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Coaching Cognition IC200 Coach dedicates this to her Coaches, Mike Klingsler and Barbara Silva and to all CC Family

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  • Visions & Dreams
  • Visions & Dreams
    When you have a vision, your life can have direction. Your days will still bring challenges & surprises--just as when you don't have a vision. But when you have an inspiring goal, or even a 2-3 year goal that you value (financial, lifestyle picture)... you can then create steps. Your days gain purpose through the direction. You begin to inspire yourself. Through that you begin to inspire others. Things come together. "Purpose" starts to mean something!
    Mike Klingler Coaching
  • Co-founder Coaching Cognition
    Founder :
    Marketing Merge
    Renegade University
    Renegade Professional
    Marketing Funnel Mastery
    School of Online Business
    Mike Klingler
  • Co-founder, Creator and Instructor at Coaching Cognition
    Barbara Silva
  • What is Coaching?
    • Coaching is an action oriented support service designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
    • The coach is trained to help you, the client, through:
    • Creating a safe space to explore the possibilities
    • Observing and listening and then offering feedback and perspective
    • Action plan to achieve goals
    • Commitment to and from you to work toward those goals
    • Holding you accountable