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(Licensed by Central Bank of UAE)

To provide a transparent investment environment,with highly regulated firms. We have an extremely efficient team of dealers and analysts with experience in the global markets. S & S Brokerage House passionately shaping the financial intermediaries industry of UAE, serving a wide range of domestic and global benchmark products across all major asset classes for a diversified client base.

S & S has been established as a financial and monetary (Introducing Broker) primarily to give traders access to the international markets. The company is duly licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the U.A.E. to conduct brokerage activities in dealing in currencies and commodities as well as intermediating in money market transactions. Using the efficient, easy-to-use point-and-click system, buyers and sellers of currencies deal directly on each other's prices, anonymously, without intervention by a middleman. Now, interbank quality rates are accessible through this completely open and transparent online marketplace.

Sidharth Sinha, Chairman

Building upon an excellent reputation in the Middle Eastern markets as an entrepreneur, Mr. Sinha made his mark. He is the founder of Vogue International, established in 2001, one of the largest garment exporters in Egypt. His diversified businesses include construction and development business in United States of America; has retail garment outlets in UAE and Italy; and is a renowned fashion designer by profession. Mr. Sinha is a successful entrepreneur and a distinguished businessman with a track record of deliverance of high performance industries by setting efficiencies in various new ventures. Umesh Kaushik, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kaushik has a dynamic work experience that compliments his ability of proactive management and responsive leadership. He is the Group CFO and is also involved in the portfolio management of group companies. He has more than two decades of experience in various business areas including Treasury, Risk Management, Banking and Operations. His strategic management capabilities are reflected from the growth of all group holding companies.

Waseem Ahmed Qureshi, General Manager

Mr. Qureshi has a diversified exposure of the global financial markets of two decades with an ability to define and deploy business strategy and mapping of dependencies by introducing new business models, diversified product offerings along with his background of global treasury , and as a Forex derivatives specialist. His long career reflects deliverance of high performance by setting efficiencies in the business unit. His prime experiences from the global markets include (6 years) Hong Kong markets exposure, (9 years) UAE and (6 years) Pakistan. Raheela Khan, Assistant General Manager

Ms. Khan Heads our Business development and has an extensive 12 years experience in the financial services industry, with a broad based knowledge of capital markets; expertise in prime brokerage, institutional sales environment; treasury and exchange listed products. She displays strong conceptual abilities in her marketing, sales and people management skills with sound business knowledge. Prior to her current assignment, she was senior manager treasury and institutional sales at Pakistans only derivatives exchange, National Commodity Exchange Limited. Prior to this her sharp negotiation skill background gained her the position of the Group head of fixed income and money markets right in the beginning of her career with KASB Securities, Pakistan (Affiliate of Merrill Lynch)

Askari Hasan, Head of Interbank Money Market Operations Mr. Hasan has worked for almost ten years in the financial brokerage sector of Pakistan and has a hands on experience on treasury related products ranging from short term money market to the long term debt market i.e. bonds ,TFCs and Sukuks as well as intermediation in the Islamic banking products e.g. Murabahas etc Syed Owais Ather Ali, Dealer/Analyst Interbank Money Markets Mr. Ather hold a degree in Financial Engineering. He is a dynamic individual, who previously was responsible for Quantitative Research, Analytics & Risk Management activities along with product development covering both Financial and Commodity Derivatives at the National Commodity Exchange Limited.

Whether you're looking for a brokerage company specializing in Forex, Futures, Equity markets or portfolio management, we at S & S, understand you have unique requirements and we tailor our products and services to meet them. Our goal is to provide a superior level of service to you that will support a long-term relationship and enable us to respond more efficiently and proactively to your changing needs. A Personal and Highly Responsive Service Effective Risk Management Margin trading and Two-way trading Security of clients money Confidentiality of clients account Personal Financial Consultant 24 hour Dealing Room 24 hour Real-time prices 24 hour Telephone trading facility 24 hour Account inquiry facility Quick order execution Multiple account facility Regular market news and analysis Internet trading system

Worlds Largest Brokers

Regulated by NFA & FSA

70 Exchanges Worldwide.

Interbank Money Market and Interbank Forex. Futures and Options-Financial and Commodity FX, Stock Indicies, Commodities (Metals, energy, grains & crops, live) and Interest rate markets.

Euro Pound Japanese Yen Swiss Frank Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar

We have 300 commodities including Metals ( Gold, Silver, Copper,etc.) Energy (Crude Oil,Natural Gas,etc.) Grains & Crops (Rice,Wheat,Sugar,etc.) Livestock ( Cattle,etc.) Other soft Commodities

Two Way Market Recession Free Globally Accessable 24 hrs Trading Opportunities More Liquidity Transparency Higher leverage and lower margin Greater Profits

TWO WAY OPPORTUNITY The spot currency trading gives investors both buying and selling program to capitalize on market trend and maximize profit opportunity



ROUND THE CLOCK TRADING HOURS AND EASY ACCESS FROM AROUND THE WORLDNEW YORK OPEN 13.00 (GMT) 17.00 (Local Time) LONDON FRANKFURT OPEN OPEN 07.00 (GMT) 06.00 (GMT) 011.00 10.00 (Local Time) (Local Time) HONG KONG TOKYO OPEN OPEN 01.00 (GMT) 00.00 (GMT) 05.00 04.00 (Local Time) (Local Time)

NEW YORK CLOSE 19.00 (GMT) 24.00 (Local Time)

FRANKFURT LONDON CLOSE CLOSE 15.00 (GMT) 14.00 (GMT) 18.00 19.00 (Local Time) (Local Time)

HONG KONG CLOSE 09.00 (GMT) 13.00 (Local Time)

TOKYO CLOSE 08.00 (GMT) 12.00 (Local Time)

It is now globally accessible and it is becoming more and more common for people to begin accessing and trading at home instead of only businesses trading at work. One of the advantages to having the Internet as a trading resource is that programmes are always on stand by to help you and you are always able to find new forex trading programs.

The foreign exchange market is by far the largest and most liquid market in the world. The Forex & Futures has several features making it a unique one. For instance, the volume of trades and market liquidity, a great number of the market participants and traders from all over the world, 24 trading hours a day, a great number of factors that can contribute to the exchange rate setting, low net margins (but not the profits) in comparison with other markets. Therefore it is almost the real market of perfect competition even considering the fact of possible affect by the Central banks. In average daily trades amount at the Forex market reaches the point of $3.2 trillion.

Market transparency is the ability to clearly have knowledge of what is being traded, at what price, by whom, and where. A market|exchange with a higher transparency will lead to a more efficient market. Daily updates provided.

Secure trading platform with global networking. Well synchronized with the international markets and superior value deliverance. We provide a transparent, regulated and experienced team of professionals providing you a direct access to global markets. We offer our retail and interbank clients to diversify with our vast array of products for trades. We have the best margin requirements and lowest commissions.

S & S Brokerage House P.O. Box : 77034, 506 & 707, Al Fattan Plaza, Airport Road, Garhoud Dubai. UAE Phone : +971 4 2829551 Fax : +971 4 2829553 General information

Hope to see you soon S & S BROKERAGE HOUSE