Amherst Media's Photographing Architecture

Amherst Media's Photographing Architecture
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Master the technical and artistic skills you need to create outstanding interior and exterior image

Transcript of Amherst Media's Photographing Architecture

New Book from Amherst Media

Photographing ArchitectureLighting, Composition, Postproduction, and Marketing Techniques

by John Siskin

FeaturesAnalyzing the subject, choosing the right shooting angle, and working with existing light Selecting the right cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment for architectural photography

Master the technical and artistic skills you need to create outstanding interior and exterior images

Positioning the camera to eliminate keystoning Seamlessly augmenting the existing light in a scene for complete control over your images of interior spaces Balancing mixed light sources for accurate color rendition


ohn Siskin offers a comprehensive approach to photographing architecture, showing you how to attract and work with clientsincluding hoteliers, builders, and interior decoratorsand produce and deliver highquality images that will ensure repeat business. From analyzing the subject, to selecting the right camera angle, to lighting interiors, to postproduction refinements and marketing strategies that get your business noticed, this book covers it all.

About the Author John Siskin is a fine art and commercial photographer. He has taught college photography classes for twenty years and currently teaches online classes at Book Specs $34.95, 7.5x10 inches, 160 pages 180 full-color photographs ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-300-4 Order number: 1955

For further information, contact: Kate Neaverth or Adam Richards Amherst Media, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207 (800) 622-3278 fax (800) 622-3298