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  • Cooperative Extension Service Shelby County Newsletter

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    1117 Frankfort Road ● Shelbyville, KY 40065 ● (502) 633-4593 ● Fax: (502) 633-6713 ●

    J U N E

    M A Y

    Master Cattleman


    Controlling Mosquitos

    Pasture Fly-Control

    Shelby County Fair

    June 12-17

    4-H Project Entry June 12

    Floral Hall

    12:30 to 5p.m.






    Stand up to Falling Class

    Noon, June 14


    Yarn Barn Sale

    8 a.m.—4 p.m.

    June 23 and 24

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  • Stand Up to Falling!

    There are many actions that we can each take to

    prevent falls that can be debilitating. Plan to join

    us for the “Stand Up to Falling” class at noon on

    Wednesday, June 14. Call 633-4593 to reserve

    your spot in this FREE class. Lunch will be


    Yard Sale Fund Raiser

    The Fun Loving Fillies Homemaker Club will be

    hosting a yard sale June 24 from 8 a.m. until 4

    p.m. on the Shelby County Extension Office front

    lawn. You can rent a space for $20 to sell your

    unwanted treasures.

    All proceeds will benefit Operation Catsnip

    trap, neuter and release program. To rent space,

    please contact Robin Kenyon (502) 727-2703.

    Please come out and support this worthy cause!

    Yarn Barn

    Plan to stop by your Shelby County Extension

    Office from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 23 and 24 to

    buy quality yarn at just $1 a skein. This yarn has

    been donated by Mary Margaret Krahulec who is

    an award winning knitter.

    The yarn proceeds will be divided among

    local non-profit/charitable organizations that have

    been selected by Mary Margaret. Invite knitters

    you know to come to this one of a kind sale!

    Meet and Greet Bingo

    Bingo fun is back at your Shelby County

    Extension Office. Just bring a gift worth

    approximately $5 and come to play Bingo and

    meet new friends at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 30.

    Are You Healthy?

    Health can be defined in many ways. However,

    if you are thinking about your lifestyle and if it is

    healthy, here are a few things to consider:

     Screenings. When was the last time you had a

    preventative screening? Going to a healthcare

    provider on a regular basis is an important part

    of being healthy. You can potentially find

    problems before they are serious and take steps

    before they worsen.

     Know your family health history. Take the

    time to learn of any family health issues like

    diabetes, cancers or cardiovascular disease.

     Get active. Do you participate in physical

    activity every day?

     Eating healthy. Do you eat a lot of meals

    out? Do you eat many fruits and vegetables?

    Eating healthy can mean thinking about what

    foods you are eating and meal planning too.

     Habits. Smoking and excessive alcohol

    drinking can be habits that lead to chronic


    There are many ways you can be healthy. Take a

    look at some of the ways that your lifestyle could

    be impacting your health. Reference: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

    Source: Nicole Peritore, Extension Specialist for

    Family Health; University of Kentucky; College of

    Agriculture, Food and Environment

    Quick Ways to Control your Stress

    We do know that high stress levels can affect your

    mental and physical health. There are many

    stresses encountered on a daily or weekly

    basis. Sometimes, people get stressed just thinking

    how they cannot control the stress that they are

    under. Next time you feel stress bubbling, try

    one of these ways to help lower the stress you feel.

     Meditation. Meditation does not have to be

    something that takes 20 minutes and a dark

    room. In fact, in just a few minutes you can

    bring relaxation to yourself. Take a few

    minutes and repeat the same word or phrase to

    yourself. This can help you focus. If you can

    and are able, you could close your eyes for a

    few minutes as well while repeating the word

    or phrase. If you get distracted while you are

    trying to focus, it is ok! Simply let that go and

    try to get back to your word or phrase.

     Deep breathing. Deep breathing can be a

    great tool when you have only a minute. Take

    a seated position and take some deep

    breaths. Taking slow breaths can help you

    relax. Take a deep breath in, count to three,

    and then breathe out. When doing this, breathe

    in through your nose and out through your

    mouth. This is good when you are stuck in

    traffic or feel stressed during the day. Of

    course, you can certainly do it for longer. If

    you are doing deep breathing and start to feel

    light-headed, you should go back to breathing

    at your normal rate.

     Be Thankful. Taking the time to think about

    the good in your life can be a great way to

    de-stress. For some people, keeping a journal

    and writing down items or times that they are

    PAGE 2

    F A M I L Y


    C O N S U M E R S C I E N C E


  • PAGE 3

    thankful can be a terrific way to celebrate the

    many things they do. If keeping a journal, try

    to make sure things that you are thankful for

    are positive in nature. For some, just thinking

    about something that you are truly thankful

    for can bring a smile and a little release from


     Be Mindful. Sometimes, when we are busy,

    we forget to be mindful of the happenings

    around us. Here are some ways that you can

    be more mindful and perhaps, take away some

    of the stress that you may be feeling. When

    you are driving (either to or from work) try to

    take notice if you are rushing. Rushing can

    make things seem much more hectic than they

    should be. You may also try to take a minute

    before you get out of your car at work. Think

    about what the day may bring and start with a

    positive attitude. When you get home, change

    out of your work clothes, take a few deep

    breaths and take a minute before you start

    doing evening activities.

    There are many ways to reduce stress and it may

    take trying a few before you find one that works

    for you.

    Reference: Stress Relief Guide, http://

    Source: Nicole Peritore, Extension Specialist for Family

    Health; University of Kentucky; College of Agriculture,

    Food and Environment

    Building an Emergency Fund Quickly

    If you do not have money saved in an emergency

    fund, it is a good idea to build a small emergency

    fund. Eventually, you will want to increase your

    financial fund to an amount of money that can

    cover 3 to 6 months of your average household

    expenses. A small start-up emergency fund of

    $1,000 can save you from a financial mess. Below

    are some ways that you can build a start-up

    emergency fund:

     Sell something. If you are anything like

    millions of other Americans, you most likely

    have things sitting around your house that you

    have intended to get rid of. Rather than

    trashing these items, consider selling them to

    earn some extra cash. You can host a yard sale

    or attempt to sell the items on a reputable

    online site such as Ebay or Craigslist.

     Look at your budget. Carefully look at your

    budget to identify areas in which you may be

    overspending. For instance, if you pay for a

    streaming service such as Netflix but also pay

    for cable, it is a good idea to cancel one of the

    services. Doing so can quickly save you

    needed money.

     Automate your emergency fund savings.

    Set up regular automated payments to an

    account that will act as your emergency fund.

    This will encourage you to approach saving

    for your emergency fund the same way that

    you would approach paying your bills.

     Get a better deal. Almost every service that

    you pay for is negotiable. Call your service

    providers and ask for a better rate. If your

    service provider is unable or unwilling to

    adjust your rates, look for a better deal

    elsewhere. You may be surprised at the deals

    that you can get which will save money that

    can go into your emergency fund.

     Work more hours. Ask your employer if

    you are eligible to work longer hours for a

    short-term period (until your start-up

    emergency fund is built up). If this is not an

    option, consider working a second job for a

    short period of time.

     Think outside of the box. There are a