Chris millington doro july 2010

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Presentation from Senior Mobile Market 2010

Transcript of Chris millington doro july 2010

  • 1. Chris Millington Managing Director, UK & Ireland

2. Agenda

  • Overview of Doro
  • What have we been doing since the last conference
  • International expansion
  • Marketing
  • Product development inclusive design
  • Who are the users?
  • Easy marketing dont call me a senior
  • Questions
  • Additional information
    • Doro range, special features

3. Doro overview 4. It all began in1974

  • when Claes B hlerchallenged the Swedish telecom monopoly with an answer machine named DO R O

New Volvo DORO answer machine ABBA wins Eurovision song contest - Waterloo 5. Increasingly strong customer portfolio Telecom operators Consumer Electronic retailers Hypermarkets Telecom specialists Telecom distributors Care specialist channels 6.

  • I ncreased speed of international expansion
      • USA
      • South America
      • Australasia
      • China

7. Growing success

  • Care from 7% of Doros total sales in 2006 to 70% in Q1 2010
  • Expansion in Europe through Orangeand Carphone Warehouse Group
  • Expansion into US throughConsumer Cellular
  • Beginning of expansion intoSouth America and Asia
  • Up to 2 % share of mobile phone marketin our best markets

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + 8. Care becomes Core

  • Research shows major rise in global senior populationover next 50 years
  • Large percentage of seniors will be affected by reducedhearing, vision, dexterity, sense of security, etc
  • Early success with big-button phone leads Doroto develop all-new Telecom Care Electronics
  • New partner strategy for ergonomic andscientific product design and development

9. Today Dorois the leader

  • in Telecom Care Electronics

10. Our mission

  • We help the growing worldwide senior populationto participate actively in modern society, for a happier,safer and easier everyday living,by developing productsespecially adapted to theirspecific needs

11. Doro

  • brand and company values
  • Trust
    • Trust is about assurance we deliver what we promise
    • W e are ethical and we care about users, customers and employees.
    • We deliver high quality products that you can rely on as a partner or end-user
  • Care
    • Care is about being empathic and attentive to the needs of others.
    • It is our humanity, speaking more of our emotional intelligence than our intellect
    • Its about our end users everything starts with a real, human need, to deliver solutions with dignity and respect
  • Easy
    • Ease is about being uncomplicated, straight forward and intuitive in our products and our language.
    • We innovate to make products inclusive for all no matter the need.

12. The best partners

  • since non of us are as good as all of us
  • The best specialists in different fields
  • Ergonomidesign, Synovate, Charity & Senior organizations, Academic and research

13. User-adapted design

  • Different models for different needs

14. The proof is in the praise

  • Doro Telecom Care Electronics
  • wins international recognition:
  • Janus Award 2008
  • IDEA Award 2008
  • Bio 21 Honourable Mention 2008
  • Wonder Vision Award 2009
  • iF Gold Award 2009
  • Red Dot 2010

Wonder vision award from Stevie Wonder 15. International test award winner

  • Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm has been ranked the best phone for seniors in Germany, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Australia

16. What DESIGN BY DORO OF SWEDEN really means User-adapted design Smart form and function Total experience of quality 17. Easy to use mobile in clamshell model, which is the easiest way to answer and terminate a call. Features include vibrating ringer, Bluetooth , FM-radio,one-touch emergency dialling and SMS messages, and superior HAC capability.Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm Easy mobile phone in clamshell design

  • Loud and clear sound +35dB
  • Bluetooth for wireless headset and neckloop
  • MMS for receiving photos

M3/T4 18. GSM mobile phone with large keypad, intuitive menus and enlarged text for easy dialling and messaging. Other features include charging cradle, amplified sound and dedicated keys for easier keylock, text messaging and emergency functions.

  • Direct memories
  • Direct SMS button
  • Easy keypad and simplified menus
  • Clear, amplified sound +30dB with tone control

Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm Easy mobile phone 19. Who are the users? 20. What issues do they face?

  • Seniors with mild to severe impairments and/or feelings of insecurity
  • Common impairments*
    • 82 % have vision related problems
    • 29 % with hearing loss
    • 42 % have problems gripping or handling
    • 46 % feel insecure

* European figures 21. Understanding seniors

  • from their perspective

22. A very diverse group

  • Stop putting us between 60 and 107 in the same basket, thinking that we are all alike. We are all unique. Tullia von Sydow, senior member of the Swedish Parliament

23. In the minds of seniors to be

  • When do we begin to see ourselves as seniors?
    • when we approach retirement
    • when we become grandparents
    • when we admit to ourselves that we needassistive aids, e.g. hearing aids

24. Understanding seniors

  • from their perspective

25. Understanding seniors

  • from their perspective
  • How to communicate
  • What language to use and not use
  • When is a person prepared to admit that he/she has a special need?

26. Key values and aspirations

  • for seniors
  • This group is very safety and stability oriented.
  • The home and the family is very important to them.
  • They are basically uninterested and uncertain about new technology and often can find reasons for not using it.
  • They hold strong values of equality and fairness where they believe that everybody should be treated fair and alike.
  • They are loyal as consumers and do not often change supplier.

27. Our strategy

  • Focused and niche oriented volume focused for success
    • Brand identity
    • Innovation and
    • improved ease of use
    • Category leadership
    • Worldwide presence
    • Financially affordable goals

TelecomTarget 65+ Easy/Plus 28. Four reason to love a Doro mobile phone 1. Hearing

  • It is easy to:
  • hear the phone ring
  • adjust the volume
  • boost the volume up to +35dB
  • use your hearing aid when calling thanks to the outstanding HAC performance
  • Perfect quality sound for everybody

29. Four reason to love a Doro mobile phone2. Seeing

  • It is easy to:
  • read the large and clear display
  • dial with the large keypad
  • choose colour display or black and white displayto suit different eye conditions

30. Four reason to love a Doro mobile phone3. Security

  • It is easy to:
  • use the alarm button on the back side of the phone in case of an emergency situation.
  • just push the button and then the phone sends an SMS to the five persons on the call list and calls the five
  • people on the call list
  • You are never
  • alone with a
  • Doro PhoneEasy

31. Four reason to love a Doro mobile phone4. Simplicity

  • It is easy to:
  • use with the exceptionally simple and straightforward menus
  • handle thanks to large and separated buttons
  • make calls by using the short cuts available on some models
  • charge in the charging cradle

32. Doro provides the strongest range easy-to-use mobiles on the market 409gsm 410gsm 338gsm HandlePlus 334gsm HandlePlus 334gsm IUP HandlePlus 326i gsm 341gsm 345gsm 332gsm 33. All are easy-to-use

  • Thats why we call them Easy
  • Easy products a