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Transcript of MICRO CHIC - advs.usu.edu chic.pdf · PDF file MICRO CHIC 2001 Chestnut Mare Smart Little...

MI CRO CHIC2001 Chest nut Mare

Doc OLenaSmart Lit tle Lena {Smart PeppySmart Chic Olena { Gay Bar KingGay Sugar Chic {Chicy Lit tleMi cro Chic4065130 { Doc BarGen u ine Doc {Gay Bars GenMiss Gen u ine Comet

(1985) { Ti gers War LeoComet Kelly {War Leos CarlaPER FOR MANCE RE CORD: NRCHA earner of $7,073. In 2004: top 10, NRCHA Limited

Open Fu tu rity; in 2005: Utah RCHA Derby Days Non-Pro & Am a teur Derbies Cham pion;Bear Paw Non-Pro & Am a teur RCH Derbies Re serve Cham pion; 3rd, Magic Val ley RCHAAm a teur Derby; 5th, JM Capriola Am a teur RCH Derby & Montana RCHA Derby Days Am a-teur Derby; in 2006: JM Capriola Non-Pro & Am a teur RCH Derbies Cham pion; HighDesert RCHA Am a teur Derby Cham pion and 3rd, Non-Pro; 4th, Ruby View Am a teur RCHDerby; in 2008: JM Capriola Non-Pro Bri dle Re serve Cham pion; 3rd, Magic Val ley RCHANon-Pro Bri dle.

PRO DUCE RE CORD:2011 Mi cro Cat, f. by Hydrive Cat. 3rd, Utah RCHA $7,500 Limited Open Fu tu rity.2013 Mo Mo Cat, c. by Hydrive Cat.2015 USU Smart Whiz Chic (AQHA/APHA), b/s, f. by Spooks Gotta Whiz.2017 USU Lightsareshining, f. by CD Lights.By SMART CHIC OLENA (1985). $167,471: NRHA Hall of Fame; AQHA World Cham-

pion Se nior Reining & Se nior Cut ting Horse. Leading Sire. The NRCHA #2 All-TimeLeading Sire, and NRHA #4 All-Time Leading Sire, sir ing earn ers of $14,000,000, in-clud ing SMART SPOOK ($405,080: NRHA Open Fu tu rity Cham pion; AQHA WorldCham pion), OLENA OAK ($381,390: AQHA World Cham pion Ju nior & Se niorWorking Cow Horse), CHICS MAGIC PO TION ($318,810: NRCHA Open Fu tu rityCham pion), A CHIC IN TIME ($311,044: NSHA Worlds Richest Stock horse OpenCham pion; NCHA Bronze Award), SMART CRACKIN CHIC ($217,000: NRCHA OpenFu tu rity Cham pion), CHIC PLEASE ($209,184: NRHA Open Fu tu rity Cham pion).Equi-Stat #2 All-Time Leading Reining and Reined Cow Horse Ma ter nal Grand sire,whose daugh ters have pro duced earn ers of $14,800,000, in clud ing WIMPYS LIT TLECHIC ($516,556: NRHA Open Fu tu rity Cham pion; NRHA #1 All-Time LeadingMoney-Earner), MISS ELLA REY ($378,668: NCHA Non-Pro Co-World Cham pion;AQHA World Cham pion Am a teur Cut ting Horse twice), BOOM SHERNIC ($278,315:NRBC Open Derby Cham pion), BLUE COL LAR TAG ($226,069: NRBC Open DerbyCham pion), WHIZ IT A CHIC ($186,164: NRBC Open Derby Re serve Cham pion).

1st damMiss Gen u ine Comet, by Gen u ine Doc. Dam of 10 foals, 3 per form ers, in clud ing

Mi cro Chic (f. by Smart Chic Olena). Above.Mercedes By Chic (f. by Smart Chic Olena). 6 AQHA work ing cow horse points.Ce dar Comet (f. by Docs Ce dar Bar). AQHA ranch sort ing point-earner.Streak Of Comets (f. by Docs Ce dar Bar). Dam of

DE LUXE COMET (g. by De Luxe Doc). 96.5 AQHA points: AQHA High Point Ver sa til ityRanch Gelding and top 10, Over all; top 10, AQHA World Ver sa til ity Ranch; Su pe riorVer sa til ity Ranch Horse; NRCHA money-earner & class win ner.

Luxz Be A Lady (f. by De Luxe Doc). South west RCHA Kal powar Limited Open Fu tu rityRe serve Cham pion and fi nal ist Int. Open.

Gen u ine Cop per Girl (f. by MBJ Mid night Cow boy). Dam ofHesa Gen u ine Rem edy (g. by Von Reminic). 29 AQHA points in head ing, heel ing &

ranch sort ing; AQHA Am a teur ROM; 6th, US Ranch Horse Cham pi on ships Am a teurBoxing.

Vons Gen u ine Cow girl (f. by Von Reminic). AQHA rein ing point-earner.2nd damComet Kelly, by Ti gers War Leo. Dam of

Miss Chic Oleo (f. by Smart Chic Olena). AQHA cut ting point-earner. Dam ofWass Smart Step. 24.5 AQHA points and $3,912 rein ing; AQHA ROM.

Docs Sweet Miss (f. by Gen u ine Doc). Dam ofHF Gen u ine Ma jor. $6,602: Ozark Moun tain 4-Year-Old Open Re serve Cham pion; Live

Oak CHA Open Clas sic Re serve Cham pion; fi nal ist in the CHA Ne braska Open &Iowa Breeders Non-Nom i nated Fu tu rities; AQHA point-earner.

3rd damWar Leos Carla, by War Leo. Dam of

Jae Bar Ruby (Docs Jack Sprat). NCHA money-earner. Dam ofJEWEL BAR RUBY. $96,992: NCHA Non-Pro Re serve World Cham pion; 4th, NCHA

Non-Pro Fi nals; CHA Ne braska Non-Pro Clas sic Cham pion. Dam of Meradas Ruby.BT Tor nado. NRHA & NRCHA money-earner & class win ner; AQHA point-earner. Dam of

BT ITS TOR NADO TIME ($17,858 rein ing). 1/22/2018

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