mm | PB | 220 illus. | 24.99 | 978 1 4081 5395 6


    Ceramics and the Human FigureEdith Garcia

    June 2012

    Ceramics and the Human Figure explores the role of fi gurative ceramics throughout history and in contemporary ceramics. It profi les

    an international range of ceramic artists, all practicing within the

    fi elds of installation and sculpture. Divided by broad themes, each chapter explores a variety of

    different expressive works. The book also reveals the methods of six key artists, using how-to

    images to illustrate their techniques.

    176pp | 276 x 219mm | PB | 310 illus. | 25 | 978 1 4081 3250 0


    COVER IMAGE: Capriccio bowl by Elke Sada. Photographer: Michael Wurzbach. Taken from Sculpting and Handbuilding by Claire Loder, in The New Ceramics series (see page 4).



    Ceramics and Glass 2013.indd 2 12/09/2012 11:13

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    Colour in GlazesLinda Bloomfield


    I would strongly recommend potters who use, or would like to develop the use of colour in their work, to give this book the serious attention that it deserves. Craft & Design Magazine

    A complete guide to achieving a fantastic spectrum of colourful glazes for the studio potter that

    will enable you to make the colours you want and broaden your palette.

    144pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 160 illus.

    16.99 | 978 1 4081 3121 3



    THE N

    EW C


    STHE NEW CERAMICS series is the successor to the very popular and long-running CERAMIC HANDBOOKS series. Like the handbooks, this new series covers key areas of ceramic practice in a

    practical, accessible way, suitable both for beginners or makers looking to extend their skills. The books often use how-to or making images to demonstrate key techniques and practices, and

    also feature beautiful photographs of the work of contemporary artists. Authors in this series are prestigious, highly respected ceramic practitioners; these books are written by makers, for makers.

    For the CERAMIC HANDBOOKS series, see pp. 4-5

    Additions to Clay BodiesKathleen StandenMay 2013

    An inspiring introduction to the use of additions in clay bodies, from hard materials like stones

    and glass to combustible matter, fibre, metals and colour.

    128pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 200 illus. | 16.99 | 978 1 4081 5394 9 | TERRITORY: WO

    Ceramic Transfer PrintingKevin Petrie


    Highly recommended. South Wales Potters Newsletter

    Kevin Petrie explains the specific materials and

    techniques for making versatile screen-printed

    ceramic transfers in detail, from low tech options

    to the more sophisticated. A range of case studies

    show the potential and diversity of approaches

    in this area, which extend beyond ceramics to

    include printing on enamel, metal and glass.

    144pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 110 illus.

    16.99 | 978 1 4081 1328 8


    Ceramics and Print 3ePaul ScottDecember 2012

    Ceramics and Print explains the historical context for printed ceramics as well as the principles of techniques and their studio applications. It explores photographic processes, and the new

    opportunities presented by digital and 3D printing.

    144pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 130 colour illus. | 16.99 | 978 1 4081 5149 5


    COVER IMAGE: Capriccio bowl by Elke Sada. Photographer: Michael Wurzbach. Taken from Sculpting and Handbuilding by Claire Loder, in The New Ceramics series (see page 4).



    See p. 8 for more by Kevin Petrie

    See p. 2 for more by Linda Bloomfield

    Ceramics and Glass 2013.indd 3 12/09/2012 11:13

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    EW C



    Developing GlazesGreg Daly

    January 2013

    This practical book will tell you everything you need to know

    to develop your own glazes, from planning recipes and

    recording results to mixing glazes and fi nding the correct fi ring

    temperature. Contains complete step-by-step instructions, how-

    to images, example tests and hundreds of recipes.

    128pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 100 illus.

    16.99 | 978 1 4081 3495 5


    Natural GlazesCollecting and Making

    Miranda Forrest

    March 2013

    This book explains how to collect materials to make your

    own glazes. It gives practical instructions about sourcing and

    harvesting material from your local environment, mixing a

    glaze, testing samples, applying the glaze, and fi ring the work.

    Encouraging experimentation and a creative approach, Natural Glazes is a vital resource for anyone wishing to work in a more natural, sustainable way to develop unique glaze effects.

    112pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 140 illus.

    16.99 | 978 1 4081 5666 7


    Paperclay Art and Practice

    Rosette Gault

    February 2013

    In this comprehensive update of her original Ceramic

    Handbook, pioneering artist, researcher and teacher Rosette

    Gault (M.F.A.) explains how potters and clay sculptors can

    make, fi re and use paperclay. In addition to the basics, she

    introduces more advanced techniques for building armatures,

    sculpting fi gures and making works for the wall.

    160pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 200 colour illus. | 19.99 | 978 1 4081 3120 6


    Sculpting and HandbuildingClaire Loder

    June 2013

    An essential guide for any ceramic artist or student wishing

    to learn the basics of handbuilding, or seeking inspiration to

    integrate and adapt conventional methods. Sculpting and Handbuilding explains the basic techniques with practical instructions and accompanying images, and also thoroughly

    covers equipment, clay bodies and studio advice.

    128pp | 246 x 189mm | PB | 140 illus.

    16.99 | 978 1 4081 5668 1