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Portrait of a successful company

A brief overviewAddress:MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG Englerstr. 3 77652 Offenburg Germany

An upward trend covering 37 years:

120 Mio EUR


1927 in Offenburg


Oskar Meier, Franz Konrad

86,9 Mio EUR


Oskar and Rosel Meier-foundation

68 Mio EUR

Managing directors:

Burkhard Randel Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer

58 Mio EUR 35 Mio EUR


919 employees in Offenburg, 1.526 within the group

23 Mio EUR 17 Mio EUR 11 Mio EUR


Ground area of 72.100 sqm, comprising 40.500 sqm of production and administration buildings

Gross Sales No. of employees 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2007

Export share:

In excess of 50 %

Turnover 2007:

EUR 120 Million in Offenburg, and EUR 180 Million within the group as a whole.

Product range:

b Commercial washing technology, ranging from the simple front loading glasswasher to the largest integrated wash-up systems in the world b Cleaning and disinfecting appliances for hospitals and nursing homes

MEIKO has continuously gained market share thanks to our innovative product development coupled with forward thinking design concepts. The above graph clearly illustrates the development of the company during the last 37 years and depicts the growth in terms of gross sales and investment in employees.

Our principles are based equally on a set of traditional values coupled with a clear and transparent vision, a vision that will secure our continuing growth for many years to come.

The MEIKO group is not only a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of commercial dishwashing machines and systems, but is also renowned for its range of washer disinfector appliances and sluice room furniture used by leading hospitals worldwide, and within the healthcare sector in general. To our customers, we are an extremely reliable partner that can always be relied on to bring professionalism to problem solving, even with the most complex of projects. Our philosophy is to produce and market products of the highest quality and offer these at the most competitive price. Our future is assured due to the investment we make in the training of our employees, our technical ability, the efficiency and attention to detail within the organisation, and through the efforts of our worldwide distribution and service networks. We are possibly the worlds leading manufacturer of commercial washing and cleaning technology, and without doubt leaders in certain specialised markets and product areas. Our DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures the highest standards of production and cost effectiveness throughout our entire business. We are continually


striving to improve and develop these procedures for the benefit of our customers and of our employees. econom hygienic ological ical ec

Our employees are totally committed to the procedures and working practices established by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Investment in people, whether through education and training or through the participation of our employees in production committees or Focus Groups, is seen as a key foundation stone within the company for continuing success and for ensuring long term security and an attractive working environment for all of our employees. Our company policies are fashioned by our awareness and our responsibility towards our customers, our employees and the environment.

Between the Rhine, vineyards, and the Black Forest

The reputation of our subsidiaries speaks for itselfMEIKO FRANCE SAS in Champs sur Marne, F

MEIKO subsidiary in Berlin

MEIKO Suisse AG in Fllanden, CH


10 wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, 6 within the rest of Europe, and 4 overseas including a manufacturing facility in China, ensure that MEIKO products and associated services are available to all of our international customers. Wherever your business is located, whether it be Berlin or Munich, Paris or Vienna, or in the United States of America or even China: MEIKO is there with you, in the thick of the action.

MEIKO ITALIA s.r.l. in Chivasso, I

MEIKO NEDERLAND B.V. in Barendrecht, NL

MEIKO USA in Nashville, Tennessee The MEIKO factory in Offenburg

MEIKO CHINA in Zhonshan, China MEIKO UK Ltd. in Colnbrook, GB

Offenburg, gateway to the mystical Black Forest. Strategically located at the heart of Europe where the borders of Germany, Switzerland and France meet. This has been the home of the company since its foundation in 1927 by engineer Oskar Meier.

The small engineering workshop of these early days has long been transformed into a major international company that has demonstrated continual growth year on year.

MEIKO AustraliaPacific Pty Ltd in St. Leonards, Australia

MEIKO (Asia) Techcentre Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India

Wherever you are..... MEIKO will be there with you!GroAround the globe, MEIKO has for many years used state of the art technology and unique design principles and concepts to provide our customers with ideal solutions to solve their washing requirements. We are found not only in staff feeding facilities, hotels and restaurants, and care homes, but are also present within in-flightcatering operations, on board cruise ships and Intercity Express trains of the German Railways, and even within the VIP catering of Formula 1 motor racing: Wherever you are MEIKO guarantees sparkling results.

A product range for all applications:up

Machines for stationary washing operationsGlasswashers, Dishwashers, pan and utensil washers, multi-purpose washing machines, and even a machine for the washing and drying of salad, fruit, and vegetable products.

Automatic conveyor type washing machinesFlight type continuous belt conveyor and catch-peg basket transport machines

Integrated dishwashing systemsSemi and fully automatic washing systems for crockery, trays and cutlery. Purpose designed solutions for the handling, cleaning, and transporting of crockery, utensils and mobile equipment within airline catering facilities. Industrial washing systems for specific specialist washing tasks. Conveyorised machines for washing trolleys, containers, and transport carts in a wide and varied selection of industrial applications.

Tray Conveyor and sorting systemsHorizontal and vertical tray conveying systems complete with ancillary sorting and stacking units for cutlery, dishes, and trays.

Waste treatment installationsAppliances to prepare waste for hygienic and environmentally friendly disposal

Industrial kitchen equipmentAppliances and fabrication for both commercial and hospital ward kitchens, including dish, tray and glass transporters, stainless steel tables and sinks, cabinets and shelving, and various other complimentary handling accessories.

Hygiene equipment for hospitals and homesAutomatic washing and disinfecting units for bedpans and other care utensils and suitable for free-standing, wall mounting or built-in applications; combined sluice units; plumbing installations for wash rooms within hospital wards, and a complete range of ancillary equipment for hospital and care home sluice areas.

From small machines ......MEIKO feels at home with wash-up technology. We will take on any task or any challenge that requires hygienic, economical and, "as far as possible" the ecological cleaning of soiled products. That is our profession! - That is our pledge. From the smallest glasswashers to highly complex integrated wash-up systems including ancillary equipment such as transport systems, dish and tray sorting, and food waste treatment units, we have for more than 75 years been applying our experience and know-how for the benefit of our customers. As dedicated specialists, we remain always one step ahead of our competitors, and will continue to give our utmost to maintain this position, so that in the future we can still claim: MEIKO is the leader.

... through to basket transport machines ....

Glasswasher FV 28 G

Dishwasher FV 40.2

High performance K-Tronic basket transport machine series K 200 with forward stripping and sorting station, integrated with a twin cord tray return conveyor

Practical hotel or restaurant wash-up station: at the left side the dish return table surface with glasswasher FV 40.2 located below, and in the far right corner a space saving hood type DV 80.2 dishwasher

Pan and utensil washer FV 130.2

Compact and complete: Basket transport machine K 160

... and up to the largest wash-up systems in the worldFully automatic wash-up systems are a MEIKO patent. Two decades ago, MEIKO was the first company to offer such state-ofart systems. Since then, we have continually worked to improve these systems, employing the latest technology available to ensure that our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we will continue to develop systematic solutions to handle and process the vast quantities of soiled washware in record times. Whether this be dishes, bowls, trays, cutlery, containers or any other products that require to be washed: with MEIKO you can always be assured of sparkling clean results!Cleans discharge section of an airline catering wash-up system

The competent partner for hygiene and cleaningThe hospital cleaning and disinfecting range provides the most modern technology for the cleaning of nursing utensils. The MEIKO range of bedpan washers and associated equipment for hospital sluice rooms have guaranteed for many decades unrivalled hygiene and cleaning standards. With MEIKO, both the patients and t