Chelsea dagger – the fratellis

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Transcript of Chelsea dagger – the fratellis

  • 1. Chelsea Dagger The Fratellis
  • 2. CinematographyThis video follows the usual conventions for shot typesof a music video from this genre. The long shotsportray the band performing together in front of theburlesque dancers, and mid close-ups are used toconvey performance and lip-syncing. A variety of shottypes are used on the dancers; close-ups are used ontheir body parts, and mid-shots as well as long shotsshow them performing to the camera or dancing. Asmore camera shots are concentrated on the femaleswithin the video, this implies that they are the solefocal point of the video, as viewers attention is drawnto them more often than to the band.
  • 3. CinematographyShot types for the band:Shot type for the burlesque dancers:
  • 4. EditingThe editing of the video frequently cuts on the beat,therefore a fast-paced atmosphere is generatedtowards viewers. Cross-cutting is also used, as thevideo goes from a shot of the band performing, thencuts to a female dancer either posing or performing,then back to the band allowing viewers to follow anarrative, and the activity of two sets of people.Slow motion has been edited in, in order to matchthe lyrics that occur at the same time: dancingslowly.
  • 5. EditingThe shots in which slow motion is used:An example of cross-cutting in the video:
  • 6. Mise-en-sceneThis video puts Carol Vernallis theory into practice,as a phantasmagorical body is portrayed at the startof the video. Numerous locations are included:outside, a stage, sets for the burlesque dancers, and aplain background. As many locations are used, thismeans the video follows the conventions of thisgenre. High-key lighting is used on the femaledancers, while spotlights are used on the band-members, this has been done to link the band to theburlesque dancers, as the dancers normally have aspotlight on them so the band have reversed theroles.
  • 7. Mise-en-sceneUse of the phantasmagorical body:Different locations used:
  • 8. Mise-en-sceneThe clothing of the band is dark and smart; theywear black shirts and trousers, and smart shirts,while the females in the video appear scantily-clad,making them seem provocative to viewers. Propswithin the video include: instruments for the band,and the dancers have quellazaires, fans, feathers,telephones, etc as the burlesque dancers have moreprops, this further suggests that they are the mainfocus of the video.
  • 9. NarrativeThe narrative is evident by the use of cross-cutediting, which helps to present the story to viewers;the video is about a burlesque dancer named ChelseaDagger, and the lead singers relationship with her.