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Don't talk about your product, Talk about people's needs And expand your Brand DNA

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  • 1.Dont talk about your product,Talk about peoples needsAnd expand your Brand DNA

2. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)- Probably the bestbrand in the world forcontent social media- The page is constantlyupdated with newgames and freshcontent- Has is own televisionchannel where it sharethe all latest red bullcontent.- Strong symbolism ofextreme sport,renforces since thejump of FELIXBAUMGARTNERS. 3. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)Multi-platforms one universe one way of lifeINSTAGRAMFACEBOOKTWITTERTUMBLRPINTERESTYOUTUBE CHANNELFIRST LIVE CHANNELOFFICIAL WEBSITE AND A WEBSITE STORY Storytelling 4. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)TUMBLRPLURAL WEBSITE PLATFORMSRED BULL YOUTUBE CHANNEL 5. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)FIRST:BRAND CHANNELLIVE VUE 6. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)FACEBOOKA CONTENT PLATEFORM WHICH SUPPORT THE WAY OF LIFE OF RED BULLWhich can be: BORN TO FLY Sky is a old limit Human are amazingA PLATFORM WHICH, AS TWITTER, RELAYS THE OTHERS (PINT/ INST/YOUTUBE ...)A PLATFORM FULL OF FRESH CONTENTThey are not afraid to promote other content from other Brands if their arenot directly on the same market, and if, that content belongs to their values.DCSHOES 7. 1 Red bull (21,220,373)BORN TO FLY Sky is a old limit Human are amazingALL THE COMMUNICATION OF RED BULL IS DEDICATED TO THEEXPRESSION OF THESE IDEASSTRENGHTSCOHERENCEIMPRESSFOCUS OF A WAY OF LIFEAMBASSADORSWEAKNESSESPROXIMITYUGC 8. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)Embrace the chaos, user generated content:The page was started by the fans themselves, coca cola allowed them to take control ofthat page, this is still the case today.They develop a lot of apps and games, but they are especially focus on pushinggreat,engaging content out to their fans, and lets participate them, into the brandbuilding image. 9. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)Their facebook is particularly well developped, there are a lot of differentzones: a fan zone,a coke studio zone, a open happiness zone, a appsand games zones ... 10. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)The facebook wall is always dedicated to the last and biggestconcept of coca cola (previous and alternative concepts areclassified in other zones)Here, the concept is that users vote and choose who they want towin the coke race 11. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)YOUR COKE STORIES (ugc) WHERE HAPPINESS WILLSTRIKE NEXT TIME?(ugc/localisation)APP. AND GAMES(alternative/previousstories)Theyre focused on the development of user content around their concept:open happiness 12. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)THE RACE WEBSITE 13. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)INSTAGRAMFLICKRTUMBLRYOUTUBECHANNELPINTERESTGOOGLE+TWITTERTHE ARE PRESENT ON EVERY PLATFORMS 14. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)CENTRAL WEBSITE 15. 2. Coca-Cola (31,762,653)ALL THE COMMUNICATION OF COCA COLA IS DEDICATEDTO INTERACTIVITY, USER PARTICIPATIONSTRENGHTSPROXIMITYUGCAMBASSADORSIMPRESSIVEWEAKNESSESWAY OF LIFEPLURALITY OF CONCEPTS 16. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)Behind the copy -just do it- there is a kind of rule promoted by NIKE:Live is either daring adventure or nothingThe biggest force with NIKE, is that they have succesfully developed a quote which definesthemselves behind every concept that they create.They capture the essence of their passion: self-overtaking (sport)With the fuel band and the concept make it count their disctinct themselves by creating a hugeCOMMUNITY online, and they use The UGC through mixed platforms. 17. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)A real offline/online connectionMake it personnal but tell the worldMulti-platforms 18. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)A racePersonal objectives 19. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)Plural FacebookaccountsEnlightment of raceswinnersNothing more thancultivate the self-made pride 20. