Common Core Mathematics

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Common Core Mathematics. Learning Norms. Restrooms Parking Lot evaluation connections General comments. Today’s Learning Goals. 1. Identify and interpret the 8 Mathematical - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Common Core Mathematics

PowerPoint Presentation

Common Core Mathematics

Opening Activity

Each group will get a packet with several puzzle pieces and asked to put it together.

After a minute or two participates see they can not put the puzzle together completely.

Say: Putting a puzzle together involves similar strategy as planning an effective curriculum. When you put a puzzle together you place all the pieces on a table and study the pieces you have. Some of us like to pick out all the edges and corner pieces first. While others like to group pieces according to color. We might not start the puzzle the same but in the end we all have the same finished product. Just like when we set forth with our new curriculumwe study our standards- we make our plan of the order in which we want to teach our standards. We might not teach the standards in the same order but in the end we have taught all the standards required by the state. Also I associate each puzzle pieces to an individual standard. As we help our students progress through various stages of the mathematic curriculum, we must take the individual standards and begin to piece them together for the students to see the big picture. We as math teachers must help our students make the connections between standards. Not having the box top of the picture is just like the students not seeing how all the pieces of math work together. We as teachers are going to have to work together to help the students see the big picture. That is why it is imperative we know what they have learned and how they learned it as well as where they are headed with math concepts.(one of the shifts in math!)1

Learning Norms2Restrooms

Parking Lot

evaluation connections

General comments

5 MinutesLets start with the important stuff:Bathrooms are located ________________Parking Lot: At any point during the day, if you have a question write it on a sticky note and place it on the parking Lot. We will go over any Parking Lot Questions at the end of todays training.General comments: Lunch will be from 11:15 12:15All cell phones should be on mute or offBringing back to you the message from the state (highlights) some may have attended the training others not, people are in many different places and so we will teach this from the same level. 2Todays Learning Goals31. Identify and interpret the 8 Mathematical Practices of Common Core.

2. Organize and differentiate blended standards

3. Develop a Learning Progression Scale

4. Identify tools and resources developed to support the implementation of CCSS.

1 Minutes to include our learning goal and success criteria3Success Criteria

Develop a learning goal using resources that support CCSS.

Apply the model of a Learning Progression Scale with math practices in mind.

1 Minutes to include our learning goal and success criteria4IntroductionsNameSchoolTitleSubjects TaughtYears in Education10 minutes5Why is math important?

Warning: Much of the action depicted and/or described on this site is potentially dangerous. Virtually all of the participates seen in the photos are experienced professionals. Do not attempt to duplicate.As we move forward with implementing common core in the math classroom, we must find new ways to encourage and engage students. Encourage teachers to incorporate relevant and engaging activities or video hooks to teach student how to talk about math in a small group.

Dan Meyer (found in the resource section of the OCSD Common Core Website) has great video clip problems with teacher directions and problems check it out!6Use appropriate tools strategically5 Attend to precision6Look for and make sense of structure7Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning88 Standards for Mathematical Practice7Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them1Reason abstractly and quantitatively2Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others3Model with mathematics4

3b, 3cSay: The 8 standards for Mathematical Practice are designed to help in the development of a mathematically proficient student.

Say: These standards:Provide a vehicle through which student engages with mathematics.The Math Practices do not change from elementary to high school, but what does change is the application of the practice as students engage with and master new and more advanced mathematical skills. Highly effective teaching occurs when the Math Practices meet common core in the classroom.

Presenter: Assign groups of 2 or 3 one math practice to study. Participates will need Standard information and encourage them to use electronic devices to help them research their MP. Have them create a poster to summarize the MP and give example of how it can be used in the classroom. Create a foldable with 8 flaps (two columns of 4 flaps) and label each flap MP1MP2etc.Have groups present while other groups record information into their foldable.

Notes for Presenter:The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe the attributes of mathematically proficient students. These standards dont just describe how students should use mathematics: they also provide a vehicle through which students engage with and learn mathematics. As students move from elementary school through high school the Standards for Mathematical Practice remain the same. What changes is the way these standards look as students engage with and master new and more advanced mathematical ideas. The Standards for Mathematical Practice must be taught as carefully and practiced as intentionally as the Standards for Mathematical Content. Neither should be isolated from the other; impactful mathematics instruction occurs when these two halves of the CCSSM come together in a powerful whole.8Lets Practice

Up to 10 minutes clock Icon is hyperlinked to online count down clock - click on clock to start countdown timer

Participates will need to following for the practice activity: Math Practice Foldable, Math Practice Card Sort

Presenter Notes: Hand out the card sort cards (if not pre cut have groups cut them there are 16 cards)Ask participates to put two problem cards by each math practice.Note there are no correct answers. The bottom line is the math practices work together. Go around and ask groups to justify how why they chose the problems for MP 1.MP 2etc.

8Review Relate - Reflect9Review the 8 Mathematical PracticesReflect one new ideaRelate how to use a MP in your classroom

20 minutes

Say: Review all the MP and identify ones you are comfortable with using and ones you need to focus on improving in your classroom. Share out with table partners.

Presenter's Note: Now ask for volunteers to share out with large group - how they can use MP in their classroom.

Presenter Please share if not mentioned during Share-out:Students should be self evaluating the math practices they use. The teacher should be referencing these practices during class, but also have students identify and evaluate how they are using these practices and which ones they need to improve.

Say: Reflect on the MP and add notes to your reflection handout.

9Course Descriptions10

10 minutes

Give out color coded Color Coded Course Description for Math 1 Advanced and Domain Reference Sheet.Go over format of handout (Locate Math Practices, Critical Areas (units), Domains and Standards

Say: CCSS has developed units or critical areas for each course.The standards are blended for 2013-2014Many standards in Cpalms have remarks and examples to further illustrates and explains the big idea of the standard and where the student will be going in future math courses.Most of the standards have resource links to exemplar classroom lessons and activities teachers can use to facilitate the standard. more on this topic will be discussed this afternoon.

10High School

Conceptual CategoryDomainClusterStandards

Common Core FormatSay: The common core format is different for 9-12 (and even slightly different from state to state)

The 9-12 CCSSM do not use grade bands, but instead has broad conceptual categories that are then split in a manner similar to the earlier grade levels.

Take out your Common Core Standards Domain Reference Sheet. This can be used any time to help locate a group of common standards.11Floridas Numbering ofthe Common Core State StandardsMACC.912.A.CED.1.4Math Common Core Grade Conceptual Category Domain Cluster StandardGrade 9-12Conceptual CategoryAlgebraDomain Creating EquationsClusterCreate equations that describe numbers or relationshipsStandard Rearrange formulas to highlight a quantity of interest, using the same reasoning as in solving equations. Reference the handout for the Conceptual Category handout.

Say: There are 4 character places for the subject, grade level, domain, cluster, and standard.

Say: The numbering of the individual standards continues throughout the clusters. That is, the numbering of thestandards do not begin again with each new cluster; they continue from the previous clusters standards. Compare National to State NotationNational: CCSS.Math.Content.HSA-SSE.B.3 Florida: MACC.912.A-SSE.2.3Say: This is a comparison of national vs Florida notation. 13

as our guide!Using the Course Description.Say: One of the hard steps forward is to move away from the text book being the guide of your classroom. The Course Description is the guide and the textbook is a resource. We are going to use the course description to develop a