Coney Island Walking Notebooks

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Take a Walk Together For most of us, walking is the most familiar and intuitive form of movement we know. We do it every day with hardly a conscious thought. Walking may be the first movement-based experience of your collaboration. Walking through a site that’s relevant to your collaboration may spark new observations and insights. Walking down a city street may simply offer a breath of fresh air and break through the cobwebs. The experience of thinking and talking while walking is markedly different from the experience of a seated dialogue – that’s why a whole branch of classical philosophy was named after a group of roving thinkers.

Transcript of Coney Island Walking Notebooks

  • All photos by Katrina Simon

    Coney Island October 5, 2007 5:30 7pm


  • Site 1: W. 15th and Boardwalk Playland Succession, Dispersal, Disturbance

  • Along boardwalk to Site 2

  • Second site Highland View Ave (dune and poplars) Landscape design Mapping

  • Landscape Mapping and Vision of the Future

  • Landscape Observation: Heard and Seen (Deductive) Site 3 landscaping next to Site 2

  • Site 4 on boardwalk above poplar-dune and landscaped areas What moves

  • Organizing Randomness (Dance scores)