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    THURSDAY 31st JANUARY 2013


    Commencing not before 10.30pm

    Oriental and European Ceramics and Glass will be on view on:

    Saturday 26th January 9.00am to 1.00pm

    Sunday 27th January 2.00pm to 4.00pm

    Monday 28th January 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Tuesday 29th January 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Wednesday 30th January 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Limited viewing on sale day

    Enquiries: Nic Saintey

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: sainteyn@bhandl.co.uk

    Enquiries: Andrew Thomas

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: thomasa@bhandl.co.uk

  • 132

    501An English opaque twist wine glass the trumpet shaped bowl with basal blade knop cut with lily of the valley motifs on a straight stem containing a pair of seven ply tapes set on a conical foot, 18 cm high.

    150 - 180502A group of three Dutch wine glasses one with round funnel bowl on an air and opaque twist stem with tooled collar set on a fold over foot, another with round funnel bowl set on a knopped air and opaque twist stem on stepped foot and another with round funnel bowl on a straight air and opaque twist stem on a domed foot, 17, 17.5 and 16.5 cm high respectively. (3)

    150 - 250

    503A pair of clear glass table lustres the foliate cut base on octagonal stem each foliate cut everted top hung with pendants and prisms, 19.5 cm high.

    150 - 200504A pair of clear glass table lustres each with circular fret cut base on bulbous hobnail cut stem with blade knops and foliate cut top hung with prisms and pendant drops.

    100 - 150

    505A French glass vase the white and red cased body of flattened oviform with flaring neck on circular foot, the body enamelled with a bird in flight amongst daisies, other blooms, grass and foliage between gilt bands, 33 cm high, later 19th century.

    150 - 180506Lalique Coquilles a pair of frosted plaffoniers each of circular dish shaped form the exterior moulded with shells, the rim pierced for hanging, 30 cm diameter, the exterior rim wheel cut R. Lalique France.

    600 - 700507A Lalique Marguerites shallow bowl of clear circular form, the rim moulded with a band of daisies, the underside cut with a radial band of stems, 37 cm diameter, stencilled Lalique France.

    200 - 250

    503 504



  • 133

    508An Art glass vase of tapering square profile with pinched flaring neck, the pale green body applied with arbitrary green trails on a granular silver ground, 24.5 cm high.

    200 - 250509A Chinese biscuit porcelain garlic shaped vase incised and enamelled with sturgeon and carp amongst aquatic plants under pale aubergine, yellow and black glazes reserved on a green ground, 36 cm high, apocryphal artemesia leaf mark, converted as a lamp and drilled through mark.

    200 - 300510A Chinese porcelain brush pot of cylindrical form enamelled in the famille rose palette with a vignette of four geese and one in flight above a fenced garden containing rocks, peony, chrysanthemum and grasses, the reverse with a pair of butterflies, 15 cm high, apocryphal Qianlong mark.

    400 - 600

    511A Chinese porcelain vase of oviform and decorated in the famille verte palette with two encircling panels, one depicting a seated scholar and other figures and on the reverse the same scholar attended by a deer beside plantain, the other with branches of persimmon, between underglaze blue dragon and foliate bands, 23.5 cm high, three character mark in concentric rings, 19th century.

    300 - 500512A Chinese porcelain vase of lozenge shaped form with notched corners, each facet embossed with a pair of Shou medallions and one larger, reserved on a turquoise embossed thunder key ground, 28 cm high, incised apocrythal artemesia leaf mark.

    200 - 300513A Chinese porcelain millefleurs circular box and cover the exterior enamelled in the famille rose palette with profuse colourful blooms, 26.5 cm diameter, apocryphal Qianlong seal mark, early 20th century.

    200 - 300

    508 509





  • 134

    514A large Cantonese porcelain punch bowl enamelled with panels of figures alternating with birds, butterflies and blooms reserved on a ground of flowers, fruit, foliage and butterflies, 41 cm diameter, bears apocryphal Xianfeng marks.

    180 - 220

    mallow, lotus and other brooms, the shoulders with precious objects beneath a thunder key band, 28 cm high.

    150 - 250518A Chinese porcelain baluster vase boldly painted in blue with two deer and two cranes in a rocky and wooded river landscape, Kangxi, 25.5 cm high, two short firing and associated cracks to the rim, with hardwood cover and stand.

