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Create a quick and easy conjugation tool with Quizlet

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  • 1. Conjugations

2. Practice ConjugationsLearn Mode prompts a student with a verb and a pronoun.The student conjugates the verb. Quizlet marks it correct or incorrect. 3. How do I do that?Make a new set.Choose Choose Subject Tense Choose Verbs Make the term pronoun + verb and the denition the answer.Click Create Set and youre done! 4. Spoken Conjugations Speller speaks the answer and shows the pronoun + verb. The student writes the answer and Quizlet corrects it.ProciencyMissedLevelsWordsStudents see their progress at the end of every round. 5. Conjugation Tests Test Mode makes conjugation quizzes.Instant results Print out a PDF for class. 6. Conjugation GroupsMake a Group to organize all verb conjugations. NameDescription Add your sets to the Group. Added Sets 7. Got an idea?We want to hear about it!Visit our FAQs, Video Tutorials, and Feedback Center.