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)FacebookA declinaison of their conceptthrough games and apps. 21. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)FacebookOnline coachsOnline objectifs. 22. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)TwitterA relay of what people haveaccomplished on the platform- make it count - 23. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)Communitydevelopment:Youtube/Tumblr/InstagramSalespromotions:Pinterest 24. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)Nike Make it Count one of the best branded story ever told;one of the best conversational marketing with a community 25. 3. NIKE (12,100,660)ALL THE COMMUNICATION OF NIKE IS DEDICATEDTO EXPRESS THEIR BELIEF TROUGHT USER PERSONALACHIEVEMENTSSTRENGHTSWAY OF LIFEPROXIMITYUGCAMBASSADORSIMPRESSIVE360 / ONLINE-OFFLINE CONNECTIONWEAKNESSESTOO SPECIFIC/ TOO ORIENTED AMBASSADORS 26. 4. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans)- Illustration of dont talk about your product but talk about peoples need,and expand your Brand DNA- Is not a coffee, its a moment, a passion- Facebook offer a range of cool features including a gift card for friends to have free coffee. 27. Pinterest/Instagram/Foursquare accountBrand localisation and illustrationUGC - Tumblr4. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans) 28. 3 different twitter accounts: idea/job/coffee that leads to a specific page everytime;Clever, that gives a clear idea of what consumers are looking for, and that also optimisatetheir social media monitoring.STORYTELLING4. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans) 29. Facebook:GIFT CARD: their big strategic idea give to someone else a piece of quietudeALTERNATIVE CONTENT: Starbucks story- storytelling4. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans) 30. Facebook:GIFT CARD:Online applicationPeer-recommendation3. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans) 31. 3. Starbucks (23,574,606 fans)ALL THE COMMUNICATION OF STARBUCKS IS DEDICATEDTO PROMOTE A FEELING OF EXCLUSIVITY AND A SENSE OFCOMMUNITYSTRENGHTSPROXIMITYUGCAMBASSADORSCOMMUNITYPEER RECOMMENDATIONSWEAKNESSESSOUNDS FAKE SOMETIMES 32. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)One of the brand who uses all the big social network effectively. Its page is constantlyupdated with new apps, games, videos and content. 33. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)Thats the tone which is original with Skittles, they found a core concept, and buildaround this an identity, which can be declined easily .Follow the rainbow = promotion of a dirty and funny universeUser generated content, the user is always invited to share the content 34. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)Facebook: user generated content/alternative content 35. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)Remind to the user with humour and creativity to share the content 36. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)YOUTUBECHANNELTWITTERACCOUNT 37. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)Results:Whats really strong with skittles,is their coherence and theirrelations with their consumers.They are focus to identify andgenerate new brandsambassadors.They develop an atmosphere ofcomplicity with their fans.The results is that their are hugelypresent on platform(pinterest/tumblr) without beingreally on it.They have also created a big WOMthrough their positioning. 38. 5 Skittles (18,386,827)ALL THE COMMUNICATION OF SKITTLES IS DEDICATEDTO CREATE A COMPLICITY AND UGC WITHIN THEIR COMMUNITY (WOM)STRENGHTSBUZZ/WOMCOMMUNITYCOMPLICITYPROXIMITYUGCAMBASSADORSWEAKNESSESA CLEAR UNIVERSE, BUT SOMETIMES TOO ORIENTED COMMUNITYAND THE TONE CAN SHOCK SOME CONSUMERS (BACKFIRE) 39. 6 TIFFANY & CO. (a different category)Facebook:Big idea: Celebration of true loveUGC: Show us your true loveContextual marketing: valentines day 40. 6 TIFFANY & CO.Ambassador: Public figurePresence:- Website- True love Website (belief)- Tumblr- Facebook- Twitter- Youtube channel- Foursquare 41. 6 TIFFANY & CO.FOURSQUAREFOURSQUARE TWITTERYOUTUBE TUMBLR 42. 6 TIFFANY & CO. True love Websitealso present into a facebook specific page 43. 