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  • @chubb Agency Portal


  • @chubb Agency Portal

    Why did Chubb redesign the @chubb agency portal?

    Our goal is to make it easier for you to service your Chubb customers and provide pertinent information regarding our products and services. We completed extensive research and user experience testing with a number of our agents and worked with a top design firm to be sure we implemented best practices around the end-user experience.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    What has changed on the @chubb agency portal?

    The main change includes a redesigned home page. The new home page includes:

    Top navigation menueasy access to all Information about our products, services and industry solutions

    Quick Linksdirect access to the most frequently used solutions

    Showcaselearn about some of our latest products and services

    Video Spotlight

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    What has NOT changed on the @chubb agency portal?

    The solutions themselves (inquiry applications, quote tools, etc.) have not changed. Use Quick Links to access some of the most frequently used solutions or you can access the full suite of available solutions by hovering over Business, Personal, or Claims on the top navigation bar and viewing the Manage & Service Accounts content.

    To access the most frequently used solutions click on the Quick Links

    To access the existing solutions, click Manage & Service Accounts found under Business, Personal or Claims

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    Will my existing @chubb User ID and password work with the redesigned @chubb agency portal?

    Yes. If you have an active User ID, you will use the same User ID and password to access the redesigned @chubb agency portal. If you forgot your password, or your password expired, you can reset your password on the login page using your User ID and email address.


    Commercial agents and Accident & Health agents, please contact the eBusiness Help Desk at 1-877-747-5266, option #2 or send an email to [email protected]

    Personal agents, please contact the Premier Solutions Team at 1-866-324-8222,option #1 or send an email to [email protected]


  • @chubb Agency Portal

    Who do I contact if I do not have a User ID and password?

    If others in your agency have access to @chubb, contact the Agency Administrator in your office to sign up for an @chubb User ID.

    If your agency needs to be set upyour principal should complete the @chubb Agency Administer Request form and submit it to your local Chubb office.

    Note: The Help Desk can assist if you are unsure who your administrator is.


  • @chubb Agency Portal

    As an Agency Administrator, where do I access the EASAdministration system?

    Agency Administrators have a new Administration drop-down in the top right corner of the home page. This provides quick access to all Administration solutions.

    On the blue utility barthere will be a drop down menu next to Welcome (your name).

    Note: This menu is only visible by administrators.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    As a user, how do I navigate around the @chubb agency portal?

    You may access all available resources from the top navigation bar by hovering over Business, Personal or Claims. A drop-down menu will appear for each and you may choose resources from Manage and Service Accounts, Products, Services and Industry Solutions.

    Note: The links will differ on the menu depending on the section you choose.

    The TOP NAVIGATION BAR is located under the blue utility bar at the top of the page.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    When I click on a link, will I be taken out of the @chubb agency portal?

    Links will open into a new browser window (depending on your browser settings). Close that window by clicking on the x in the right top corner as you normally would.

    Note: It is best to close each browser window when finished.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    What are Quick Links?

    Quick Links are located on the left side of the home page. These Quick Links have been selected based on your business needs and feature some of the most frequently used @chubb applications.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    What information will I find in Products, Services and Industry Solutions?

    One of the things we heard from you our agentswas that you need easier access to Chubbs product and service information. These new sections will provide quick access to many of our product and industry resources including marketing materials, loss prevention information, and more.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    In Business, what information will I find in Prepare, Sell and Take Action?

    First select the section (Product, Service or Industry Solution) you want. Here, you will find key resources to help you Prepare for your client meeting, the tools to Sell the solution and, ultimately, the ability to Take Action when closing the sale.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    In Personal, under Products and Services, the information is categorized into The Chubb Advantage, Marketing Materials and Tools & References. Whats the difference between them?

    The Chubb Advantage demonstrates how Chubb can (or has) made a difference, while the Marketing Materials are the sell sheets providing specific product information and the Tools & References are the how to.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    Where can I find claims information, report a new claim, or learn more about other claims solutions?

    All of the Claims solutions (including Claims Details, our Claims Inquiry application and our Report a Claim site) are available by hovering over Claims located on the top navigation bar.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    What if I cant find a specific solution?

    Applications (or individual systems) are tied to specific user roles that are attached to your individual user ID. If an application does not appear on your menu, your Agency Administrator may not have assigned that specific role to your @chubb user ID.

    PLEASE CONTACT your Agency Administrator to request that you be given access to a particular application.

    Note: The Help Desk can assist if you are unsure who your administrator is.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    If I click on a link, how will I know where I am?

    The top navigation bar will have a blue box around the section you are in and the left menu category will be expanded.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    How can I return to the @chubb homepage?

    From every page within the @chubb agency portal, you can return to the home page by clicking the Chubb logo at the top left corner of the page.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

    How do I log out of the @chubb agency portal?

    From the @chubb home page, select the Welcome drop-down and click Log Out.

    Note: Clicking the Log Out button within any of the solutions, will also log you out of the @chubb agency portal and you will be required to log back in to access your secure content.

  • @chubb Agency Portal

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