    250 - 350

    515A Canton porcelain bowl the centre enamelled with a large panel of male and female figures and attendants within a garden pavilion with six smaller panels of similar figures alternating with birds, blooms and butterflies reserved on a profuse ground of fruit, flowers, foliage and butterflies, the exterior similarly decorated, 37 cm diameter mid 19th century together with carved hardwood stand.

    600 - 800516A Chinese porcelain Meping vase painted in blue with prunus and cracked ice, 33 cm high, concentric ring marks, but late 19th/early 20th century.

    280 - 320517A pair of Chinese porcelain hanging vases of amphora form with raised flaring neck the shoulders with four lugs, enamelled in the famille rose palette with scattered peony, chrysanthemum, prunus,





  • 135

    519A Chinese porcelain plate of lotus moulded form the centre decorated with an iron red dragon and enamelled in the famille rose palette with cloud scrolls and the interior and exterior of the rim with peony, lotus, chrysanthemum, prunus and many other blooms, 25 cm diameter, iron red Daoguang seal mark, small area of glaze wear.

    300 - 500520A Chinese porcelain bottle vase of globular form with raised mildly waisted neck, the blue glaze falling short of the footrim, with brown glazed rim, 38 cm high.

    200 - 250

    521A Chinese celadon glazed brush holder of pierced hexagonal profile embossed and carved with chilong amongst foliage, 9 cm high.

    80 - 120522A Chinese porcelain baluster jar and cover painted in blue and highlighted in gold with a continuous waterside landscape reserved on a pale celadon ground beneath a cods roe and diaper border, the domed cover with kylin knop, 48 cm high, Qianlong, broken and professionally restored.

    300 - 500

    523A matched pair of Chinese blue and white brushpots of waisted cylindrical form with flared rims, one painted with a man seated on a footbridge with two female figures below, the other with a man on horseback and a man carrying wares on his back, all within a rocky landscape, concentric ring marks, Kangxi, 12 cm and 12.5 cm high, both with rim chips.

    300 - 400*Provenance: One bears old paper label City of Manchester Art Gallery

    524A Chinese porcelain charger the yellow ground enamelled with a green and pink three toed dragon competing for a pearl within fretted, peony scroll and thunder key bands containing subsidiary panels of prunus, lotus, peony and chrysanthemum, the underside of the rim enamelled with a pair of dragons, 47 cm diameter, six character mark supported by a further dragon.

    500 - 700





  • 136

    525A pair of large Canton porcelain vases of shouldered oviform with raised flaring neck, the neck and shoulders applied with opposing Kylins and chilongs, enamelled front and verso with panels of warriors and other figures within a courtyard, with smaller subsidiary panels containing lotus and pairs of figures reserved on a profuse ground of fruit, peony and other blooms, 98.5 cm high, circa. 1880-1890.

    3000 - 4000

  • 137

    526A Chinese celadon glazed incense burner in the form of a mythical lion modelled standing four square with scrolling tail, the pieced cover formed as the beasts upturned head, 15.5 cm long, glue repair to two legs.

    200 - 250527Two Chinese porcelain boxes and covers of circular form, each with mottled peach bloom glaze, 7 cm diameter, apocryphal Kangxi marks.

    180 - 220528A Chinese porcelain shallow bowl of mildly everted form with central incised band decorated in underglaze blue and copper red, the upper band with a dragon and phoenix amongst thunder and cloud scrolls, the lower with waves, 19 cm diameter, apocryphal Kangxi marks in concentric rings.

    100 - 200529A Chinese porcelain bowl the exterior enamelled in the famille rose palette with flowering prunus issuing from rocks with a single branch continuing onto the interior surface, 14 cm diameter, four character Qianlong mark, but Republican period.

    200 - 300

    530A pair of Chinese porcelain small bowls with white metal stands and domed covers with pomegranate knops, the interior enamelled in the famille verte palette with prunus, iris, bamboo and other blooms and the exterior with prunus, bamboo, lotus and other blooms, bowls 7.5 cm diameter, six character marks to base, probably Guangxu.

    80 - 120


    529 528

    527 526

  • 138

    531Two Cantonese porcelain vases of baluster form with everted petal shaped rims the shoulders applied with pairs of chilong and the necks with opposing pairs of Kylin, enamelled front and verso with large and several smaller subsidiary panels containing figures within pavilions, reserved on a profuse ground of precious objects, flowers, foliage and butterflies, 45 cm high, mid 19th century, restoration to one rim.

    300 - 400532A Cantonese porcelain vase of Gu form enamelled with three panels front and verso with fig