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Protecting your world Chubb Systems Chubb – Fire Systems Solutions
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Transcript of Chubb – Fire Systems Solutions Chubb - Fir… · Chubb support solutions Chubb can deliver...

  • Protecting your world

    Chubb Systems

    Chubb – Fire Systems Solutions

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    Before fire is even visible, early warning advanced

    fire detection technology can detect a fire and

    then automatically activate the release of a

    fire suppression agent to eliminate fire within

    seconds – long before smoke damage occurs.

    Stopping a fire within the critical first few seconds

    can reduce or avoid damage to vital equipment

    and consequent loss of business productivity.

    Industries we protect:

    • Government • Datacentres• Health • Construction• Education • Aerospace• Police • Manufacturing• Utilities and energy • Pharmaceutical• Telecommunications • Chemical plants

    Chubb is one of the UK’s best‑known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organisations nationwide. For nearly 200 years, our mission has been to make your world a safer place by protecting our customers with essential systems, equipment and services. With the increasing demands placed on your business, Chubb is a partner you can trust.

    As one of the leading specialist in the design, supply, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of fire related products and life safety systems, Chubb Systems delivers a specialist service.

    Our capabilities include delivery on projects from design through to installation, commission and handover, through professional project management from our qualified team. With a proven track record, Chubb aims to exceed customer requirements, providing reassurance to our customers, for fire safety solutions for complex buildings and working environments.

    Design to Delivery

    Successful commissioning of the system and ongoing


    High industry standards and accreditation

    Training and developing skills for your people

    In-house design and planning department

    Integration with the latest networked

    systems and existing legacy equipment

    Highly trained project managers and installation


    Each solution is custom designed using proprietary software that meets applicable codes and standards which closely matches to our customer risks.

    We provide timely installation of our detection, control and suppression systems. By being responsive to your needs, it means that we limit the possible interruption to your business operations.

    We hold LPS1014 and LPS1204 accreditation which further ensures that every aspect of design; installation; commissioning and servicing of fire detection and alarm systems, is regularly and independently audited by a 3rd party to maintain levels of quality and competency.



    LPS 1014 : Issue 5 Cert/LPCB ref. CFA-193

    LPS 1204 : Issue 3 Cert/LPCB ref. CFSI-026

    Assessed to ISO 9001 Cert/LPCB ref. 1331

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    Our SolutionsWe are a leader in the industry for fire detection and suppression solutions. We aim to protect people and property from everyday fire hazards and danger.

    Our ProductsChubb offers a flexible approach to fire protection for these special hazards — integrated total system solutions. We offer a complete fire protection package from early fire detection to quick fire suppression. When a fire is detected, the sophisticated control equipment can shut down any air circulating equipment to reduce the time between initial first knock detection and release of the suppression agent and isolate any supplies to minimise the risk of re-ignition.

    Alarm and Suppression ControlSingle source system integration, including scalable platforms from single hazard protection to large networked systems protecting hundreds of hazards.

    Detection• Conventional and intelligent detection utilising ionization,

    photoelectric or thermal technologies as appropriate.

    • High-sensitivity aspirating smoke detection systems.

    • Special hazard flame and heat detection for fire and overheating conditions in industrial applications.

    Clean Agent Fire Suppression SystemsGaseous fire suppression systems that suppress fires quickly without harming equipment, or the facility. Chubb are not tied to any specific type of suppression system or agent allowing us to always pick the correct type of suppression agent for the application.

    Clean Agent Systems are used for a variety of office and industrial applications.

    Carbon Dioxide SystemsIdeal for use in unoccupied spaces, CO2 systems rapidly suppress fires by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement.

    Inert Fire Suppression SystemsInert Suppression is used for a variety of office and industrial applications.

    Chubb support solutionsChubb can deliver unified platforms and provide the following support services:

    Services and Maintenance Chubb Systems offer a full spectrum of important post-installation services, ranging from code-compliant testing and maintenance to 24-hour emergency service.

    In line with our ISO9001 quality standards, all maintenance is carried out in accordance to strict procedures.

    All our engineers are fully trained professionals, well-versed in the corporate culture of quality and customer service. Their combined field experience and electrical/electronic or mechanical backgrounds have created a detailed pool of knowledge that covers an extensive range of equipment, both old and new.

    Chubb ServicesPortfolio of services to enhance and support your gas suppression and detection system:• Customisation services

    Support servicesChubb support provides the highest level of service to the customer at all times of the day:• Training• Technical support

  • © Chubb Systems Limited 2016 This briefing is intended as general guidance and is not a substitute for detailed advice in specific circumstances. Although great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of this edition to ensure accuracy, Chubb cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility for errors, omissions or advice given or for any losses arising from reliance upon information contained in this publication.





    For more information please call

    +44 (0)1784 424 [email protected]

    LPS 1014 : Issue 5 Cert/LPCB ref. CFA-193

    LPS 1204 : Issue 3 Cert/LPCB ref. CFSI-026

    Assessed to ISO 9001 Cert/LPCB ref. 1331