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Transcript of Www. Euro.Soft Company Profile Euro.Soft Company Profile

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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Euro.Soft Company Profile Euro.Soft Company Profile
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Aerospace software development and testing Telecontrol and telemanagement systems Industrial automation, E-GSE (test and quality control equipments) WEB Technology, Business Intelligence Applications and Datawarehouse Decision Support Systems Main Activities
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu WP responsible for: Screening application & Remote Areas application E-HEALTH via satellite: TELESAL Project
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu TELESAL Project: Virtual Reality In the framework of Telesal project (Phase A), Euro.Soft was WP leader for virtual reality in telemedicine state of the art and applications design. Particularly tele- surgery, virtual collaboration, 3D anatomic visualization, were investigated.
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu ASI Lunar Exploration Program: CIRANO Project CIRANO- Study and system definition for a Robotic Support System for the Lunar Exploration - ASI
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu CIRANO Rover: Virtual 3D Symulator Virtual symulator is used in order to test Rovers functionalities Matlab/Simulink control algorithms design 3D Symulator - Matlab/Simulink Interfacing; Control algorithms testing on 3D Symulator: Rover feedback control
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Sensors Symulation (sonar, laser, GPS, mono/stereo cameras) Pre-existing rovers model utilization Realistic Rover- Environment interaction symulation Interface with external control software (libraries) Stereo-cameras models symulation Graphic user interface CIRANO Rover: Virtual 3D Symulator
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu WTU & NADIA Projects
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu COSMO Program: SW telecommunication application post processing and image transmission and management for the EGSE PDHT (Laben-Alenia Spazio) COSMO Program: E-GSE - TLC SW
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Avionic systems: Collaboration with Kell Avio This avionic instrument provide attitude and position information superimposed on a digital model of the terrain Waypoints, runways, route information are presented in 3 dimensions showing a virtual landscape providing situation awareness and precise navigation A digital link to a ground server provides communications integrated in the system
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Business Intelligence:Human Performance Management API Petroli - IP Business Intelligence: Human Performance Management API Petroli - IP HPM is a Decision Support System finalized to support Human Resource Areas and Organization development.
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Business Intelligence: e-government web applications Web Portal SIBA for Public Administration Il Mattino supervision and management DSS
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu Visual Studio (C/C++, Visual Basic), Cristal Reports Dev.8 Java, jbuilder - JSP/Tomcat Corba - PHP - Visual studio.net (ASP.net, ADO.net...), Labwiev, RSView, Matlab; O.S. Windows NT, UNIX, Linux; Data Base: SQL server, Oracle, Informix; Microanalysis and designing methodologies, dev. met. in Host Environment, OOP/UML modelling techniques, RDB Design, SW testing; GIS Software (AutoCad Map, ArcView, MapInfo,..) Virtual Reality: Platform (OpenSceneGraph) Standard (OpenGL, VRML) CAD (Rhinoceros3D) - 3D Modelling (Lightwave3D Modeler) Photogrammetry (RealViz ImageModeler) - Multimedia and stereoscopy (Lightwave3D Layout) - Symulation environment (XRaptor for virtual multi-agent, EyeSim multi-robot symulator, MOBS) Technologies
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  • www.eurosoftsrl.eu ..because Euro.Soft is a small but dynamic South-Italian SME ..because we have a strong experience in UE proposals participation (11 proposal waiting for evaluation in FP7), we know the rules and the way to operate ..because we have very skilled resources respect to: SW technologies, electronics, aeronautics and space ..because we have HW and SW facilities adequate to perform R&D activities in this field ..last but not least, cause were used to work under pressure, even during the proposal phase. Why to Involve us in UE FP7 proposal?