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Spring fashion feature

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  • Mahurangimatters 5 September 2012 | 41

    W A R K W O R T H

    Now Open Sundays 10am-2pm14-18 Queen Street Phone 425 8408




    Best suited for any occasion from $165



    When it comes to shirts, its all in the trim according to Robyn Green of Orewa Menswear. Current dress shirt styles, including brands such as John Lennon (licensed by Yoko Ono Lennon), and the Scott Weiland Collection feature contrasting trim inside the collar and cuff. Designs may include spots, stripes or patterned fabric, such as a black and white checked strip on a black shirt. Robyn says to expect a lot more of this in the spring/summer collections. She says men will also see a lot more colour in shirts.

    Mixed bag for mens fashion

    Warkworth Menswear owner Ken Woodcock says Kiwi men are taking more of an interest in what they are wearing and it is showing through in this seasons collection which features subtle but eye-catching details.

    toMen are just as eager as women to keep up with the latest fashion trends and this seasons collection of menswear will feature colour, texture and patterns in all garments.Warkworth Menswear owner Ken Woodcock says their summer collection will combine a mixed bag of old favourites and new entries.Plain button-up shirts are being revamped and are featuring details and designs on the collar, cuffs and pocket, he says. This look is great for men who want something that isnt overtly plain. Stripes and plaid shirts are always popular, as are fitted shirts. Men love tapered shirts because they can be dressed up for the night or down for a game of cricket. Men have also gradually taken a liking to stretched denim, which provides more comfort and room to breath on a hot day. Khaki shorts and denim shorts are wardrobe staples.

    chic chic

  • | Mahurangimatters 5 September 201242

    PUKEKO PATCH Patchwork and quilting supplies Olfa rulers, cutters and mats Great range of fabrics Stockist of Lily & George Supplier of superior Christmas decorations

    Shop at our online store or visit us at858 Kaipara Flats Road, RD1, Warkworth

    Mon-Fri after 5pm, Sat 9-4, Sun 9-12Email:



    Argyll Angle58 Queen Street

    Warkworth (09) 425 9970

    Gabysfor stylish clothing


    13 Neville St, Warkworth 425 9775 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

    Household Washing Domestic & Commercial Blankets & Duvets Ironing Sleeping bags Dry Cleaning Agents

    We Wash While You Shop



    chic chicto

    Roberts Corner - 2 Baxter St, WarkworthPhone 09 425 7259

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    Women who are unsure of what clothes best suit their body shape will be able to get some first-hand advice from style gurus, Trudy Kitney and Alison Parsons, on September 14.The Fashion A&E event will be held at the Wellsford Community Centre, as a fundraiser for the Tomarata School.Style Doctors Trudy and Alison will talk about body shapes, clothing including underwear, accessories, hair, make-up, colours and fashion trends.The women have been speaking about fashion at fundraising events for the past six-and-a-half years.Trudy says a lot of women struggle to find a look that best suits the body they wake up with every morning.Were all guilty of looking at a dress in a shop window and then being disappointed when it doesnt look the same when we try it on, she says. The fact is, however, that any woman who buys the right clothes for her body shape, can look amazing.Trudy says generally, Kiwi women are a little on the conservative side.We often want to wear more colour and dress in a more feminine style, but we dont know how. What we try to get across to women is that you dont have to be a size eight to look fantastic.Doors open on the event at 6.30pm and the cost is $25 per person, which includes a glass of bubbles/punch, nibbles and an hour-and-a-half style presentation.

    Alison Parsons

    Styling for the body youve got at Tomarata school show

    Trudy Kitney

    Tickets are available from Wellsford Pharmacy, New Dimensions Hair Salon and Tomarata School. Info: Phone 423 7022.

    Hair trendsPonytails and coloured hair are still in style for summer, with pretty hairbands also showing some staying power. However, whatever cut you choose, top stylists agree that healthy hair never goes out of fashion. Ten top foods to keep your tresses shiny include salmon, dark green vegetables, beans (kidney and lentils), nuts, poultry, eggs, wholegrains, oysters, low-fat dairy and carrots.

