Comparison of film reviews and short film reviews

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Transcript of Comparison of film reviews and short film reviews

Comparison of Film Reviews and Short Film Reviews

Comparison of Film Reviews and Short Film ReviewsBy Esme Roberts

The top screenshot is from a film review of a short film named Lights Out, and the bottom picture is a screenshot from a mainstream famous film named 28 Days Later. As we can see by the diagrams, both reviews start with the title of the film at the top and the date it published. The 28 Days Later review contains a star rating which the short film review doesnt appear to have, due to the audience being much less than an audience for a blockbuster film. Both reviews then lead onto a concise description of the storyline, to give the readers an idea of the films plot.

28 Days Later review contains a more detailed list of the production team, including actors compared to the Lights Out review. This is because due to a blockbusters highly budget, they can afford to hire famous actors who wouldnt act in a short film of a limited audience.

Both reviews also contain the film posters that advertise their individual films.

The Lights Out reviews first two paragraphs contain positive feedback on the actors of the cast and how they played an effective role. This is written due to many people not knowing who the actors are, therefore an understanding of their ability gives a greater understanding of the actors. 28 Days Later review doesnt have a description of the actors ability in the film due to the actors being famous. Most of the audience know the actors work, therefore writing about their commitment to the role.

As you can see by the screenshots from both film reviews, 28 Days Later contains a much more critical analysis of the film. The analysis contains comments and opinions on the director and camera man, whereas the Lights Out analysis only contains a brief opinion of the short film. This is due to 28 Days Later being a film with a much larger audience and high expectation compared to a short film with no famous actors and a small budget.