Choosing the right cooling pad for your laptop

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Overheating can damage your laptop's performance and may lead to system failure. Heating problems is one of the common issues that most laptop users have because its built-in cooling system cannot stand the heat generated from long hours of usage

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  • 1. Choosing the Right CoolingPad for Your

2. Do you know that overheating candamage your laptops performanceand may unfortunately lead to systemfailure? Heating problems is one of thecommon issues that most laptopusers have with their tools becauseits built-in cooling system cannotstand the heat generated from longhours of usage. 3. It is even sad to say that you cannoteven use your laptop anymore onyour lap because of the heat itgenerates. So, what can you do toprevent your laptop fromoverheating? 4. Buy a laptop cooling pad. A coolingpad is an accessory that cools orlowers down the operatingtemperature f your laptop. But thereare things that you have to considerbefore buying a cooling pad. Here is a list of tips that you maywant to consider before buying thatessential tool for your laptop 5. 1) If you mostly travel with yourlaptop, it is important to buy acooling pad that is portable, light andof course something that can lastlong even if you carry it with youwhile travelling. A laptop cooler thatis made of plastic may be the bestchoice for travellers because of itslight weight. 6. But of course since it is made ofplastic, it is will not last long thanmetal cooling pads do. So, you maywant to consider which feature isimportant to you. Is it portability ordurability? Another option fortravelers is a chill mat that hascrystalline gel. It is also easy to carryand less inclined to damage. 7. 2) Buy a cooling pad that fits the sizeof your laptop. It is not only theweight of the cooling pad that youshould think about. You should alsomake sure that the size is not too bigor too small. It should be a perfectfit! 8. 3) If you use your laptop in be, sofaor on your lap, find a cooling pad thatyou will feel comfortable to use withyour laptop. 9. 4) Find a cooling pad that suits yourbudget. Plastic cooling pads arecheaper than metal cooling padversions. Therefore, if your budget islow, a plastic cooling pad is the rightone for you. But if you would preferdurability over affordability thenchoose the metal versions. 10. 5) It is also important to choose acooling pad that allows more airflow.A pad that is slightly curved andmakes the back of the laptop to beslightly exposed provides moreairflow and circulation. 11. 6) You could choose a cooling padwith one large fan or one which hastwo or three smaller fans. But ofcourse a larger fan does notnecessarily mean better coolingsystem than a couple of smaller fansor fewer fans are less noisy than onelarger fan. Therefore, it is importantto check the reviews of the coolingpad that you would wish to buy. 12. Conclusion You can always purchase a coolingpad range from $20 to $40 inSingapore, which is affordable andworth the money to protect youinvestment.