  • Mahurangimatters 5 September 2012 | 43

    Sizes 10-22 or made to measureShadze

    6 Neville St, WarkworthPhone: 09 425 0515

    Monday-Friday 9.15am-5.15pmSaturday 9.30am-2.30pm



    Unique and original designs exclusive to Shadze

    Boutique Dianne

    4A Baxter Street, Warkworth opp. Info Centre


    15 Neville Street, Warkworth

    09 425

    Spring Fashion Arriving Now!NEW SEASON

    Especially for you for the 40+ Woman

    Fashion for women aged 40+ and sizes 10-24. Having trouble getting the fi t and the styles that are age appropriate and suit your lifestyle? We have you covered from casual to special occasion wear. Check us out fi rst.





    Dale DemeulemeesterIt may have lost a zipper and a little of its embroidery, but this hand-made Moroccan camel hide bag hasnt lost its charm for Lothlorien Winerys Dale Demeulemeester, who still takes it with him on any important adventures. He got it from Morocco, where all the men had them, during his big OE from America travelling overland through Europe, North Africa and India. Forty-two years later it has been right around the world and more, returning to the States with Dale three years ago, when he and his wife bought a yacht in the Virgin Islands and spent 15 months sailing it back to NZ. Its proved a safe repository for all sorts of important documents and legal papers, and despite being left behind occasionally, has always returned to him. Everyone always knew whose it was.

    Kathryn AshworthWarkworth Wellsford Hospice manager Kathryn Ashworth has many treasured vintage items in her wardrobe, but three sets of beautifully tailored tuxedo topcoats, which once belonged to her father, take pride of place. Kathryn says she remembers her parents dressing up to the nines for evenings out, although the topcoats may also have been used as part of the standard Masons dress. Shes worn them to parties on numerous occasions and now her children are

    also getting some use out of them. Son Eddie wore one of the topcoats to the school ball this year. Most Dads are special and I guess thats why Ive hung onto these, carting them to England when I lived there, and back again when we returned to NZ five years ago. Dad and I used to do lots of things together and he was always there for me particularly when I was upset. He didnt always know what to do but he knew how to be there and that was very special for me.

    Dave OrmandyNo surprise that the man whose wife describes him as an aquaholic is most attached to the waterproof clothing thats helped him weather numerous marine challenges. Rodney College principal Dave Ormandy says he wont be caught without his Line 7 jacket, leggings and boots hes owned for about six years, which are essential to his comfort and enjoyment during frequent sailing adventures. Its much better than any other gear Ive had. He says the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX fabric doesnt get hot and sweaty but has kept him dry and warm in tough conditions, including while taking a pasting from a tropical storm during a nine day voyage delivering a yacht from Australia to New Zealand and when competing in the Auckland to Northland Coastal Classic with his son Kenneth.

    Farida CooperPlume Vineyard restaurant owner and manager Farida Cooper says nothing can come between her and her love for quality handbags. I have a bag fetish, she says. I can part with clothes but never my handbags. My favourite is my Italian, Salvatore Ferragamo handbag. Made from Ostrich leather, my husband bought it for me as a special gift while we were in Singapore in 2006.

    Mark & Peggy MitchellRodney MP Mark Mitchells favourite clothing item is an eight-year-old white polo shirt, complete with a few holes. Marks wife Peggy says she would dearly love to throw it away! Mark left school at the age of 15, but later completed study at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. The polo shirt that bears the universitys crest is something he still wears with pride even though these days hes only allowed to wear it around his Orewa home. He says he is also very attached to the 15-year-old wetsuit that he wore when competing in surf lifesaving events, but its shrunk over the years. Meanwhile, Peggy has a sentimental attachment to scarves. She first used one to fend off the cold while attending