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  • 1.Christmas in Britain

2. Christmas in Britain is one of the greatest holidays. Its celebratedon the 25-th of December. 3. The origin of Christmas

  • The word Christmas comes from the name Christ and is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.InAD440 the Christian Church fixed a celebration date of December 25.


  • This abbreviation for Christmas is of Greek origin. The word for Christ in Greek is Xristos.Thats why people use this short form of the holiday.

Xmas 5. Christmas traditions

  • In Great Britainpeople like to prepare for Chistmas.The y cookfood, send Christmas cards, decorat e theirhouses and churches,preparegifts . E veryoneisbusy even thechildren .

6. Christmas dinner

  • Peoplein Englandcooka Christmas dinner for the family . T he traditional Christmas dinner consist sof fried potatoes with roast turkey, roast beef or goose ,sweetmincepies,a plum pudding .

7. Christmas Tree

  • Thetradition to decorateChristmas Treecame fromGermany in the 16th century. German people decorate dfir trees with roses, apples,candlesand colored paper. The Christmas treecame toBritaininthe 19th century.

8. Christmas trees

  • T he decorated and illuminated Christmas tree s werepopular in England. E veryyear abigChristmas tree is decorated near the statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Squarein London .

9. Carol singing

  • On Christmas Eve carols are often sung by groups of singers walking from house to house. Caroling is one of the oldest customs in Great Britain.

10. Christmas cards

  • British people send a lot of Christmas cards to their friends and relatives.
  • Christmas cardscanshow religious pictures - Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Today,they often havejokes, winter pictures, Father Christmas.

11. Santa Claus

  • 'Father Christmas' (or 'Santa Claus')is the main symbol of Christmas .He is anold man with long white beard, red coat, and bag of toys. Childrenknowthat he brings them presents the night before Christmas.H e lives near the North Pole, andcomeson a sledge pulled by reindeer.

12. Christmas stockings

  • Santacomes into houses down the chimney and places presents for the children in socks or bags by their beds or in front of the family Christmas tree.
  • Thats whychildren hang a stocking on the fireplace orontheir bed for Father Christma s.

13. The Candy Cane

  • Candy caneis a symbol of Christmas, too.

14. Queen's Christmas Message

  • Every yearthe Queenmakes aChristmas Message on Christmas Day afternoon.

15. Boxing day

  • Boxing Day is on December 26th. Nowadays dustmen, milkmen, or postmen get apresentfor a good service at Christmas time.

16. Christmas plants

  • Poinsettia ,Mistletoe and Hollyare Christmas plants.


  • Today Christmas is one of the most popular and favourite holidays in Britain

Today Christmas is one of the most popular and favourite holidays in Britain 18. Merry Christmas! 19. MerryChristmas !