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Composer Project Time . Guidelines for papers And presentations. General Paper Guidelines. Must be typed and double spaced – no hand written pages will be accepted Times New Roman or Ariel Font (no others accepted!) Minimum of 3 full pages (not partial) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Composer Project Time

Composer Project Time Guidelines for papersAnd presentationsGeneral Paper GuidelinesMust be typed and double spaced no hand written pages will be acceptedTimes New Roman or Ariel Font (no others accepted!)Minimum of 3 full pages (not partial)Try to keep it to a 5 page maximumMust have 3 references; ONLY 2 BEING INTERNET WEBSITE REFERENCES!! Find a journal, book, etcMust have citations / reference page at the end!*(This is a policyAll works must be cited!)Visual Aid / Audio RequirementsYou must have ONE AUDIO and ONE VISUAL AID for your presentation (your choice )You must have a MINIMUM of 5 minutes of presentation discussion (AUDIO FILES DO NOT COUNT as part of the 5 minutes!!)Prezi or PowerPoint would be great to use, but you are not limited to these you may make your own presentation boards, etc.Be sure to include any pictures or audio files in your reference section and/or works cited in your paper!!What to Cover in papers/presentationChildhood thingsLife informationSchooling / OccupationsWho they worked with (if famous)Who they taught or influencedWhere they worked or got their big breakWho were they influenced byMusical selections they are known forEnd of their lives Any other information that seems neat to knowKeep in MindEverything must meet minimum requirements to obtain a C or better One Audio or One Visual Aid is required (more than one is extra icing)This is NOT a MUSICAL BIOGRAPHY, but a DISCOVERY PRESENTATION based on the LIFE of the composer Focus on life aspects that may seem important or uniquefind things that others may find amusing or unusual!!Should you use audio, this DOES NOT count as part of your 5 minute discussion time!! Timing will stop when audio starts if you have not reached your 5 minutesWATCH OUT!!You need to CROSS REFERENCE your materials! Many things you find on internet sites are WRONG or MISLEADINGif you plan to use something in your presentation, make sure you find that information in some form more than one time!!! I have had several instances of wrong information in the pastYOUTUBE VIDEOS are only effective if they are correct. Be careful and watch the ENTIRE video, or listen to the entire selection to be sure it is not a hoax!KICKERS and SUCHTry to find one or two MAIN SONGS/PIECES that the composer is known forand concentrate on explaining these Too much information can lead to a misleading overloadQuality, not quantity with music (like I only have you listen to about 30 seconds in class and offer you to visit the website if you would like to hear more)..Only select the top two or three if they are famous enoughHAVE FUN with thisThis is not to add stress at the end of the semester, but to secure the study/discussion of the other composers we are to focus on for this course Bring your information to us in any form you wish!I will hold up a 5 sign after you reach your minimum at this time, try to begin to sum up your presentation or begin your listening sections if you get the 7 sign you are at your max and must finish ASAP