6 TIFFANY & CO.GENERAL WEBSITE 44. 8 Dean and DelucaDean and Deluca has a relevantcommunication on FacebookA communication which has a directlink with what they sell, but withouttalking directly about the product(new recipe excepted) 45. 8 Dean and DelucaDean and Deluca has a relevant communication onFacebookIndirect Post:Which belong with their target,Which belong with their universe/their productWhich create a WOM (posts are trendy) 46. 8 Dean and DelucaContextual Communication 47. 8 Dean and DelucaVideos / EventsSo, they really diversify their actions into asingle platfrom: facebook4 main actions1 Daily posts (contextual/humour/about company)2 Degustation in stores3 Videos4 Events 48. 8 Dean and DelucaFOURSQUARE11TUMBLR PRESENCE(no Tumblr account) 49. 8 Dean and DelucaPINTERESTGOOGLE + 50. 8 Dean and DelucaInteressant approachPersonal call instead of (impersonal) mailMarketing of proximity 51. FunctionalityStructureTIFFANY & CO. 52. FunctionalityStructure 53. 10 OBSERVATIONSONLINE, THE GOOD TONE IS ORIENTED:PROXIMITY/ COMMUNITY/COMPLICITY/CONVERSATIONONLINE, GOALS ARE:UGC (USER GENERATED CONTENT)PEER-RECOMMENDATIONSAMBASSADORSVISIBILITYONLINE, MAIN PLATFORMS ARE:FACEBOOK/ TWITTERTUMBLRPINTERESTFLICKR/INSTAGRAMFOURSQUAREYOUTUBE CHANNEL 54. - Relay of other platforms- Share daily, fresh, relevant news4 kind of content:1 Put a human face on your company,show to the user the team.2 Humour and complicity3 Share the ambiance, what P.Q. is about4 Factual news10 OBSERVATIONSTONE,TACTIC, GOALS BY PLATFORM:- Relay of other platforms- Create different twitter accounts1 Once about your passion2 Once about factual fact (jobs)3 Once about UGC (consumersinnovation/participation) 55. 10 OBSERVATIONSTONE,TACTIC, GOALS BY PLATFORM:- You can use Pinterest as a place ofyour passion or as a place of salespromotion, but choose one of these,dont mix both of these categories.- Use a female approach/tone (70-80% of pinterestpopulation arewoman)- You can Use Tumblr to devellop your brand story, even to build a real company story,thats the channel to expand your brand past, the development of your brand DNA andits evolution 56. 10 OBSERVATIONSTONE,TACTIC, ISSUE BY PLATFORM:- Use foursquare to locate (check-in) your place.- Use Instagram to illustrate your new recipes/yourproducts; share these pics on Twitter/Facebook- Use Instagram as a centralization place of UGC- Use a youtube channel to show the backgroundof your place, as a transparency tool 57. 10 OBSERVATIONSTONE,TACTIC, ISSUE BY PLATFORM:Use google + as a complementary platform of facebook and twitter.Not everybody is on facebook and twitter, but almost everybody has an email account,and the most used one, is g-mail.- Use Sprout social, as a unique platform, where you can manage all the other platforms in onetime. (or wildfire)Without that kind of platform, a social media strategy can be inefective, and time-consuming.- Its an all in once plateform 58. 11 Recommendations1 Without a big idea, social tools are not efficient.2 Create a story, a great brand DNA, which respond to consumers need,then talk about this story through the different platforms, and adapt it tothese.3 Dont be afraid to post what yourre believe in, but transfom it, into away of life.4 Build a coherence between these platforms: Tumblr, Pinterest,Google +, Foursquare, Flickr, ... and connected them to your website,Facebook and Twitter.5 On facebook, you can use the pages to post the latest information aboutyour company, like which jobs are available within the country(peoples interest, that forms a great channel of recruitment).6 Share daily, fresh and relevant content. 59. 11 Recommendations7 You can use different twitter accounts:- Official/consumers mind/jobs- A twitter account by country8 You can use Pinterest as a place of your passion or as a place of salespromotion, but choose one of these, dont mix both of these categories.9 Use Instagram/flickr as a echo of consumers production.10 Use foursquare, it is particularly relevant, to locate (check-in) yourplace.11 Your objectif online should be focused to create UGC (user generatedcontent) and Brand ambassadors: develop a user story votre painquotidien .12 Be focus on conversational marketing.